MONOPOLY Gold Review

MONOPOLY Gold is a lottery game that gives you an opportunity to win up to £50,000 in an easy-to-follow and fun way. As opposed to other lottery games that come packed with complicated features, MONOPOLY Gold is a favorite of many people because it offers lots of ways to scoop prizes as you play around the board in addition to grabbing many games on the go. If you have been looking for an opportunity to build your empire through the lottery, get on a roll now because this is a sure game changer.

Just like all games under the National Lottery roof, MONOPOLY Gold is guided by the same game procedures, account terms, and rules of interaction and winning.

Here's how to access the OZ Lotto results history to see if you've won any prize

What MONOPOLY Gold Entails

This game gives you a unique chance to play with as low as £2.00 per play. The overall chance of winning a prize on every play is 1:2.49. The expected percentage of prize payout is 70%. Being a game of chance, the outcome of any play in this game is predetermined through Camelot’s computer system right at the point of ticket purchase. There is no exercise, skill, or judgment that’s required for you to win a prize.

The Structure of the Game Play Window

In MONOPOLY Gold, every play has its own number known as the Play Number. This number is normally found on the outcome screen when the game is finished as well as in your account under the "My Games" section.

At the beginning of a play, the system presents you with a Game Play window which has a display of the 8 MONOPOLY tokens namely a hat, a car, a cat, a boot, a ship, a thimble, a wheelbarrow, and a dog. To start the game, you must choose your token after which you are presented with a MONOPOLY board displaying the token you have chosen as well as your opponent's token placed on the Go square. At the center of the board are community chest cards and chance cards. There is a dice roll area on the left side of the board on it is written the words Tap to Roll. The Rolls Left Indicator shows the number of Rolls you have left. Written above this are the words Your Turn which indicate the timing when you are to play (roll the dice).

The Prizes tab on the right side of the Game Play window opens a new window when pressed. The right side of the new window has 8 rows complete with color or graphical representations of the various types of property cards displayed on the prize table. Each of the 8 rows has a monetary amount associated with it. On the left side of the prize table is another table known as the Rent Paid Table showing 3 Rent Cards and 2 Monetary Values associated with the Rent. Below this table is the Instant Prizes Table which clearly displays the Instant Prize Cards and the monetary amounts linked to the instant prizes. When you press the Prizes tab once more, the gameplay window will be displayed showing the Board.

How to Play MONOPOLY Gold

To start playing, you must first roll the dice which will then move your token around the board. The number of pips on your dice will be reflected by the number of squares and the rolls left indicator will go down by one meaning whatever number of rolls you had, they have decreased by one following your first play. For every roll that you take, your opponent's token will also move in a similar manner around the board with their turn also showing the number of squares reflecting the number of pipes on their dice. When your opponent completes their turn, an animated indicator will show you that it is your turn to roll your dice again.

After moving around the board, your token can land on a utility or property square, a community chest or chance square, a free parking square, a just visiting square, a go to jail square, a go square, or an instant prize square.

When the token land on a utility or property square, the corresponding utility card will be displayed and thereafter move into the prize table occupying the areas that match the color of the utility. Subsequently, a sold sign will appear on the square where your token landed to indicate your utility has already been collected. If you complete a row on the prize table, both the prize amount for the row and the row itself will highlight to indicate you have won the particular amount.

Where the token settles on a community chest, the respective card will move from the top of the pile and display. The card may either tell you to go back or advance to another square from where you continue with the game. The card may also indicate that you have won an instant prize. Here you need to press the arrow so as to return to the main game. The card will thereafter move to the instant prize table where monopoly money equivalent to the value of the instant prize will be placed on the square.

When your token successfully lands on a free parking square, you will be presented with a spin mini-game. A gameplay window with the instructions - tap for your chance to win a prize will open. This will then present you with a slider comprising 4 cards; a property card, an instant prize card, a no-prize card, and an advanced card. To activate the slider, press anywhere on the screen. The card will show you what to do.

On the just visiting square, you will be presented with the jail mini-game whenever your token lands there. A gameplay window will also open displaying Mr. MONOPOLY positioned behind bars with a property card, an instant prize card, or an advanced or go-back card. To play the jail mini-game, you must first roll the dice. When you roll a double, you will either collect the card or an instant prize.

Where your token lands on the go to jail square, you will be presented with a go to jail card and your token will move to the just visiting/ in jail square and proceed as described above.

When your token lands on the go square; a reveal mini-game will be displayed. Thereafter, a new gameplay window will open with the instructions to reveal your token for your chance to win. There will also be three Mr. MONOPOLIES each holding counters with the words rub to reveal. Both your token as well as the potential prize will be displayed: a property card, an instant prize card, or an advanced or go-back card. In order to reveal your token underneath and collect the associated prize or card, you must rub as instructed by the counters.

You may also land on the instant prize square where an instant prize card will be displayed which will then move you into an instant prize table. MONOPOLY money equivalent to the instant prize will be placed on that square and your token will continue from the instant prize square.

If the token of your opponent lands on a property square with the sign sold, he must pay rent. A rent sign will appear on the board and also a tile in the rent-paid table will be highlighted in red. If by chance your opponent lands on two or more squares with the sign sold, you win the associated monetary amounts which are highlighted yellow in the rent paid table.

To get one extra roll of a dice, the words free roll must appear on your gameplay window. When you have used all your rolls, the game will end and a message will appear on the gameplay window clearly indicating the amount you have won where applicable. The word finish will then appear and you have to tap it to complete the game.

The Odds of Winning MONOPOLY Gold

The overall odds of winning a prize is 1:2.49.

Prize Odds
£2 (£2 Combination Table) 10
£2 (£2 Rent) 10
£3 (£3 Chance/Community Chest Card) 16
£4 (£2 Combination Table + £2 Rent) 24
£5 (£3 Chance/Community Chest Card + £2 Combination Table) 91
£5 (£5 Combination Table) 91
£5 (£5 Mini Game) 91
£7 (£5 Combination Table + £2 Rent) 70
£7 (£3 Chance/Community Chest Card + £2 Combination Table + £2 Rent) 70
£10 (£10 Combination Table) 245
£10 (£2 Rent + £8 Rent) 245
£10 (£5 Combination Table + £5 Mini Game) 245
£12 (£5 Combination Table + £5 Mini Game + £2 Rent) 250
£15 (£10 Combination Table + £5 Mini Game) 2,000
£15 (£5 Mini Game + £2 Rent + £8 Rent) 2,000
£15 (£5 Combination Table + £2 Rent + £8 Rent) 2,000
£20 (£20 Combination Table) 2,500
£20 (£20 Chance/Community Chest Card) 2,500
£25 (£25 Instant Prize) 5,000
£30 (£10 Combination Table + £20 Chance/Community Chest Card) 10,000
£40 (£20 Chance/Community Chest Card + £10 Combination Table + £2 Rent + £8 Rent) 20,000
£50 (£50 Instant Prize) 50,000
£50 (£50 Mini Game) 50,000
£60 (£50 Mini Game + £10 Combination Table) 50,000
£70 (£50 Mini Game + £10 Combination Table + £2 Rent + £8 Rent) 100,000
£80 (£50 Instant Prize + £20 Chance/Community Chest Card + £2 Rent + £8 Rent) 100,000
£90 (£50 Mini Game + £20 Chance/Community Chest Card + £10 Combination Table + £2 Rent + £8 Rent) 100,000
£100 (£100 Combination Table) 250,000
£150 (£100 Combination Table + £50 Mini Game) 250,000
£200 (£200 Chance/Community Chest Card) 875,000
£300 (£200 Chance/Community Chest Card + £100 Combination Table) 875,000
£400 (£200 Chance/Community Chest Card + £100 Combination Table + £50 Mini Game + £50 Instant Prize) 875,000
£500 (£500 Mini Game) 1,750,000
£500 (£500 Combination Table) 1,750,000
£600 (£500 Mini Game + £100 Combination Table) 1,750,000
£700 (£500 Mini Game + £200 Chance/Community Chest Card) 1,750,000
£800 (£500 Mini Game + £200 Chance/Community Chest Card + £100 Combination Table) 1,750,000
£5,000 (£5,000 Combination Table) 1,750,000
£50,000 (£50,000 Combination Table) 3,500,000

MONOPOLY Gold Prize Breakdown

The top ten prizes are £50,000, £5,000, £800, £700, £600, £500, £400, £300, £200 and £150. The odds of winning the top prize (£50,000) are 1:3.5 million, while the odds of winning the least prize of £2 is 1:10. You can only win a single prize per play.

Prize Odds
£2 10
£2 10
£3 16
£4 24
£5 91
£5 91
£5 91
£7 70
£7 70
£10 245
£10 245
£10 245
£12 250
£15 2,000
£15 2,000
£15 2,000
£20 2,500
£20 2,500
£25 5,000
£30 10,000
£40 20,000
£50 50,000
£50 50,000
£60 50,000
£70 100,000
£80 100,000
£90 100,000
£100 250,000
£150 250,000
£200 875,000
£300 875,000
£400 875,000
£500 1,750,000
£500 1,750,000
£600 1,750,000
£700 1,750,000
£800 1,750,000
£5,000 1,750,000
£50,000 3,500,000

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