Mega Dollar Review

With a tag name like “the big game for big winners,” Mega Dollar from Kenya is undoubtedly off to a great start. But does the lottery live up to its name? Does it offer such a spectacular monetization opportunity? To answer these questions, we’ll have to look into the very heart of Mega Dollar and at the characteristics that make this Kenyan lottery unique.

Mega Dollar is licensed under the Betting, Lotteries, and Gaming Act in Kenya. The license number is 1139, and you can rest assured this is a legitimate national game.

How do the prizes for Mega Millions hot triplets compare to the standard Mega Millions prizes?

There is a national hotline you can use to get additional information about Mega Dollar and its counterpart – Mega Jackpot. If you’d like to get more facts about these two games, consider calling (254) 792-265-969 or (254) 736-788-154.

Today, we will take a look at the unique facets of the lottery to determine if Mega Dollar is an excellent opportunity to win some lucky lottery money.

How to Play Mega Dollar?

To play Mega Dollar, you have to choose three numbers from a pool of nine. You are also in charge of the sum that you’re going to bet on your numerical combination. The minimum bet is 10 Kenyan shillings (0.1 US dollars), but you can go up to 100 shillings if you’re feeling confident.

The Mega Dollar lottery provides multiple opportunities for the acquisition of tickets.

For a start, you can register with the official Mega Dollar Kenya website and create your gameplay tickets there. It’s also possible to submit your numbers via SMS. To enable such opportunities, you will have to deposit Paybill 295888 via Mpesa. The minimum deposit amount is 50 shillings. Hence, you can either use the money to make a single more substantial bet, or you can break it down into a couple of smaller Mega Dollar playing opportunities.

Since the funding of your account takes place via Mpesa, you have no reason to worry about the safety of your money or your private data. We’ve examined Mega Dollar, and you can rest assured that the right measures have been undertaken to ensure your privacy and give you a fun chance to win some cash multiple times per week.

Mega Dollar drawings take place every 30 minutes, every single day of the week.

To participate in Mega Dollar games, you have to be aged 18 or older. Otherwise, you will not be capable of going through with the online account registration process.

Keep in mind that once you create a Mega Dollar account, you will need to maintain a certain level of activity in it. Accounts that have not been logged in for six months or more will be considered inactive.

If you do wish to terminate your Mega Dollar account, you can do so by sending an SMS text message STOP to 29588. You will be excluded from participation in Mega Dollar, and you will not receive lottery promotional materials unless you create another account.

There are no restrictions as to the nationality of people who can play Mega Dollar Kenya. The lottery is open to anyone on the territory of the country, regardless of their origin or the purpose of stay.

Mega Dollar Prize Breakdown

There’s a maximum number of 15 entries per Mega Dollar drawing. This measure is introduced to encourage responsible gaming and keep players from spending way too much on the acquisition of lottery tickets.

The maximum jackpot a player can win in a single Mega Dollar drawing is 350,000 shillings.

To win the maximum prize, you have to match all three numbers drawn in the exact order.

Those who match two out of the three numbers in exact order will win a maximum amount of 150,000 shillings. If you match three numbers, but they are not in the exact order, the maximum payout is going to be 1000,000 shillings.

Apart from the standard prizes, Mega Dollar also rewards bonuses.

Bonuses are awarded every time you play the lottery and place a stake of at least 10 shillings. You will get 5 Free Ticket Mega Bonus Points. You can also earn bonus points by depositing funds in your account via Mpesa.

Players have 90 days from the date of the drawing to make a prize claim.

For additional information, players can get in touch with the Mega Dollar customer support by email at

The Mega Dollar lottery is worth a try. Even though the prizes aren’t the biggest ones out there, the odds are pretty good in this kind of format. Hence, you have multiple little chances to win some quick and easy cash.

To do so, you will need to keep track of the Mega Dollar results.

Mega Dollar results can be found in the official account you have to create to play the lottery. Your account will also present the history of your bets and some statistical information you can use to make better number choices in the future.

The Mega Dollar results are also publicly presented via the lottery’s official website and in the official Facebook account. Kenyan media, as well as smartphone apps, also offer the latest relevant information for players.

LotteryPros also outlines the newest Mega Dollar results, as well as the relevant information for past drawings. You can always rely on us for reliable, frequently updated and 100 percent accurate Mega Dollar Kenya information.

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