Massachusetts Lottery Review

States on the East Coast have a reputation of being more open-minded and willing to embrace new liberal concepts. Massachusetts is a shining example, and it comes as no surprise that it was among the first ones to legalize gambling, which in turn led to the creation of the Massachusetts Lottery. Established in 1971, MA Lottery has a couple of particularities if compared with its counterparts nationwide, some of them for the better, others for worse.

On the bright side, they run a series of original games that can't be found beyond state borders; on the other, they have a different taxation level. All prizes that exceed $600 tax by 5% while those above $5000 will incur a tax of 30%, above the federal level. Overall, Lottery MA remains very popular for both state residents and those who pass through Massachusetts.

Multistate Lottery Games

On the top of this list, we have Massachusetts Powerball, a game that was introduced back in 2010 after the multistate lottery game enjoyed tremendous success nationwide. Even though it is a relatively new addition to MA Lottery, it has already made several millionaires, which is surprising for a state with a relatively low population.

The same can't be said about MA Mega Millions, which was made available to state residents as early as 1996, as Massachusetts was one of the six states to create "The Big Game." This was the predecessor of Massachusetts Mega Millions, and when it changed its name in 2002, the state didn't discontinue the lottery. Starting from 2011, the Megaplier option was also adopted by Lottery MA, triggering a steep increase of second and third-tier prizes.

Massachusetts Lucky for Life is on the few multistate lottery games in the United States, and it was initially announced in Connecticut under the Lucky4Life name. Mass Lottery embraced this game three years later alongside New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Maine, and Vermont.

Popular Massachusetts Lottery Games

MA Lottery has a reputation for running a series of original games, and arguably the most popular one is Massachusetts The Numbers Game. This inspired combination between Pick type games and lotto has two drawings every day, and the payouts are made based on a pari-mutuel system.

In the same category, we have Massachusetts Mass Cash, which is a pretty standard lotto game that demands players to pick five numbers out of a total of 35 correctly. Mass Cash in Mass has a top payout of $100,000 that can be rolled over up to a total of 1 million, while the lower tier prizes go all the way down to winning with three numbers. The game was recently expanded to daily drawings, which increases the odds of players winning the jackpot.

Massachusetts Megabucks Doubler bears several similarities with regular 6/49 Lotto games, as precisely the same rules run it. Players can win an amount of at least $500,000, which is rolled over until someone matches the winning numbers, and the prize can be collected in the form of an annuity or a lump payment. Players can also win with just five, four, three, and even two numbers, with the amounts starting from consolation prizes of two dollars up to a nice payout of $2500. Unlike the previous lottery games that have a drawing schedule twice a week, Megabucks MA numbers are extracted on Saturday.

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