Megabucks Doubler Winning Numbers

Megabucks Doubler is a 6 number lottery game. To win $3 Million Megabucks Doubler jackpot, you have to match 6 main numbers.

Megabucks Doubler Past Results and Winning Numbers

The Megabucks Doubler result archive contains the results from 27-11-1982 11:20pm EST up to the last ones. You only need to select the right date from the list.

Saturday 18th September 2021, 11:20pm 03 19 20 33 37 39
Wednesday 15th September 2021, 8:00pm 06 11 45 47 81 82
Saturday 11th September 2021, 11:20pm 01 10 23 27 32 33
Wednesday 8th September 2021, 11:20pm 21 23 24 37 40 43
Wednesday 8th September 2021, 8:00pm 10 25 36 44 68 90
Saturday 4th September 2021, 9:00pm 01 11 14 21 28 14
Wednesday 1st September 2021, 11:20pm 02 07 20 21 23 41
Saturday 28th August 2021, 11:20pm 09 11 16 29 31 47
Saturday 28th August 2021, 9:00pm 03 10 29 31 34 08
Wednesday 25th August 2021, 11:20pm 02 20 26 31 42 49

Megabucks Doubler Prizes

The Megabucks Doubler features 4 prize divisions. To win any prize in Megabucks Doubler, you have to match 3 numbers. Chances to hit the Megabucks Doubler jackpot are 1: 13,983,816. To see all the Megabucks Doubler odds, go to the REVIEW tab.

Divisions Match Payout per Winner
1 Prize 6 $2,327,969
2 Prize 5 $2,500
3 Prize 4 $100
4 Prize 3 $2

Megabucks Doubler Hot and Cold Numbers

Megabucks Doubler hot numbers are the lottery numbers that appear the most in drawings. Megabucks Doubler cold numbers are the numbers that appear infrequently. Some lotto players choose them specifically because of the frequency, believing that their reappearance in Megabucks Doubler results is only a matter of time, while others stay clear.

Choose the range of years for checking Hot and Cold numbers:

Megabucks Doubler Jackpot History

The jackpot history tool will enable you to see the changes in the biggest Megabucks Doubler jackpots over time. Use the data to carry out analysis, comparisons and predictions for the next Megabucks Doubler jackpot.

Estimated Jackpot

Megabucks Doubler Number Generator

The Megabucks Doubler generator provides FREE lucky numbers for Megabucks Doubler draws. All you need to do is to enter your name, your birth date, and the day of the draw you plan to participate in.

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Megabucks Doubler Review

Megabucks Doubler is a lottery game offered by the Massachusetts State Lottery with a starting jackpot of $500,000 and drawn two times in a week. The players are to pick 6 out of the 49 numbers and if the picked numbers match all or some of those selected in the next drawing then the player wins a prize. The drawings are usually held on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 11.20 p.m. and all betting pools open from 5 a.m. to 10.45 p.m.

How to Play?

To play Megabucks Doubler, you fill out a bet slip by picking 6 winning numbers from a pool of 1 to 49. In the event you do not want to manually pick the numbers, then a Quick Pick can serve you well. This is where you allow a computer to generate random numbers for you based on its internal algorithm. Just like in manual picking, there is no 100% guarantee that the numbers picked will win you a prize, but it is a good way of spreading your risk particularly if you have been manually picking for long without luck.

Once you fill out the bet slip, you should return it to the lottery sales agent, who will then give you a separate ticket which is your receipt giving you entry into the game. It is always important that you check your ticket well to ensure it represents the numbers you wanted and the specific drawings you have purposed to play. For safety purposes, you should sign your ticket at the back because it is a bearer document and whoever picks it may present it to claim a prize.

Megabucks Doubler Feature

As of May 2nd, 2009, one in every ten Megabucks tickets automatically qualifies to be included in the Megabucks Doubler feature. To know whether your ticket is a doubler or non-doubler, check out for the words “this is a doubler ticket” which will appear towards the bottom of the ticket after the ticket price. If the ticket you have is a doubler ticket and you happen to win a non-jackpot prize, the prize will be doubled.

Season Ticket Doubler

After each Megabucks Doubler drawing, the Massachusetts Lottery randomly draws and posts on its website a season ticket doubler number abbreviated as ST Doubler which ranges from 0 through to 9. This number corresponds to the last digit of the control number of the Megabucks Season Ticket. For each drawing, the Megabucks Season Ticket control number remains constant. Both the randomly drawn ST Doubler and the winning number for every drawing will be posted on the lottery’s website as well as recorded at 781-848-7755. If the last digit of the control number indicated on your season ticket matches the ST Doubler and your ticket has won a non-jackpot prize, the prize will be doubled.

The cost of playing Megabucks Doubler is $1 per play and you can purchase your tickets for up to 104 drawings in advance.

Megabucks Doubler Rules

Megabucks Doubler is guided by a set of rules that ensure fairness and order in the lottery game. The rules include:

1. Placing a Megabucks Doubler bet is interpreted as an express agreement by the bettor to abide by the Massachusetts State Lottery Commission Rules and Regulations. As a bettor, you can contact the Lottery Commission if you want to inspect the applicable rules prior to playing.

2. Whatever bet you place, it is not considered effective until it is accepted by the online computer processing system in accordance to the lottery rules and prior to the drawing of the winning number. The bettors acknowledge that the online lottery sales agents are simply acting on their behalf in placing bets into the online computer processing system. If the bets are not accepted by the online computer processing system, the liability of the lottery and the online sales agent, whether arising out of negligence, breach of contract or otherwise indicated, is limited to a refund of the amount wagered. This also applies if the bet slips are entered incorrectly into the system, marked incorrectly or otherwise invalid. The bettors should consider placing of Megabucks Doubler bets their own risk.

3. The jackpot prize fluctuates depending on the winning frequency, the amount of money wagered in each drawing as well as the amount of lower level prizes won. In any drawing, the minimum jackpot level would be $500,000. In case the jackpot is not won in a given drawing, the amount which would have been paid is taken into the next drawing’s prize pool, thus making the jackpot grow from one drawing to the next until it is won. In the event of multiple jackpot winners, the prize will be divided equally amongst all of them.

4. Jackpot winners have up to 60 days from the day after the drawing to select their preferred payment option. There are two main jackpot payment options with the first being annuity option and the second a cash option. The annuity option gives the winners an opportunity to choose equal annual payments over a period of 20 years. The cash option entitles winner to a one-time cash payment which is simply the allocated jackpot amount. In the event a winner fails to select the payment option within the 60-day duration, the prize won will automatically be paid as an annuity.

5. Of the amount of money wagered on each drawing, about 55% of it goes into the prize pool.

6. In the event the total prizes won in any given drawing exceed the net sales for that particular drawing, the prize amounts will be distributed based on a formula detailed in the Administrative Bulletins issued or in the Rules and Regulations.

7. All the cash prizes won must be claimed within one year after the draw date.

The Odds of Winning Megabucks Doubler

To win the jackpot in Megabucks Doubler, you should match all the 6 drawn numbers and the probability of doing this has been established over time to be 1 in 13,983,816. If you match 5 out of 6 numbers and your ticket is a no doubler, you win $2,500 and $5,000 if it is a doubler. The probability of winning is 1 in 54,200.84. Matching 4 out of the 6 numbers will win you $100 for a non-doubler ticket and $200 for a doubler ticket. The last prize on the schedule is $2 for non-doubler ticket and $4 for a Megabucks Doubler ticket and to win this, you need to match 3 out of the 6 drawn numbers. The probability of winning here is 1:56.66.

Match Odds
6 1 in 13,983,816
5 1 in 54,200.84
4 1 in 1,032.40
3 1 in 56.66

Megabucks Doubler Prize Breakdown

When you win a prize, you should ensure you redeem it at the correct location. If the prize you have won is over $600, you need to carry with you your winning ticket, a signed photo identification which can be a passport, military ID, Mass ID, driver’s license or work ID. In order to establish your ownership of the ticket, ensure it is duly signed on the back. You should also bring proof of your Social Security Number which can be in the form of a Medicare card, health insurance card, signed Social Security card, military ID, or your driver’s license if it has the Social Security Number. You will also be required to give proof of your current address which can be availed through your driver’s license, car registration, bank statement, credit card or utility bill or your personal check if it has your address on it.

Prizes under and including $600 can be claimed at any Lottery Office or Lottery Agent location. There is no need of proof to collect the prize. Prizes between $601 all the way to $49,999 must be claimed by visiting a Lottery Office Location. Any prize of $50,000 or more can only be claimed at the Massachusetts Lottery headquarters located at 60 Columbian Street, Braintree, Massachusetts, 02184 during the working hours which stretch from Monday to Friday from 8.45 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. excluding holidays.

Match Prizes
6 Jackpot
5 $5,000
4 $200
3 $4

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