Mass Cash Review

The Mass Cash lottery is a drawing game offered by the Massachusetts State Lottery. It is one of the many lottery games with exciting prizes and easy play procedures. Drawings for Mass Cash are held Sunday to Saturday starting from 10.00 p.m. and they are aired live. All you have to do is pick 5 numbers from a group of 35 numbers and wait for the drawing to see how well you have matched the numbers and confirm your prizes.

This game started on March 1991 and to date, it has had over 2,200 drawings. It is categorized as a pick 5 game because you pick 5 numbers from 35. The odds of winning are 1:324,632.

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How to Play Mass Cash

With many play locations and retail networks, Massachusetts State Lottery has created convenient points from which you can play Mass Cash. You can visit the official website and indicate your zip code to find out your nearest lottery retailer.

When you visit the retailer, you will be given a bet slip that has 5 panels or play areas, each having numbers ranging from 1 to 35. This means you can play up to 5 times on a single playslip. From each panel, you should only select five winning numbers. Under each play area, there is a Quic Pic check box and a void check box.

The Quic Pic check box gives you the opportunity to have your lucky numbers randomly generated by the computer terminal resident at the retailer’s location. If you are playing more than one game, you can opt to have some selected through Quic Pic and the other manually selected.

It must be made clear that having your winning numbers selected through Quick Pick doesn’t give you an advantage over those who do the manual selection. It is simply an easier way to spread your bet. The void box is simply a mechanism for disregarding a given play area due to erroneous marking or other irregulates.

The playslip also has the advanced draw option where you can pick the number of advances draws you want to be entered for. Remember, the draws have to be consecutive and not space.

Ticket Generation

Once you give the completed bet slip to your lottery sales agent together with the amount, they will print a separate ticket which will serve as your receipt. Since the ticket is your only proof of participation in Mass Cash, it is important you check it and ensures it represents the numbers and drawings you want to play.

For your own protection, it is important to have the ticket signed on the back. Lottery tickets are bearer documents and whoever picks them and signs them has the right to claim the prize against them. The cost per play is $1.

Every ticket has a serial number, the name of the game, and the numbers selected. In case you have been entered for more than one draw, the number of draws will also appear on the ticket. Ticket sales close at 9.45 p.m. to pave way for the drawing. Any tickets purchased after this time will be considered for the next drawing. Betting pools open as early as 5.00 a.m. to give players the opportunity to buy tickets for the day’s draw.

The Odds of Winning Mass Cash

There are three prize categories in the Mass Cash lottery. With drawings held daily from 10 p.m., you can actually become a winner every day. All the drawings are held in a secure studio located in Braintree which is the lottery headquarters.

For the drawings, a lotto machine is used. There is also a spare machine which is maintained as a backup just in case the first one is inoperable. The lotto balls used for the drawing are in 3 sets. Every night, the computer makes a random selection of the set to be used for the drawing as well as a loading position. Before use, the balls are first weighed, verified, and also cross-referenced.

The positioning of the balls is sequential with the first ball loaded in either the upper right, upper left, lower right, or lower left position. There are three test drawings which are done before the main drawing. All these tests must be successfully completed. After the drawings, the results are made public and can be viewed directly from the official Massachusetts State Lottery website.

  • If the numbers you have selected on your ticket match all the 5 numbers from the drawing, you win the top prize which is $100,000. The probability of winning the jackpot is 1:324,632.
  • If you manage to match only 4 out of the 5 numbers, you win $250 at odds of 1: 2,164.21.
  • The last prize category has a cash prize of $10 at odds of 1:74.63. To win in this category, you have to match 3 out of the 5 numbers.

Match Odds
5 Numbers 1 in 324,632
4 Numbers 1 in 2,164.21
3 Numbers 1 in 74.63

Mass Cash Prize Breakdown

Congratulations for your win in the Mass Cash lotto game. It is important to carefully read the instructions with regard to your prize redemption.

If your prize amount is $600 and below, you do not need any proof of identification to collect your amount. You can do so right from your lottery retailer.

However, if your winning ticket is for prizes over $600, but less than $50,000, you should first feel a claim form and accompany it with the necessary identification. Ensure your ticket is signed at the back to establish ownership.

The photo identification documents, accepted by the Massachusetts State Lottery, include a driver’s license, passport, work ID, military ID, or Mass ID. In addition, you must have proof of your social security number which is acceptable in the following forms, military ID, Medicare card, social security card, or a driver’s license with social security number. Prizes in this range can be collected from a lottery office location which include Braintree, Boston, Woburn, New Bedford, or Spring Field.

Prizes over $50,000 can only be claimed at the lottery headquarters in Braintree, Massachusetts. In addition to the photo identification and social security proofs, you are supposed to provide a certified copy of your birth certificate. The hours of operation at the headquarter are Mondays to Fridays from 8.45 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.

People under the age of 18 are not allowed to participate in Mass Cash. However, in the event an adult purchased winning tickets which are later claimed by a person who is under 18, the director may permit the payment.

If the winner dies before cashing in on his prize, the payments will be made to his estate. When it comes to tax withholdings, prizes of more than $600 will incur 5% withholding from the Massachusetts Department of Revenue. Prizes of $5,000 and over will have 25% withheld by the Internal Revenue Service while 5% is withheld by the Massachusetts Department of Revenue.

Match Prize
5 Numbers $100,000
4 Numbers $250
3 Numbers $10

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