Malta Lotto Review

If you ever find yourself in Malta and you like luck games, you should take an in-depth and hard look at the portfolio of Maltco Lotteries Limited.

Maltco Lotteries Limited is the national operator. Its portfolio consists of various lotteries like Malta Lotto, Super5, and Superstar. Also, the company organizes sports betting for those who want to test their luck in the realm of predicting the outcomes of sports events.

Malta Lotto is one of the primary games in the country. It is a flagship Maltco Lotteries entry, and the game is pretty simple and straightforward. It provides excellent prize and award opportunities, which is yet another factor contributing to popular demand.

To make your first steps in the world of Malta’s Lotto, you can rely on the following guide – it will acquaint you with the basics and give you some tips for the purchase of tickets, the Lotto rules and the acquisition of prizes upon winning.

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How to Play Malta Lotto?

Malta Lotto has you picking five numbers in the range from one to 90. There are three types of winning combinations chosen for every single drawing – Prima, Ambo, and Terno.

Each of these entries comes with a minimum bet submission of 0.5, one, two, or three dollars respectively. The minimum bet for the Prima, Ambo, and Terno submissions is 0.5 euros. For Quaterno Plus, you will need to place a minimum bet of two euros.

Every single time, there will be three additional balls drawn on top of the main ones. The total number of chosen digits will reach eight, and these will determine the range of prize tiers.

To play Malta Lotto, you will have to choose among the four common lottery options:

  • You can place a bet on the first number drawn (Prima)
  • You can place a bet on two of the five numbers drawn (Ambo)
  • You can place a bet on three of the five numbers drawn (Terno)
  • You can place a bet on any five of the eight numbers that will be drawn (Quaterno Plus)

Apart from opting for the standard entries, players can also choose to submit a system.

A system Malta lottery entry increases the odds of winning because the player will feature more numbers than the ones required for the specific type of bet.

Choosing more than one number, for example, qualifies as a system in the case of a Prima submission. For Ambo, the player will have to choose more than two numbers, for Terno – more than three and for Quaterno Plus – more than five.

Players who don’t have their numbers can opt for a quick pick standard ticket or a quick pick system. They will simply need to choose the type of bet and the ticket will be generated automatically by the software at the retail venue.

There’s one final option that players can enable before their ticket is finalized – the multiplier. A Malta Lotto multiplier will increase the basic stake by anywhere between x2 and x10.

Lotto drawings take place one time per week. The live drawing is scheduled for Saturday, 7:45 p.m.

To acquire a ticket, players will have to visit one of the Maltco Lotteries Limited retail venues throughout Malta and Gozo. A complete list of all the retail venues is available on the organization’s official website. Ticket sales stop approximately one hour before the draw on Saturday.

You have to be aged 18 or older to buy Malta Lotto tickets.

Information about the Malta Lotto results is provided immediately via the Maltco Lotteries' official website. You can also find information on the Maltco Lotteries Limited Facebook page and in the local newspapers. Information boards at the retail venues will also include the eight weekly digits.

Malta Lotto Prize Breakdown

You can use this website to see Maltco Lotto results and determine if you’ve won anything. This is another reliable source of information on top of the official platforms. We list the latest Malta Lotto results for your convenience, and there’s also an extensive archive.

Each of the bets comes with a specific prize amount – here’s a breakdown:

Game Type Bet Is Increased by Winning Amount Per Minimum Bet
Prima X60 times 30 euro
Ambo X215 times 107.5 euro
Terno X 3,500 times 1,750 euro


The Quaterno Plus prizes are somewhat different:

Quaterno Plus Prize Tiers Numbers to Guess Winning Amount
Category I Any five out of eight 250,000 euro
Category II Four out of eight 750 euro
Category III Three out of eight 50 euro
Category IV Two out of the last three numbers drawn 10 euro


If the Quaterno Plus top prize is not won for the particular drawing, the maximum award for the next drawing will increase by an increment of 10,000 euro.

Anyone who has won a Malta Lotto prize will need to submit a payout claim in the 60 days following the date of the drawing. Prizes of up to 5,000 euro can be claimed at the Maltco Lotteries points of sale that are equipped with an online terminal.

For more substantial sums, players will have to visit the Maltco Lotteries head office during working days and office hours.

The good thing in Malta is that the information of lottery winners is kept strictly confidential. Even those who claim the biggest prizes are not obliged to participate in press conferences or reveal their identity to the public.

If you need some assistance to determine how to claim your lottery prize, you can call the Maltco Lotteries hotline at (+356) 2388-3333.

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