Belgium Lotto Extra Review

Playing lotto is exciting because of the immense opportunities you get as a player to win prizes in different categories. Despite it being a game of chance, lotto is so rewarding that everybody walks with a prize at one point or the other.

The Loterie Nationale decided to add something on top of the ordinary Belgium Lotto just for the love of the participants on the platform.

What Is Belgium Lotto Extra?

Simply defined, Belgium Lotto Extra is a lottery game that builds on the original Belgium Lotto, but in addition gives you an extra chance to become a millionaire. This is achieved by adding to the number of lotto drawings already taking place on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

What is even more exciting with this new version of Belgium Lotto is that it is coming at the end of the year when everyone is in a celebratory mood. The Belgium Lotto Extra is further divided into two special locations, namely Lotto Extra Christmas and Lotto Extra New Year.

Coincidentally, both Christmas and New Year Eves are all falling on the same day, Saturday, and this means you have a chance to win the normal jackpot and the Belgium Lotto Extra jackpot.

Why You Should Participate in Belgium Lotto Extra?

The end of the year is a special time where you meet up with family and friends to celebrate and appreciate one another. This also happens to be the time of the year when you reflect on how the year has been and plan forward for the New Year ahead.

Belgium Lotto Extra gives you more reason to celebrate by offering you this unique chance that no other lotto in the world has conceptualized before. Imagine getting into the New Year with a bundle of cash courtesy of Belgium Lotto Extra!

As a game of chance, you never know when lady luck will smile at you. It doesn’t really matter how many games you have played in the course of the year, this could be the golden opportunity for you to make up for all the draws you didn’t win.

This is also a historic moment because previously, Loterie Nationale offered Lotto December, but this year the menu has changed slightly and the traditional Lotto December has a new face in Lotto Extra Christmas and Lotto Extra New Year. You cannot afford to be left out of this one time opportunity!

What Is on Offer?

This is probably the news you want to hear so that you can participate in this exciting game. In terms of prizes, Lotto Extra Christmas gives you 2.5 million euros worth of prizes while the Lotto Extra New Year gives you 3.5 million euros.

Compared to the other lottery games under Loterie Nationale, this is a real gift from above. Once again, the dates are December 24 and 31, 2016.

How to Play Belgium Lotto Extra?

There are two ways through which you can participate; point of sale and online.

Point of Sale Participation

This is where you visit an accredited retailer who will issue you with a playslip that you mark the numbers you want to be entered for. Just like in the Lotto draw, you pick 6 numbers either through the Quick Pick system or manually and then wait for the draw.

A major difference between the normal Lotto and the Lotto Extra is that your participation is only for a single draw and you cannot participate in multiple prints. Once you fill in the playslip, you should hand it over to the clerk who will process it and issue you with a ticket. The ticket is the confirmation that you have been entered for the Lotto Extra.

Once you get your ticket, it is important you sign it on the back so that no one else can claim a prize using it except you. In order to make it easy for the authorities to identify your ticket at the time of claiming your prize, you need to keep your ticket neat.

Online Participation

Through the online platform, you can be able to participate from the comfort of your home. All you need to do is to login to the site and choose drawing games under which you pick Lotto Extra.

Because this year’s Lotto Extra is on December 24 and 31, the interface on the Lotto Extra platform will show you the time remaining before the next draw. You can choose the winning numbers yourself or through the help of the Quick Pick system. It should be noted that there are only two draws for the Belgium Lotto Extra and you cannot enter for more because the following year the dates will be set then communicated.

Based on your account details, you will be able to access your ticket online. This is much safer because all payments are handled online and you have no reason to worry about lost tickets. You can print out your tickets if you want so that you can do a manual confirmation when the draw is held.

The Odds of Winning Belgium Lotto Extra

In order to participate in this game, the regulations require that you must have attained the age of 18 as no minors are permitted. Also, being an in-house game, Belgium Lotto Extra is only open to people living in Belgium.

However, if you have participated and by the time the drawing is held and the results announced, you are out of the country, you can still check the results online. If you have won, then you can make arrangements to claim your prize.

Belgium Lotto Extra Prize Breakdown

If you are the only lucky winner at rank 1, you walk away with the 2.5 million euros for the Lotto Extra Christmas and 3.5 million euros for Lotto Extra New Year. However, in a case where there are multiple winners, the prize will be divided equally.

Loterie Nationale pays all jackpot winners a cash lump sum upon the presentation of their winning tickets. The claim should be lodged at the Lottery headquarters for it to be processed.

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