Loto 7/39 Kosovo Review

Loto 7/39 is a numbered game through which players select 7 out of a pool of 39 numbers and a mixer decides the winning numbers. The amount to be shared among players is determined in advance before the draw is held. It is usually a percentage of the collections for that particular draw. The Government of Kosovo guarantees the payment of the winnings and there is no player who goes without getting his rightful share of profits.

In terms of frequency, Loto 7/39 Kosovo is organized twice a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The organizer is Kosovo Lottery, an organization headquartered in Pristina, Dardania-Kurrizi 15/17. In each of the weekly draws, 7 numbers are generated through the mixer from a range of 1 to 39 numbers. The winning combination is determined by arranging the winning combination in an arithmetic order.

Playing Loto 7/39 Kosovo

For you to participate in this game, you have to get tickets. There are two ways you can get the tickets; random selection and auxiliary ticket.

For the auxiliary tickets, there are panels, each panel has numbers ranging from 1 to 39 printed on it. A single play is considered to be a marked panel of 7 numbers. The accepted mark is the X mark. You can play anything from 1 to 10 combinations. The right side of the ticket has squares which give you an opportunity to play advance draws as well as participate in the joker game. For the advance draws, you can enter 2 up to 8 advance draws.

On the same ticket depending on your request, you can have manual selections as well as a random selection through the system. You only need to inform the clerk that you intend to run the random selection so that he can know beforehand.

The markings on the playslip are usually done by pen and in case you make an error, you should never correct, but rather void that panel and go to the next. The playslip only helps you to select your numbers, but it is never an evidence that you have participated in Loto 7/39 Kosovo. The ticket is the proof of participation.

Payment for the ticket can be done through Kosovo Lottery’s online terminals. You cannot have your ticket until you complete the payment.

Details of the Ticket

The ticket that will be printed off will contain the logo as well as the name of the organizer. This is to authenticate the ticket. The name of the game will also be indicated and in this case it is Loto 7/39. The serial number of the ticket which is a unique generated number will be printed on the ticket as well as the operating number of the seller, the number of the ticket, the combinations played, any joker number where applicable, the date and time of payment, as well as the total amount paid.

As the Loto 7/39 Kosovo player, you must ensure that your ticket has the details as described above. In the event it doesn’t have some of them, you are supposed to verify immediately after making the payment because failure to do so may cause your claim to be invalidated.

You can pay for your tickets by the deadline determined by Kosovo Lottery. When the deadline is reached, Kosovo Lottery is required to notify interested parties that buying of tickets has been halted so that the draw can be conducted first and thereafter reopened.

Loto 7/39 Kosovo Prize Breakdown

The prize pool of Loto 7/39 is determined by the amount paid by the participants of any particular draw. It is usually 50% of the total collection and this is usually made public by the organizer before the drawing takes place. The prize fund is allocated as shown below.

  • The first prize category shares 20%
  • The second prize category shares 20%
  • The third prize category shares 20%
  • The fourth prize category shares 40%

Kosovo Lottery is allowed by law to set up through a special decision a guaranteed jackpot fund. In the event no one wins the jackpot, the entire fund is rolled over to the next round. Where there is more than one jackpot winner, the amount is subdivided in equal sums.

Just like the jackpot prize fund, the second prize category fund is also rolled over to the next round if there is no winner in the first round.

There are 4 categories of prizes or winners in Loto 7/39 Kosovo.

The first prize category includes winners whose tickets read the 7 numbers as drawn in the mixer. These are the jackpot winners.

The second category of winners includes those who have successfully matched 6 out of the 7 winning numbers.

The third category of winners includes those who have correctly selected 5 out of the 7 winning numbers.

The fourth and last prize category includes players in whose tickets are number selections showing 4 correctly predicted numbers out of the 7 drawn.

Drawing of the Prizes

When the draw is done, it is made public right in front a 3-member commission that is put together by Kosovo Lottery. One of the members of the commission is an official appointed or authorized by the Ministry of Finance. The draw meeting is organized by Kosovo Lottery and the place of the draw is Pristina. All the draw proceedings are transmitted directly via television to the general public.

If during the drawing some numbers do not appear as expected, the mixing is done once again because the aim is for the process to run smoothly. If the draw machine fails completely, a member of the committee through a well-organized procedure is permitted to pick the numbers by chance using his hands while his eyes are covered.

During the draw, the commission keeps a record of the proceedings, including the drawn numbers. The record is then signed by the commission members. For it to be complete, the report must contain the place of the draw, the time of the draw, and the total amount won for the particular draw. The winning combination drawn must also be included in the report.

Kosovo Lottery prepares an interim report with the draw results and the amount in earnings for each prize category. This report is provisionally published in Koha Ditore which is the daily newspaper run by the Koha Group in Kosovo. The results are also made public on the official Kosovo Lottery website.

Claiming the Prize

For you to claim your prize, you have to submit a form or claim which shows the serial number of your ticket, the date of the draw, the point of sale where you bought the ticket, and your details. Prizes for the jackpot and the second category are claimed at the headquarter while those for the third and fourth category can be collected from the point of sale.

Your ticket is required as proof of participation during the payment. The Government of Kosovo in its taxation law has included gains from gaming as taxable income. Winners have up to 60 days from the draw date to claim their winnings. If at the expiry of 60 days the winnings have not been claimed, Kosovo Lottery will pay those amounts into the next draw game. In accordance with the law on gambling, Kosovo Lottery may with a reasonable cause postpone the draw.

Just in case of litigation, Kosovo Lottery is required by law to keep records of tickets up to one year after the draw is concluded. However, in case of litigation, the Kosovo Lottery is required to keep the tickets until the court proceedings are over. All disputes are processed through the basic court in Pristina.

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