Effi Lotto Review

Just like Baba Ijebu, Effi is a prominent lottery in Nigeria. There are accounts of people winning sufficient amounts by playing the game but finding thorough information about Effi Lotto is a bit difficult. There isn’t an official website out there, but you can get some info from a Facebook account called Effi Lotto himself.

Our team has done a lot of digging to present you with reliable and accurate information. We’ve gone through website after website to make sure we have the inside scoop and the details that matter. Here’s everything that we managed to dig up about Effi Lotto.

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Effi Lotto Rules

As per the Effi Lotto himself Facebook page and the additional unofficial online sources, Effi Lotto is an offline betting game played in the territory of Nigeria.

It is difficult to understand, however, whether Effi Lotto offers an individual game to players that come with its own set of rules and specifics or whether this is a forecasting opportunity that is entirely based on the Baba Ijebu drawings. Since there isn’t an official Effi Lotto website or contact information for the entity behind this game, it will be impossible to answer the question at the time being.

When you go to the Effi Lotto Himself Facebook page, you’ll get more of a feeling that you’re dealing with an agent that accepts bets based on the Baba Ijebu lottery game. The results information presented is also based on the Baba Ijebu drawings. We did send the account a private message but at the time of publication, no feedback has been received about the nature of the Effi Lotto activities and the legitimacy of this opportunity (whether it is a national lottery, a regional game, a forecasting option based on Baba Ijebu or something else).

If the game were to be based on Baba Ijebu and some forecasting, the rules are pretty simple and straightforward.

To play Baba Ijebu and place an Effi Lotto forecast, players have to select anywhere between two and five numbers from a pool of 90. All of the numbers that the player has chosen will have to be matched to the numbers drawn for a prize to be received.

There are several betting options, and these depend on the number of digits chosen. The smallest one is the NAP2 option, and it is based on a selection of two digits from a pool of 90. As you’ve probably guessed already, the largest pick is the NAP5, and it involves selecting five digits from a pool of 90.

While guessing two numbers rather than a set of five is going to be much easier, the selection will be determined by the size of the final reward.

Drawings take place every day of the week. From Monday to Saturday, six daily drawings occur at fixed hours every day. On Sunday, there will be four drawings.

At the time being, there’s no option for buying Effi Lotto tickets online. In Nigeria, there’s an extensive network of authorized lottery agencies and retail venues. These are the only ones that players can turn to for the legitimate acquisition of tickets.

Both Nigerians and foreigners can play Effi Lotto. There are no restrictions based on country of origin. Foreigners who are residing legally in Nigeria or who are in the country on a short-term trip are free to visit one of the local agencies and acquire a ticket. Those who aren’t in Nigeria, however, cannot rely on an international online lottery agency to give Effi Lotto a try.

Effi Lotto Prize Breakdown

Effi Lotto's world is filled with mystery. The information is so scarce that there isn’t an actual presentation of the prizes that players can acquire.

If the game is actually based on the Baba Ijebu, you can take a look at the Baba Ijebu prize tiers. Still, a forecasting game that is based on another lottery does not necessarily have the same prize tiers and structure.

According to the research, Effi Lotto World is based in Lagos, Nigeria, and the location of the headquarters is verified. Unfortunately, a phone number or an email address isn’t available to get in touch with the company and get additional details about the prize tiers or the ways to cash out a sum that’s been won.

Is Effi Lotto legitimate?

This is one question we can answer. Based on the research, we came across a list of licensed lottery businesses in Nigeria. Effi Lotto ranks among those. This is good news – you have no reason to worry if you pick the forecasting opportunity. Effi Lotto isn’t a scam, and even though we’re virtually clueless about exactly what it has to offer, people who are on the territory of Nigeria may want to test out their luck.

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