Bosnia and Herzegovina SuperLOTO Review

Bosnia and Herzegovina SuperLOTO is an exciting lottery game and the most prominent in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It provides its players with the opportunity of winning a Super Jackpot and over the years, it’s given numerous people a chance to win big cash.

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Bosnia and Herzegovina SuperLOTO Introduction

When it was launched in 1962, SuperLOTO was originally called Loto. It had a 6/49 format but later changed to 6/45. In addition to the number format, there was an introduction of color pick that allows players to win the Super Jackpot.

SuperLOTO is organized and supervised by Lottery of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The organization is also responsible for paying the lottery prizes. SuperLOTO draws are held twice a week on Tuesdays and Saturdays at 1910 hrs. On the day of drawing, the tickets are sold up to 1730 hrs.

How to Play Bosnia and Herzegovina SuperLOTO

This lottery game consists of two parts; the basic game LOTO 6/45 and the Select Color game. To play the basic game, you need to buy a lottery ticket from an authorized Lottery of Bosnia and Herzegovina dealer. You will get a playslip where you should mark 6 numbers from a pool of 45 numbers. To participate in the Select Color Game, you must choose a color between red and black. The cost of the 6 numbers selected is 0.5 Convertible Mark (KM) and for the color combination is 0.2 Convertible Mark.

There are three types of auxiliary sheets in the SuperLOTO game.

  • Ordinary Help List – This has a total of 10 combinations or 10 group fields.
  • System Auxiliary Card – This has one group field where you can play by crossing 7 to 16 numbers.
  • Partial System Tray – This also has one group field where you can play anything between 9 and 23 numbers and choose the percentage of payment which can be 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, 50%, and 60%.

Playing System and Combination plays will cost you more. A system play helps you to win multiple prizes from a single draw. The standard draw takes place twice a week on Tuesdays and Saturdays, but the SuperLOTO has additional prizes and special drawings.

To win the biggest prize, you have to match all 6 numbers correctly. On the other hand, to win the Super Jackpot, you will have to match all 6 numbers plus the drawn color.

Quick Pick

Apart from the manual selection of numbers, you can decide to go for the Quick Pick system. Here, the computer terminal through the clerk at the outlet will generate a selection of numbers for you. Whether you go for the manual or the Quick Pick option, the chances of winning remain the same because it is all a lucky game.


If you want to play a certain combination of numbers more than once, you have the option to do so through a subscription. By crossing the box, you can select the number of cards you want to play. SuperLOTO allows you anything from a minimum of 2 to 8 rounds in advance.

The SuperLOTO Ticket

When you hand over the playslip with the respective payment to the clerk at the terminal, you will receive a ticket. The payment can be done in two ways; through the online portal, and manually through the playslip.

Once you receive your ticket, you must take care of it. The ticket is a bearer document, and this means anyone coming across it can pick it up and present it to claim a prize. To prevent this from happening, sign your Bosnia and Herzegovina SuperLOTO ticket at the back and ensure it is stored safely until the day of the draw.

Your ticket should display the following features:

  • The name of the game which in this case is Bosnia and Herzegovina SuperLOTO
  • The date of purchase
  • The draw date
  • The mode of play
  • The amount paid for the ticket
  • The numbers are chosen for which you are participating in the draw
  • The ticket serial number

Ensure the correctness of your ticket before leaving the outlet. Any erroneous ticket should be handed back to the clerk for you to be re-issued with a new correct ticket.

Bosnia and Herzegovina SuperLOTO Prize Breakdown

As mentioned above, draws for SuperLOTO are held on Tuesdays and Saturdays. During these days, ticket sales are closed early at 1730 hrs to pave way for the draws to take place. Thereafter, ticket sales continue.

At the draw, several people are invited including auditors, the Bosnia and Herzegovina SuperLOTO officials, representatives of government, members of the public, and the press.  The whole event is aired live on the Federal Television program. This is to ensure transparency and integrity of the betting process.

The drawing machines are checked before the process begins and a standby machine is made available just in case some of those used become dysfunctional. The machines are checked for bias before being used.

Immediately after the draw, the results are made public through the official website and the press. The results are also sent to the various authorized SuperLOTO outlets where players can go and check from the board whether their ticket has won a prize or not.

The amount made available for prizes in the SuperLOTO is 53% of the total collection. 10% of the collection goes to the payment for organizing the event.

  • To win the Super Jackpot which is the highest prize, you have to match the 6 numbers and the select color.
  • The second prize which is the LOTO 6/45 jackpot, goes to the players who match the 6 numbers drawn, but not the color.
  • Matching 5 numbers and the color wins you the third prize.
  • If you match just 5 numbers, but not the color, you win the fourth prize.
  • The fifth prize goes to the player who matches 4 numbers plus the colors.
  • To win the sixth prize, you have to match just the 4 numbers without color.
  • Winning the seventh prize requires you to match three numbers with color.
  • The last prize requires you to match just three numbers.

If you play a partial system, your winnings will be determined by the percentage of payment. If you pay 10%, your winnings will be 10% of the prize. For instance, if you win the Super Jackpot, you will get 10% of the value.


The SuperLOTO gives you another option to winning and that is the JOKER. This is not just additional, but optional as well. To play the JOKER, you must pay at least one combination and then cross the YES box that is next to the word JOKER. This will record your entry.

You have an option to play three JOKER numbers. One number is printed on the playslip and the other two are generated via Quick Pick. The price per JOKER number is 1 KM.

After you find out that you are a winner, you can visit the SuperLOTO outlet for instructions on how to claim your prize. Some of the prizes will be claimed at the outlet while others will be claimed at the regional and head office. Always remember to carry your identification documents and the winning ticket to claim the prize.

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