5/90 Ghana Plus Review

Winlot Global Resources is a lottery company whose aim is to provide world-class lottery services in Ghana. Currently, the company has a number of games under its belt one of which is 5/90 Ghana Plus. It is a unique fixed odds game where the players contest not amongst themselves but rather against the operator. The amount you win as a player is totally independent of the rest of the winners. This means Winlot bears the total risk.

How to Play 5/90 Ghana Plus?

Playing 5/90 Ghana Plus is much simpler than other lotto games. You only need to predict correctly 5 numbers out of the 90 in order to win. There is also a permutation option where you can select up to a maximum of 20 numbers so as to enhance your chances of winning. To win a prize, you should match a minimum of two numbers and a maximum of five.

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Where to Play?

Winlot has a number of approved agents in Ghana who operate terminals from which you can get your ticket. Additionally, you can go online and have your ticket generated from there. Once you get to the retailer, you will be given a play slip from which to choose your lucky numbers. Ensure you mark your numbers correctly and in case you make a mistake, do not erase but check the void box and the entire selection will be disregarded.

You can pick the numbers manually or through a Quick Pick system. Either way, you should remember that none of these gives you a special advantage over the rest. If you want to use the Quick Pick system, just mark the box for the Quick Pick and the system will randomly generate the numbers for you.

Once you choose your numbers, you can then hand over the play slip to the agent who will generate a ticket in return and give it to you. The ticket has a serial number under the barcode. This is a unique number that identifies your ticket and differentiates it from any other ticket generated in the system. Confirm that the serial number is well displayed on the ticket and in case it is not or you have any reason to doubt, raise the issue with the clerk and where necessary have it changed.

You can only be allowed to play 5/90 Ghana Plus if you are 18 years of age and above.

MyWinlot App

To enable players to participate in 5/90 Ghana Plus through the online platform, Winlot came up with the MyWinlot App. This is a free mobile application that allows you to purchase tickets directly through your mobile phone. Registration is free and once registered, you can choose the 5/90 Ghana Plus lottery game and play directly from the comfort of your home.

There are many advantages this app brings closer to you amongst them:

  • An interactive and user-friendly interface
  • Compatibility across platforms, including iOS, Android, and Blackberry.
  • Amazingly fast response time
  • Detailed reports

When you register on this app, you get a 500 welcome bonus.

Responsible Gaming

5/90 Ghana Plus just like any lottery game must be played with caution. There are responsible gaming principles that players must prioritize in 5/90 Ghana plus. The first principle concerns the amount placed for betting. Every player must have a betting budget per day so that they can have a limit as to the much they can bet. In fact, it is advisable that you only bet what you can afford to lose.

Secondly, the time you spend betting also needs a check and control measure. 5/90 Ghana Plus being a lottery game should be played primarily for fun and should not be allowed to infringe on your personal and family life. Set aside specific times for which you play so that it doesn’t affect your productivity in other areas.

5/90 Ghana Plus Prize Breakdown

The contest consists of 90 balls which are numbered from 1 to 90. During the draw, the balls are placed in the draw machine for random selection. The entire drawing process is made as transparent as possible in the presence of an internal auditor, an external auditor, and an audience. The auto stirrer mechanism is used to randomly draw the balls from the machine. The first 5 balls to pop up are declared as the result numbers while the last 5 balls are referred to as the machine numbers.

If the balls you have selected are among those drawn, then you win a prize based on your combinations.

The draw for 5/90 Ghana Plus is held on a daily basis from 7.35 p.m. This means if you want to take part in a specific draw, you should buy your tickets early in advance before this time.

Claiming Your Prize

Once the draw is over, you can get the news of the winning numbers directly from your lottery agent where they run your ticket to verify whether you have won or you can check directly from the official Winlot website. If you play through the app, you should be able to get the results right on your phone.

When claiming your winning; the following considerations must be adhered to.

The winning ticket must bear the name of the game which in this case is 5/90 Ghana Plus, the date of the draw which should correspond with the date for which you are claiming the prize, and the numbers drawn. You should sign the ticket on the back so that you can make it truly yours. These tickets are bearer documents and if you do not sign it, somebody else may pick it in case of a loss and sign it. This entitles them the right to claim any prize attached to the ticket as if they were the original owners.

The numbers which are drawn must correspond with the numbers on your ticket or at least some of them for you to be a winner.

There are several areas you can claim your prize amongst them the Winlot office, any approved principal agents, and in the case of small amounts, you can directly visit sub-agents’ locations and get your money.

The payment partners include Visa, MasterCard, Interswitch, Verve, and Paga.

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