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Days Played Wednesday, Friday and Saturday
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UK’s Thunderball Summary

The UK’s Thunderball lottery provides the lottery players with one of the best enjoyments of winning a Jackpot in the lottery! In fact, it is one of the best lotteries where a player can win a prize up to £500,000 on a 1 pound lottery ticket cost.

The first Thunderball Lottery draw was held on 12th June, 1999. Now Thunderball draw takes place twice a week on every Wednesday, Friday & Saturday. Timings of draws are different on different days. On Wednesday & Friday the draw takes place at 22:35 hrs. On Saturday the Thunderball draw is televised from 19:30 hrs.

Every Thunderball draw is televised live on BBC One to ensure transparency of lottery draws. A player needs to match the five drawn numbers as well as the Thunderball numbers to win the Thunderball jackpot.
Thunderball makes use of what’s known as the dual matrix of 5 out of 39 and 1 out of 14 and a gamer has to have some luck in order to find all winning numbers.

All UK National Lotteries jackpots are paid out as tax-free income portions including the highest lottery jackpots in every of its major lotteries.

You’ve got to claim your jackpot prize up to 6 months of the draw occurring just before your entry turns into invalid.

These are excellent odds for the £500,000 lottery jackpot which generates several money winners each and every week.

So maybe this is your lucky day, take a chance you might become the new happy winner!

UK Thunderball Lottery Rules

Thunderball lottery requires a player to match five main numbers from 1-39 & one Thunderball number in order to win the Thunderball jackpot for an entry fee of just 1 pound per board. Prizes may also be won by just matching the main numbers. The draw of Thunderball takes place thrice every week on Wednesdays, Fridays & Saturdays. The draws are telecast live on BBC One just for the sake of players’ convenience & transparency.