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South Africa Powerball Lottery Site Name South Africa Powerball Lottery
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Promotion Buy 1 Get 1 Free
Days Played Tuesday and Friday
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South Africa Powerball Lottery Winners
South Africa Powerball Lottery

The South African Powerball is the biggest lottery game that is played in South Africa.  More and more things are possible today as a direct result of the Internet.  One such possibility is actually playing the South Africa Powerball game without actually visiting South Africa.  In fact, you can buy South Africa Powerball tickets right now, wherever you may be. Whether you are currently in the USA, Europe, the UK, Asia, or Australia – you can play South Africa’s Powerball online right now.  Playing this popular lottery game is as easy as clicking your mouse.  Drawings for the South Africa Powerball take place every Tuesday and Friday at 9.30pm and jackpots for this lottery game start at 30 million R and climb from there until they are hit.

South Africa Powerball Lottery Rules


To play the South Africa Powerball, set up an account with and choose five regular numbers and one Powerball number. The regular numbers run between one and forty-five, whilst the Powerball ranges from one to twenty. If all the numbers match, you are the Powerball jackpot winner! Find out what are the odds of winning South Africa Powerball Lottery.

South Africa Powerball Lottery Payment Options

Bank transfers and cheques, as well as popular credit cards carrying the AmEx, Diner’s Club, Maestro, Visa, or MasterCard logo are all welcome options to buy South Africa Powerball tickets.  You can also use other payment options which include MoneyBookers, GyroPay, and JCB to play Powerball in South Africa online.

South Africa Powerball Lottery Biggest Jackpot


With a record jackpot paying out over 91 million, the South Africa Powerball is the hottest lottery game to play from South Africa. Don’t forget to check the South Africa Powerball Lottery latest results.

Feel the power and bring the luck right now!