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Super Szansa Results

Super Szansa Review

Super Szansa Review

Super Szansa is an additional 7-digit number that you voluntarily select when purchasing any of the main lotto games including Ekstra Pensja, Lotto, Multi Multi, and Mini Lotto. The numbers range from 0000000 to 9999999. The cost per Super Szansa is 2 zl.

How to Play Super Szansa

The first instance is to decide which game you want to play.

Playing through the Lotto

The Lotto gives you an opportunity to become a millionaire every week. It goes without saying that the Lotto is amongst the popular random number games in Poland. A single bet of the Lotto costs 3 zl and the minimum jackpot is 2 million zl. First, you have to choose 6 out of the 49 numbers on the playslip either manually or through Quick Pick. When you buy Lotto, you can ask for a Super Szansa at a cost of 2 zl making the total 5 zl. Following the draw, you can check if your numbers have won.

Playing through Ekstra Pensja

Here, you have an opportunity to win 5, 000 zl every month for the next 20 years. Simply visit an authorized retailer and ask for the Ekstra Pensja playslip. On the playslip, you are supposed to select 5 numbers from a total of 35 numbers and then another number from a group of 4 numbers. You can decide to pick the numbers yourself or ask the retailer for Quick Pick where the terminal generates the random numbers for you.

When playing, you can decide to play for up to 50,000 zl per month for 20 years or increase the odds by multiples of 2,3,4,5 or 10. The cost per play here is 5 zl. Once you play the main game, you can based on your preference activate the Super Szansa for an extra 2 zl and a chance to win one million zl. This game allows you to play up to 8 consecutive draws.

Playing through Multi Multi

This gives you a choice on the way you want to win. In Multi Multi, the draw consists of 20 out of 80 numbers. However, you can bet 1 to 10 numbers and your wins are determined by how many of the numbers you choose correctly. If you hit 10 out of 10 numbers, you will get the amount shown on the table in addition to accumulative bonus.

The choice when playing Multi Multi is at the rate you want. Single player games will cost you 2.50 zl. To activate the Super Szansa, pay an extra 2 zl. The draws are held twice daily, one at 1400 hrs. and the other at 2140 hrs. The maximum number of consecutive draws is 28.

Playing through Mini Lotto

In this game, you can win a few hundred thousand dollars. You simply ask the seller about Mini Lotto and you will be given a playslip where you select 5 out of 42 numbers. If you want, you can then go ahead and activate the Super Szansa for 2 zl for a chance to win 2 million. In the Mini Lotto, you can play for up to 10 consecutive draws. The draws take place daily one at 4 p.m. and the other one at 9.40 p.m. This means if you want to buy tickets, you have the window from 6:30 to 23:54. The break between is as from 21:30 to 21:50.

Playing through Kaskada

The cost per ticket playing Kaskada is 2 zl and you can win anything up to 250,000 zl. The winning numbers consist of two sets of 12 numbers drawn from 1 to 24. However, you can also include the Super Szansa on top for a chance to win up to 2 million. Simply ask the retailer for Super Szansa as you buy your Kaskada ticket. The draws for Kaskada are held every day from Monday to Sunday starting at 1400 hrs. and are broadcast live.

Once you buy your coupon, keep it because this the proof of your participation.

Claiming Your Prize

If your wins are less than 2280 zl, you can collect them directly at any of the Lotto points near you. Any win from 2280 zl going upwards can be collected from the Totalizator branch locations spread around the country. Remember to carry your coupon as evidence of your participation as well as your identification to prove that indeed you are the same person making the claim.

Remember, you cannot activate the Super Szansa coupon after you play the main game. You have to tell the dealer right at the time of purchase that you intend to purchase Super Szansa. Also, it should be noted that you cannot only play Super Szansa in isolation.

The Odds of Winning Super Szansa

The draw for Super Szansa takes place on the same day and time as that of the main game you have chosen. When the draw takes place, it is upon you to check how many of your consecutive numbers have succeeded and the size of your win. There are lots of places you can check this including the Lotto sales office, the official Lotto website, the Lotto studios at TVP Infor or using the m.lotto mobile application.

Assuming the Super Szansa number on your coupon is 2,5,7,3,5,6,6 and the randomly drawn numbers is 4,7,7,3,5,6,6, then it means that you have consecutively matched 5 of the numbers and this gives you 10,000 zl.

Play Again

If you want to give your numbers another chance, you can decide to play again. What you need to do is to give the seller your old coupon and then ask for a replay. The seller will give you a new coupon, but it will be identical to the previous one with the same main game, the same numbers, and the same number of draws. The play again option cannot be used for vouchers which are older than 90 days.

The winning levels in the game are seven. This means chances of you missing out completely are rare. The counting starts from the right end and moves towards the left.

  • If you match all the 7 randomly drawn numbers, you win 2 million zl. The odds for this are 1:10 million
  • If you match 6 numbers, counting from the right, you win 100,000 zl. The odds are 1:1,111,111
  • Matching 5 consecutive numbers gives you 10,000 zl. The odds are 1:111,111
  • When you match 4 numbers, you get 1,000 zl. The odds are 1:11,111
  • Matching 3 numbers gives you 100 zl. The odds here are 1:1,111
  • Matching 2 numbers wins you 10 zl. The odds are 1:111
  • Lastly, matching the last digit only wins you 2 zl which is equivalent to your cost of playing. The odds here are 1:11

The Super Szansa draws are held twice daily running through the 7 days in a week. You will get your results immediately the draws are concluded shortly after 1400 hrs. and 2140 hrs. You can get the results on the official website or at the Lotto studio on TVP Infor. If you can, you may visit your nearest Lotto point and check out your winnings.