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South African National Lottery Numbers

South African National Lottery Review

Nothing Beats The South African National Lottery


Alright, so you must be thinking, where is the South African National Lottery history? Well, unfortunately, I don’t have access to the entire history, but I do have access to the South African National Lottery games, and trust me, they’re worth the play! According to some of my South African pals, the South African National Lottery has a rich and interesting history and it was launched in 1998 by Late President Nelson Mandela. So without much further ado, let’s take a look at some of the exciting and thrilling games that the South African National Lottery has to offer!

The South African National Lottery Games


As mentioned previously, the South African National Lottery has a lot of exciting and thrilling games to offer to its avid lottery lovers and so we’re going to look at a few and read what they’re all about:


A lottery player who wants to play the South Africa Lotto has to select at least 6 numbers from a field of 49 numbers. The lottery player becomes a winner of a lottery jackpot only when all the 6 numbers match those that are drawn. Draws are conducted twice a week every Wednesday and Saturday. You can add Lotto Plus to this game and gain more chances of winning a fortune!


From a field of 45 numbers, a lottery player needs to select 5 numbers and 1 number from a different field of 20 numbers. In order to win the jackpot, the player must have matched all the 6 numbers. The South Africa Powerball draws are held twice a week every Tuesday and Friday.

Apart from these two popular games, the South African National Lottery also offers SportStake – a game in which you predict the outcome of several football games and Wina Manje – a myriad of scratch lottery games for its avid lottery fans.

The South African National Lottery and Responsible Gambling


The South African National Lottery is strongly committed to making sure that there’s a balance between profitability and social responsibility. They make sure that their lottery players are playing responsibly by alerting them in any way possible. In order to promote the safe use of their products, the South African National Lottery has introduced a number of effective and efficient initiatives to promote responsible gambling. They have also designed special code of practice which outlines their guidelines and how important responsible gaming is to them and the overall society.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your ticket to South Africa and go play at the South African National Lottery, odds are you’ll be back a millionaire!

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