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The Lithuania Lottery – All Raise to the Magnificent Game!


Before we delve into details, let’s know that the organization that operates all lottery games available in Lithuania is known as Olifeja, a company established on the 12th of December 1992. Much like other countries, the most famous lottery game provided in Lithuania by Olifeja is EuroJackpot, the multi-national lottery game that was introduced by Perlas (Olifeja’s website) on the 26th January 2013. In less than a week, on the 1st of February 2013, came the first draw of the EuroJackpot that included Lithuania lottery players!

The second most popular game provided by the Lithuania Lottery to its avid lottery players is definitely the Viking Loto! Now, Viking Loto is the world’s 1st multi-national lottery, which began in the year 1993, but it was only in February of 2012 that it was introduced to Lithuania lottery players by the Lithuania Lottery. It was on the 17th of May 2011 when Lithuania saw its biggest lottery win when a family from Panevėžys won a staggering amount of LTL 5.5 million! Apart from the EuroJackpot and the Viking Loto, another popular game is the Tele Loto, which is a lottery game played on the television and is broadcasted every Sunday evening.

The Tele Loto paved way for its biggest win on the 11th January 1998 when a lucky player from Utena won a whopping amount of LTL 1,863,067! Talking about Keno Loto, an in-house lottery game provided by the Lithuania Lottery, is drawn six days a week from Monday to Saturday. Coming to JEGA 2, this game is a Lithuania-only that applies the matrix of 6/30 and is played by trying to correctly match the 6 numbers that a player chooses from 30 numbers. JEGA 2 is drawn six days a week, from Monday to Saturday and the results are broadcasted on the national television. Apart from these games you will also find scratch cards known as Momentine Loterijos and Telephone Lottery known as Telefoninė Loterija.

From the Lithuania Lottery website, you can know the lottery statistics and even see who won the lottery recently! They have a comprehensive data of winners for all their lottery games so if you want to find out who won on a certain date, all you have to do is check the news archive, select the year, month and finally the date to see what you’re looking for. Winning number statistics are also given on their website along with lucky numbers and the possibility of buying lottery tickets online! So what are you waiting for? Next time you’re in Lithuania, don’t forget to play their super exciting lotteries!

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