The Iceland Lottery Review – What it’s all about


It was on a warm sunny Saturday, on the 19th of April 1952 when the Iceland Lottery operations began to function. At first, the only available games were the Danish and Swedish football, but as years passed, English football become more and more popular. Then in 1993, they introduced Europe as the Primera Liga, Italian, German and English league. In 1995 various other sports including handball, basketball, gold, racing, bowling, boxing and ice hockey, among others, were introduced. According to their site, “profits from the operation of this sweepstakes game run sports and youth in the country.”

The Iceland Lottery Promotes Fair Play


According to the rules and regulations of the Iceland lottery, only players who are 18 years and over can play the games online. A limit amount of kr. 90.000 has been placed on players per day for the guesses and quiz games. Also, if you have a play account, you cannot own more than kr. 100,000. Prize money in excess of the said amount is transferred to the credit card connected to the player’s account. If players decide to take a break from playing with the Iceland lottery, they have up to 6 months to remain inactive. Per day a customer can buy sweepstakes for a limit of kr. 12,000. And finally, players who win big prizes will be offered financial advice.

Iceland Lottery Games – A Brief Overview


The most popular game offered by the Iceland lottery is definitely the Viking Lotto, and unbelievably, the jackpots have reached as high as €25 million! Following the Viking Lotto, we have the EuroJackpot, a game that was launched on the 23rd of March 2012, is drawn once a week every Friday. With jackpots starting at €10 million, these jackpots can reach a whopping €90 million if there are a few rollovers. Apart from these two, the other lottery games include the Iceland Lotto, the main game that’s been in operation since 1986, the Lotto 5/40, Joker – an add on to either the Viking Lotto or the Iceland Lotto, the Icelandic Football called the Enski Boltinn and the European Football called the Evropu Boltinn.

So next time you’re in Iceland, don’t forget to check out their lottery games and who know, maybe if you’re in luck, you might just come home with a massive jackpot rollover!

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