Health Lottery Review

The Health Lottery is a United Kingdom-based lottery game, fully licensed and regulated by the Gambling Commission. It comprises 12 local society lotteries with each representing local authority areas within Great Britain. Apart from the primary objective of giving people an opportunity to play and win lots of prizes, the local society lotteries are driven by a much bigger agenda of raising money for noble causes in the areas they cover.

Each of the local societies takes turns to participate in the draw so that the money raised can be distributed equitably across England, Scotland and Wales. There is a schedule that shows the details of when each local society lottery has its turn at the draw.

The 12 society lotteries are as follows:

  • Health Lottery East
  • Health Lottery East Midlands
  • Health Lottery London East
  • Health Lottery London West
  • Health Lottery North East & Cumbria
  • Health Lottery North West
  • Health Lottery Scotland
  • Health Lottery South East
  • Health Lottery South West
  • Health Lottery Wales
  • Health Lottery West Midlands
  • Health Lottery Yorkshire & Humber

How to Play and Win the Health Lottery

Playing the Health Lottery is very simple. Knowing the right steps on how to participate, can enhance your chances of winning leave alone enjoying playing the lottery. Here’s all you need to know about playing the Health Lottery.

Playing Online and at Retail Stores

The Health Lottery gives you two platforms you can play at Online and Offline through retail stores. Spread throughout the United Kingdom, that is Scotland, Wales and Britain, Health Lottery has over 32,000 retail outlets, and the number keeps on growing.  This means wherever you are, you can pop into a retail outlet and buy your tickets.

Alternatively, you can participate in the Health Lottery through a web-based online platform or the health lottery application. This is particularly interesting because without moving an inch, at the comfort of your living room, you can buy tickets and enter the Health Lottery draw.  The good thing about it is that you do not need to be tech-savvy to do this. The interface is very simple and straightforward to maneuver.

If you want to save yourself the legwork and back and forth of logging online or visiting Health Lottery retail outlets to buys tickets for every upcoming draw, you can buy tickets in advance.  The Health Lottery allows players to purchase tickets up to 5 weeks in advance.

Choosing Your Health Lottery Numbers and the Cost per Play

Health Lottery is far much affordable to play compared to other lotteries across Europe. With just £1 you can take chances at a line of play. Depending on the outcome, this could win you massive Health Lottery prizes, and who knows, the jackpot could be all yours!

For every play, there is an array of numbers starting from 1 to 50. Out of these numbers, you are to choose 5 numbers in whichever order you prefer. The 5 numbers constitute a single play. The selection of numbers can be through manual picking or Quick Pick.

Manual Picking – Here, the player chooses the numbers himself using any criterion he so wishes. It could be a birth date, graduation date, wedding anniversary or any inspirational day or formula. The clerk at the retail outlet will give you a Health Lottery playing slip which has several panels, each having 1 to 50 numbers. Pick your numbers by crossing them with a pen which should not be a red pen. In case you make an error, there is a void checkbox at the bottom that you can tick and void the entire panel. Do not erase erroneous marks; they will destroy your play, just void the panel.

Quick Pick – This is the other system of choosing your lucky numbers.  You simply ask the clerk at the retail outlet to generate the numbers for you through Quick Pick. Primarily, a machine randomly generates the numbers for you thus saving you the anxiety, indecisiveness and certainly the time you would have spent picking the numbers.

Ticketing and Confirmations

Once you choose your numbers or have them randomly generated for you, you can proceed to pay the requisite amount based on the number of plays. Remember the cost per play is £ 1. You will be issued with a ticket. Ensure you check that the ticket has captured the numbers just in the same way you picked them on the play slip. Also, check the number of advance draws for accuracy. Once this is done, you are officially in the Health Lottery draw!

Health Lottery tickets are bearer documents. This means that anyone picking them up when lost them can present them for payment without being questioned as to their ownership. It is therefore essential that your ticket is tucked away safely and kept in good condition. When the time of the draw comes, pick it up and confirm the winning numbers announced versus what you selected.

Playing the Mega Raffle

Health Lottery is designed such that for every play you participate in a given month, you are automatically entered for that month’s draw. For instance, purchasing a line for April qualifies you for an entry into the Mega Raffle draw which takes place at the beginning of the following month, in this case, May 1. Advance draws also qualify you for Mega Raffle entries on an entry-per-play basis.

The Mega Raffle tickets are assigned codes based on two factors: the platform used to purchase the Health Lottery ticket (Online or from a store) and the payment terminal the store uses to process the entry. Typical code formats for Mega Raffle are IW, IM, SD, EH, PH, PZ or PO. Irrespective of the format, all the Mega Raffle entries are eligible in the appropriate draws.

Health Lottery Prize Breakdown

Health Lottery draws conducted every week and results published on the results portal on the main Health Lottery website.  You can look around for results of previous Health Lottery raffles as well in case you want an idea of the winning numbers for your combinations and inspirations.You can also check on the following dailies that publish Health Lottery results, Star, Express, Sun, and Mirror newspapers. If you visit any retailer, you can also see the results pinned at the premises. Other ways of knowing draw results are through the official Health Lottery UK Twitter and Facebook pages. Call verifications can be done through the helpline 0844-375 55 55 with calls charged at 7p per minute over and above your telephone provider’s access charge.

The following is the Health Lottery results prize breakdown.

  • If you match all the 5 numbers, you win a guaranteed minimum of £25,000 or 10% of the sales for the draw whichever is higher.
  • If you match 4 numbers and the bonus ball, you win £10,000
  • If you match the 4 numbers without the bonus ball, you win £250
  • If you match 3 of the numbers drawn and the bonus ball, you win £50
  • Matching only 3 numbers without the bonus ball, you win £10
  • Matching 2 numbers and the bonus ball wins you £5
  • If you match just two of the drawn numbers, you win yourself a free ticket
  • In the same vein, if you match 1 number and the bonus ball, you also win a free ticket.

The free tickets you win also entitled to the monthly Mega Raffle that gives you a chance to win £250,000.

Claiming Your Health Lottery Prize

If you play online or the through the Health Lottery app and win any amount up to £2,000, your winnings will be deposited into your online account and can withdraw the funds at any time. If your winnings exceed £2,000, you should get in touch with the Health Lottery official support desk through the 0844 375 55 55 helplines. You will be instructed on how to collect your Health Lottery check.

If you play through retail outlets, you’ll need your ticket to claim your winnings. Winnings of up to £50 can be claimed from any of the 32,000 retail stores on the Health Lottery network. Winnings that are greater than £50 but not exceeding £250 can be collected from any participating Post Office. If you are lucky to win a prize higher than £250, you will have to call the Helpline on 0844 375 55 55 for further directions on how to access your winnings.

To play Health Lottery, you must be 16 years and over. The Health Lottery encourages responsible play where players are motivated by the flavor of the game and bet what they can afford without breaking into their investment nests.

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