Luck, Strategy or Both – Here’s How They’ve Managed to Win Big from the Lottery

Is Lottery Luck, Strategy or Both?

Is winning the lottery strategic or based on pure luck? That is the question! So many mathematicians, statisticians, and everyday lotto enthusiasts have tried to find the answer. Their conclusions, however, are somewhat contradictory.

If we take a look at some of the most prominent and some of the most incredible lottery wins, we will have to blame luck for them.

In some instances, however, lottery aficionados have been working hard on the development of their bulletproof strategy, and they’ve been successful.

Because it’s almost impossible to conclude what works, we’ll take a look at some exciting lottery lucky winners to examine how their award came to be and whether it was based on luck or something else.

Incredibly Lucky Winners – Beating the Odds in Unimaginable Ways

There are circumstances and events in lottery history that appear stranger than fiction.

These are the stories telling us luck can be an incredible thing.

The story of the man who got lucky to win a million dollars from the lottery twice is definite proof of lottery luck at its finest.

Rolf Rhodes made headlines for the first time when he got lucky from an instant Massachusetts game in May 2018. Slightly over one year later, Rolf got lucky again and won the same amount, resulting in cumulative lottery prizes of two million dollars.

The second time around, Rolf won from the $4.000.000 Instant Jackpot game.

He beat massive odds of one in 1.68 million the second time around. If we were to look at the cumulative odds of Rolf winning twice, we’d find out that he beat impossible statistical possibilities. The truth of the matter is, however, that lightning does strike twice, and the same applies to the lottery jackpot.

In October 2019, a bartender’s story provided yet more evidence of fate or luck in lottery winning. The hard-working man from Missouri received a lottery ticket instead of a tip. Little did he know that the offering would change his life around.

Taylor Russey had been working at Bleacher’s Bar for some time, and he didn’t get surprised by the unusual tip. It was provided by one of the venue’s regulars who often gifted staff members with lottery tickets.

Taylor’s ticket turned out to carry a 50,000-dollar prize.  We wonder what the man who handed the winning ticket as a tip felt about the whole thing after the name of the winner became clear.

These are just two incredible stories of a tiny bit of luck transforming someone’s life forever.

Digging deeper, we have discovered even more incredible and touching stories.

Ronnie Foster’s story is one that’s particularly moving and inspiring.

In October 2019, Ronnie was on his way to the last chemotherapy treatment for colon cancer. Before reaching the hospital, he made a brief stop and bought a scratch-off ticket for a North Carolina instant game. The ticket carried a five-dollar price that Ronnie used to buy two more scratch-off tickets.

The first ticket didn’t carry any winnings, but the second one made Ronnie 200,000-dollar-richer.

Since the day marked the end of Ronnie’s treatment and his big lottery win, it started a brand new life for him. We wish Ronnie well and hope that he gets to enjoy his lottery cash in the best way possible.

Can Smart Strategy Beat Pure Luck?

While these stories are tremendously inspiring, most of us know that we’ll never beat the impossible odds and get lucky. Lottery luck does play a significant role in the whole thing, but is there anything beyond fate, anything we can control to improve those astronomical odds?

There are many strategies out there – lottery wheels, hot and cot numbers, and even predictive software products.

Unfortunately, most of these tools can make just one person richer – the creator of the respective strategy or software product.

So many people brag and claim that they’ve cracked the lottery code. If this were the case, however, the number of lottery millionaires would be much higher.

The odds of winning Mega Millions, for example, are one in 302,575,350. Thus, even if you manage to eliminate some numbers or combinations following one set of logic or another, you will still be facing nearly impossible statistical chances of claiming the jackpot.

If you ask experts about what it takes to improve your chances of winning, you’ll receive several straightforward and logical suggestions.

The first one would be to play the right lotteries. Daily and local games tend to be characterized by much better odds than some of the biggest international lotteries. If you want to improve your odds of winning strategically, you should opt for games that feature better odds. This approach doesn’t guarantee a prize. It, however, makes receiving an award much more likely.

The second chance games, bonus-, and add-on games also improve the statistical odds of winning a prize. Luck in lottery often comes in the form of additional drawings, special multipliers, and other bonuses that provide more prizes on top of the main tiers.

A final approach that mathematicians approve is playing the same numbers time and time again.

There’s always some strategy involved in choosing lottery numbers. Some people opt for lucky dates like birthdays and anniversaries. Others select a ticket that has randomly generated numerical combinations. Beating the odds, however, becomes more likely if you stick to the same set of numbers for each drawing.

To each their own, however. Lottery luck stories show that people who bought a ticket on a whim and without a strategy won (while those trying to beat the lottery are still attempting to do that very same thing).

A final thing to remember is that to win; you have to play.

There’s no chance of beating the lottery if you don’t buy a ticket. While getting a ticket for every single drawing may not be feasible, sticking to some schedule could eventually pay off for you. There’s no need to buy multiple tickets with different combinations, but good things come only to those who are open enough to embrace the opportunities.

The lottery is meant to be fun, a little opportunity to test your luck, and even win a bit of cash along the way. Don’t forget this essential aspect of playing and be responsible. It only takes one ticket to turn your life around. Pushing too hard and spending too much is not the way to change your life for the better.

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