Is Lottery a Strategic Method or Pure Luck? Here’s a Lottery Battle between Luck and Strategy!

Is Lottery a Strategic Method or Pure Luck?

A lot of people think they need to be lucky to win the lottery jackpot, for them luck doesn’t just stick around – for them, sometimes you’re lucky sometimes you’re not. They keep playing hoping that someday, maybe someday, their luck will bear the fruits of patience and heavy rain of money will come down pouring on them. Based on this feeling, they place bets on different games of luck, but what’s better than playing the lottery? Everywhere in the world, wherever you go, you won’t find a single person who doesn’t know what a lottery is or one who doesn’t want to win a fortune through a lottery.

The Odds of Successful Lottery Betting

Almost every adult on this planet has played this amazing game of strategy at least once in their lifetime. Now when coming to lotteries, the game is pretty simple because all you have to do is select a few numbers from a list and keep your fingers crossed, hoping that you will be the next lottery jackpot winner! Every week the state lottery holds lottery events and announces the winners as they come by. The tough part about the lottery is, of course, winning it –this happens rarely, maybe once or twice in a year in every country or state. Now on the internet, you will find lots of articles, books, guides and professional advice about how to win the lottery with winning lottery strategies. These books are supposedly written by people with a statistic filled the mind, one who knows the ins and outs of probability, one who knows the risks of playing the lottery. But the truth is that the odds and strategies mentioned in the books are not even remotely close to what really happens in the state lottery!

In the state lottery, every ticket that is purchased and played is fed through a computer which then keeps track of all marked numbers for everyone who has placed a bet. The reason for feeding the ticket through a computer is so that the people working for the lottery know every combination that has been played by people. Take an example of a small country that has a population of around a few million people. Apart from young citizens, there may be a few million that play the lottery on a frequent basis. According to some the odds of betting on winning numbers to be a lottery jackpot millionaire depends on luck. But for some, luck doesn’t have any significance in winning the lottery – a person should be great with numbers, probabilities, and statistics in order to pick the winning numbers. In either case, aiming for the lottery jackpot is an extremely difficult task; although you have to do nothing more than choosing your numbers, waiting gets the best of everyone!

With the help of probabilities, you would be able to pick different combinations of numbers, in order to get increase the odds of winning the lottery. However, some people continue to pick their favorite numbers, their birthdates, their wife’s birthdate, their first dates and so on and so forth, hoping that they will get lucky, as lucky as they were on their selected dates! But why do you think they stick to their lucky numbers? There are two reasons for this: they believe in their numbers and don’t want to change, or they don’t want to feel defeated if their strategy and probability don’t work out. Moreover, lottery tickets are so cheap that a person can buy more than two tickets at a time; gaining an edge over others who don’t or can’t buy multiple lottery tickets at a go.

Lottery, like celebrities, has a huge, huge amount of fans, all catering to the increase in the number of sales of lottery tickets worldwide. Therefore, no matter what the economic condition is of the world, the lottery will remain unharmed; it has millions and billions of people addicted to it! Moreover, in order to win a small prize, all you need to match three of the wagered numbers, and if the Lady Luck is by your side then you might just win and finally hit the royal jackpot! Simply put, the more numbers you match, the luckier you get and the richer you become. Lottery addiction is dangerously simple – all you need is a small win – a small win is usually enough to make you play again. It starts slowly, but then slowly grows with time.

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