Lottery Affirmations: Can the Power of Positive Thoughts Make You Rich?

Lottery Affirmations

How many of us can honestly say that we believe we’ll win the lottery? We think we have a small chance every time we put a ticket on, but the reality is that we may never win, or if we do it’ll only be a very small amount. Can the power of positive thought lend a hand and lead you on the road to riches? Here we explore the idea of lottery affirmations and how they could work for you in your quest to win big.

Winning the Lottery

We’re all familiar with the saying “Money is the root of all evil” and some people believe that winning the lottery just simply isn’t possible, and if it is – it will only bring bad luck and upset. There are, of course, many tales of people who win huge amounts of money but find it doesn’t bring them any joy at all. So, therefore, when people buy a ticket or play a game online there is a sense of “If I win, I’ll see it when I believe it” which is an immediate negative thought. We’re ostensibly doing something positive (playing the lottery to win), but placing a negative value on the outcome before the draw has even taken place (well, if I win, it’ll be a miracle!)

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Positive lottery affirmations are an effective and powerful tool to change our mindset and the way we think. If we think more positively, it’ll change our lives for the better and therefore change our life for the better. Affirmations for lottery winnings are the same as affirmations for other key areas of your life. The simple key with positive lottery affirmations is to place them in the present tense.

How to Use Positive Lottery Affirmations?

It’s important to be positive and think in the present tense, as we’ve already mentioned. Any affirmation you choose should be repeated twice a day and over a time period of at least 10 minutes. The best time to practice is when it is quiet, so perhaps before you get up in the morning, or go to bed at night.

You can be as creative as you like, and it’s also recommended you use visualization to help you on your way.

Think about how you would spend your money if you won. The places you’ll go, the people you’d treat. If you want to buy a new car, think about the color, the interior, and how the engine might sound as it revs. Think about how you’ll feel with the cheque in your hand, and think about how many other people’s lives you could change with the money you win.

We’ll discuss some phrases and sayings you can use later on, to help you on your way.

How Do Lottery Affirmations Work?

Lottery affirmations are based partly on the laws of desire. You dream of winning a lot of money and of all the good things you could do with it, and thus it becomes something you really want.

A positive lottery affirmation isn’t simply about imagining what you want and then finding it automatically drops into your lap, it’s genuinely about how you connect your mental, emotional, and spiritual energy with the rest of the universe.

To make sure you use lottery affirmations properly, you have to use the right thoughts, phrases, and images and send out a strong signal to the universe. If everything is in alignment you’ll achieve your desires.

Lottery Affirmation Phrases

If your desire to succeed is strong, then try employing your chosen mental images alongside these positive phrases at the time of your choosing. Remember, it must be a quiet, peaceful time of day with no distractions.

It’s advisable to try and read through this list and pick out ten or fifteen phrases that appeal to you the most. Use these regularly in your meditations.

Lottery Affirmations, Sayings, and Phrases to Try

Believe You’ll Win:

  • It is my destiny to win the lottery
  • I desire to win the lottery.
  • I am sure about winning the lottery.
  • It is my destiny to win millions of dollars in the lottery.
  • I am empowered to win the lottery.

Believe in Your Luck:

  • I have the belief and luck to consistently win when I play the lottery.
  • I am destined to win huge amounts of money in the lottery.
  • I am now manifesting a big lottery win.
  • My mind is perfectly tuned in to picking winning lottery numbers.
  • I am deeply connected to the universal force of luck.

Know in Your Mind That You Can Do It:

  • I am destined to be a lottery winner and know I will win.
  • I deserve to win big in the lottery.
  • I take charge of my thoughts and feelings and will attract good fortune whenever I play a lottery game.

Know That You Can Pick the Winning Numbers if You Try:

  • Winning the jackpot is something that will happen to me naturally.
  • Picking winning numbers will come easily to me when I try.
  • Others see me as a person who will win the lottery.

Tell the Universe You Will Take Good Care of the People You Love:

  • I will look after my family and friends with the money I win in the lottery.
  • I strongly believe that I can win the lottery when I play it.
  • My mind is connected with the positive power of luck.

Visualize Your Thoughts and Tell the Universe What You’re Thinking:

  • I now attract the winning lottery numbers.
  • I am visualizing attracting a big lottery win.
  • I will play and win the lottery regularly.
  • I always pick winning numbers with ease.
  • I strongly believe that I will win the lottery.
  • My belief in a big amount lottery win is getting stronger every time I play.
  • I naturally attract luck and win the lottery.

Imagine That You’re a Lucky Person:

  • I am naturally lucky, I attract money and win the lottery.
  • I am extremely lucky in matters of money and winning the lottery.
  • I find it easy to visualize myself winning large amounts of lottery money.
  • I am always lucky in winning money in the lottery.

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