Hot Spot Lotto Review

Hot Spot is a keno game offered by the California Lottery. It is played each day from 6.00 a.m. to 2 a.m. with draws happening every 4 minutes. As a player, you can bet anything between $1 and $20 for every game. Just like it is in the conventional keno, players have a range of 1 to 8 numbers from which they are to pick 1 to 10 numbers. The lottery then picks 20 numbers from the same pool of numbers and the more numbers the player has that match the numbers picked, the more he wins.

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The prizes for Hot Spot are pari-mutuel. The lottery takes 37% of the total money bet and returns the rest 63% to be distributed among the winners. This means California Lottery doesn’t have a fixed pay table on how much a person can win, but rather it depends on the number of winners at any one given time that has to share the prize. Any prizes not won are rolled over to the next draw.

How to Play Hot Spot

Hot Spot is relatively easy to play and the steps are clear. The first step is to find an accredited Hot Spot retailer near you which could mean closer to your coffee shop, workplace, or home. California Lottery has lots of retail locations and as such you will never miss a place near you to participate in this exciting game.

The second step is to pick your set of numbers also referred to as the Spot that you want to play in each draw. You can play as few as one spot and as many as ten. After picking your spot, you should now choose your numbers from a pool of 1 to 80. If you don’t want to manually do so, you can choose the Quick Pick system which randomly generates numbers for you.

The numbers you pick must correspond to the spots that you have selected. For instance, if you pick three spots, then you can choose only three numbers. Hot Spot also gives you an opportunity to enter in advance draws in a single slip. You can be entered for 1-5, 10, 20, 50, or even 100 advanced draw games.

If you want to win a much bigger prize, you should choose Bulls-eye. For you to play Bulls-eye, you must first buy a Hot Spot ticket and then wager at least $2. The amount that you choose to wager for the Bulls-eye should be the same as that of the Hot Spot. This means if you have $4, you should play $2 on Hot Spot and the remaining $2 on Bulls-eye. It is a 50-50 game. Important to note is that in Bulls-eye, you don’t have to pick any extra number.

When marking the play slip, it is advisable that you use black or blue ink and not any other color. In the event, you make a mistake during the marking, request another play slip instead of canceling and erasing the existing one. This ensures accuracy.

Make a decision on the amount you want to wager per draw which could be between $1 and $5 or $10 and $20 together with the consecutive draws. After filling in the play slip, give it to your store clerk together with the respective payment. You will then be given a Hot Spot ticket which doubles up as your receipt.

Confirm the details captured on your receipt and any discrepancies in draw dates, number selection, or any other thing should be reported immediately to the clerk for changes to be effected.

The Odds of Winning Hot Spot

The drawings for Hot Spot are conducted every 4 minutes all the way from 6 a.m. to 2 a.m. In order to win; the numbers you have selected should match those picked during the draw. You should be persistent in playing your lucky numbers because you never know; you could be the next winner. Below are the odds for both Hot Spot and Bulls-eye.

  • The overall odds for winning 10 Spot Hot Spot wager only is 1:9.1 while that of Hot Spot and Bulls-eye wager is 1:8.0.
  • For the 9 Spot, the overall odds of winning are 1:9.7 for the Hot Spot wager only and 1:8.9 for the Hot Spot and Bulls-eye wager.
  • For the 8 Spot, the overall odds are 1:10 for the Hot Spot and Bulls-eye wager while for the Hot Spot wager only; the odds are in 1:9.2.
  • The 7 Spot has 1:4.2 odds for the Hot Spot wager only and 1:11.4 for the Hot Spot and Bulls-eye wager.
  • The overall odds are 1:6.2 for the 6 Spot Hot Spot wager and 1:13.3 for the Hot Spot and Bulls-eye wager.
  • In the 5 Spot, the overall odds are 1:6.2 for the Hot Spot wager only and 1:16 for the Hot Spot and Bulls-eye wager.
  • The 4 Spot Hot Spot wager only has overall odds of 1:3.9 and odds 1:20 for the Hot Spot and Bulls-eye wager.
  • The 3 Spot which is the third last has overall odds of 1:6.6 and 1:26.7 for the Hot Spot wager only and Hot Spot and Bulls-eye respectively.
  • The 2 Spot Hot Spot and Bulls-eye wager has overall odds of 1:40 while the Hot Spot only has odds of 1:16.6.
  • The 1 Spot Hot Spot only wager has overall odds of 1:4 while the Hot Spot and Bulls-eye wager has odds of 1:80.

Hot Spot Prize Breakdown

You can confirm whether you have won on the official California Lottery website by entering your draw number or simply selecting the date to view the results. Alternatively, you can check the Hot Spot monitor which usually displays the winning amount for both the Hot Spot only wager as well as the Hot Spot and Bulls-eye wager. At the retail store, you can also present your ticket for scanning to confirm your winnings.

If your winnings are $599 and below, you have two options to claim your prize; the first option is to present your winning ticket to an authorized California Lottery retailer near you and you will be given cash in return. The second option is to download a claim form filling the details and then mail it together with the winning ticket to the following address:

California Lottery,

730 North 10th Street,

Sacramental, CA 95811.

Attn: Prize Payments

Winnings of $600 and above can be claimed by downloading and filling in the claim form, then taking it together with your winning ticket to your nearest Lottery District Office. Alternatively, you can mail the claim form together with the winning ticket to the same address as above.

Caution: California Lottery is not responsible for any tickets mails or claim forms that are lost, late, damaged, misaddressed, incomplete, or ineligible. It is therefore important to protect your prize by keeping a clear copy of your winning ticket as well as your claim form. Always remember to sign your ticket at the back. People who are under 18 years of age are not allowed to take part in this lottery and therefore cannot submit their claim for a prize.

Every transaction done with California Lottery is subject to the California state lottery rules and regulations as well as California state law.

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