Can Lottery Software Really Help You to Win Big?

Can Lottery Software Really Help You to Win Big?

In a quest to win the lottery, there are lots of different methods people will try in order to win big, whether it’s using special sets of numbers or consulting horoscopes. We live in a very digital age and as such it was only a matter of time before lottery software was developed to help people win money. Does it work? Can lottery software really help you to win big? We investigate.

Lottery Software

As with anything in the technology arena there may be

genuine software that works, but there are also a lot of scammers out there who will prey on innocent people to make money.

In reality is there really such a thing as a lottery system that works?

A trawl through the search engines will give throw any number of lottery game software programs at you, all of which claim to earn you a lot of money. It’s impossible to have so many lots of lottery software, but then so few stories from people who have used them and won.

Alarm bells should ring now! Most of these systems don’t work and their creators are basically scamming innocent players who think they’re onto a good thing. The only people making money are the scammers themselves. Therefore, it’s safe to assume that most lottery system software developers are making money pedalling products that don’t work!

Lottery odds are so low for a reason. Software for the most part, won’t be able to cheat them!

Lottery probability

The probability of winning a Powerball game in the USA stands at 1 in 195,249,045.

If you want to win, you need to have a tried and tested formula – so for instance, using the same numbers over and over again. Software programs that are allegedly specially developed can’t do that for you. Computers are no more psychic than a mug of tea!

Some systems like Lotto Black Book system, Silver Lotto system, and the Formula 1 Lotto system have been around for many years and are well known. People will rely on these despite their being no evidence to suggest anyone has won big money from them, let alone the people who developed the software in the first place!

False advertising

False advertisements for these products are one reason they continue to be sold and people still buy into them. Many websites show alleged testimonials which are supposed to show how their software makes it possible to win 5 figure sums or more – yet the statements provided are bland, generic and often easy to read through – meaning they’re more than likely made up.

Think about it logically – what possible gain could someone have for developing software that helps others make tons of money? And why on earth would they give it away for free? Looking at it like puts it into perspective.

Does Lottery Software Work?

Though most lotto systems have been reported as scams, there are some that have managed to cheat their way out of scam exposure by changing their name repeatedly, to avoid being caught – and every time they are, they morph into another company, and so the cycle continues.

It doesn’t follow though that every lottery number system is going to be bad. Think about it carefully and think about how the lottery works from a mathematical viewpoint. For every software scammer there are also the lottery companies themselves that are dishonest about how their games work. Lottery players have generally been somewhat misled in their belief that winning the lottery is down to luck. After all it is a game run on probability and mathematics which can be broken down, thought about and analyzed.

How to Win without Lottery Software?

By simply buying every possible combination of numbers you can guarantee a jackpot win and multiple medium and small wins. But of course buying every possible combination of numbers, it would cost millions of dollars in tickets and then would only be worthwhile if there was a big enough cash prize or rollover to ensure you got a sustainable profit.

One of the best ways of winning without investing in expensive software is to try using the Lotto Dominator system, which was initially created by a man called Richard Lustig who was lucky enough to win considerable sums 7 times. Although there are still potential flaws in his system and advice there are take home points from his ideas that could potentially help you win more money.

Lotto Dominator Idea

The idea of Lotto Dominator is using mathematical equations developed to crack lotto codes and fill your bank with regular winnings from small investments. This is, to be frank, still too good to be true, but there are positives to take from it.

It’s a system that teaches you new secrets and strategies of winning the lottery consistently thus helping you to develop different methods that increase your chances of winning. In layman’s terms using proven mathematical formula to analyze previous tickets that have been played so that you can choose winning numbers for future draws. Statistical analysis to show you which numbers have been played most often and how you can adjust your ticket to win bigger prizes.

Richard Lustig has written a book about his idea and in it he suggests a couple of good points to help you earn more lottery money. He suggests retaining losing lottery tickets to offset potentially taxable future wins. You can’t deduct losses, but you can use losses to offset gains, thus reducing your tax liability in the unlikely event you win more than you lose in a given year of playing the lottery.

He also suggests the notion of using second-chance drawings. There are some lottery games which will allow you to send in losing tickets as entries for drawings for trips and other prizes. Lustig suggests you do so. However, when it comes to helping you pick random numbers, his theory falls apart somewhat. His idea is to always play the same numbers, then if you win, stop playing them, because the same numbers never win twice. That’s pretty much it, but it’s a fallacy. They’re called random numbers for a reason, no matter how many times they’re played the probability of them being drawn again is still the same! That’s why they call them random.

So if you’re going to try a method for playing the lottery – this one makes more sense, and it’s certainly cheaper than buying expensive software that might not work.

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