Richard Lustig – A Lottery Break Through or Yet another Opportunity to Dry Investment?

Richard Lustig’s Winning Lottery Method

Presenting the Winning Lottery Method!

Do you want to win big, big bucks from the lottery? Do you instantly want to become a millionaire? Do you want to buy your own house, cars and other stuff you can probably live without? Do you want to be rich beyond your dreams? Then don’t blindly get this piece of software. Before I forget, let me tell you that Richard’s book on Barnes and Noble earned only 1.5 stars out of 5 – worse than some of the ‘how to be a millionaire by playing basic poker’ books! On Amazon his book gained only 2.6 stars from 266 reviews of which a whopping 121 reviewers found the book a complete rip off. But according to some people, it’s not fair to judge blindly now, is it? It’s the 21st century; people look at reviews and read recommendations before even buying underwear. Talk about disconnection.

Tell Me More About The Winning Lottery Method Book, Please!

Okay, well the book, in general terms, is 40 pages heavily priced at $36. While 81 reviewers felt that it was worth the purchase, (most would be his friends, and some fake ones!) a lot of other reviewers felt that the purchase wasn’t worth, some even recommended that people buy more lottery tickets instead of buying the book, now that’s ridiculously rude! While sifting through the reviews, I found DannyBoy’s review, particularly interesting because it thoroughly sums up the book. The reviewer said,

“I found this book in my local library and quickly read through it. After reading the very basic and often misleading advices in the book (play more numbers, buy more tickets, play the same numbers each time, etc.), here’s my advice: Don’t buy or waste your time (all 20 minutes of it) reading this book. Here’s why. The lottery is a probability game. There is NO WAY to be an ‘expert’ at beating the system. If I flip a coin 100 times, and I call it correct 74 times, does that make me an expert on how to call a coin flip correctly? Of course not… if anything, I am lucky…”

Who Exactly Is Richard Lustig?

According to the book, Richard Lustig is a seven time grand prize lottery winner, who is willing to share his secrets for a sizeable fee. Currently living in Florida, Richard created a method that magically enables those who purchase his book to win grand prizes. Why the book is just 40 pages? Oh, that’s because he ‘purposely’ made it short and simple. And according to him, luck has nothing, I repeat, nothing to do with winning a jackpot! Okay, before you search for your wallet, let me tell you that Richard is not a multi-millionaire, he hasn’t won grand prizes. In fact, the seven grand wins that he’s talking about amounts to around $1 million all put together! Now I’m not saying that’s a small amount, but it’s not exactly 7 grand prizes…

Now if luck has nothing to do with winning a jackpot, shouldn’t Richard be the richest person on earth because he has a sure-fire strategy to win some dough? As I mentioned above, his entire 7 grand winnings amount to around $1 million without taxes (!) isn’t that what most lottery players have so far won? Okay, forget about that, let’s take a look at some advices he provides in his book. If I tell you, “play the lottery, but don’t use cash you will need later on” – Is this a tip or common sense? Most would agree its common sense and so we found lots of similar common sense (beaten into tips) stuff we probably already know about.

Coming to the strategies, he says we should be playing the same numbers every draw – what strategy is that? Shouldn’t we be looking at what numbers are drawn most frequently? What about the Delta System? The cream on the cake is when he advises that we should keep buying scratch offs in batches of 10 from the same card and avoid other cards. What’s the connection there, pardon me? How would playing the same numbers or picking from the same card increase your chances of winning? Oh, and he says that if you want to win the lottery, buy lots of lottery tickets, no kidding and what was I thinking?! That’s like saying if you want to win the girl of your dreams, you’ve got to propose!

My 2 Cents on Richard Lustig’s Winning Lottery Method

Now $38 might not seem like a very huge amount, to me it is and I’d rather buy more lottery tickets instead of buying a book that provides me common sense I already have! Even Richard says that we need to buy more lottery tickets, so I’ll follow what he said, but as for the book, no thank you!

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