Set for Life Winning Numbers

Set for Life is a 7 + 2 number lottery game. To win Set for Life jackpot, you have to match 7 main numbers.

Set for Life Past Results and Winning Numbers

The Set for Life result archive contains the results from 23-03-2020 9:00pm AEST up to the last ones. You only need to select the right date from the list.

Yesterday, Sunday 21st April 2024, 9:00pm 05 15 16 34 38 40 44 03 22
Saturday 20th April 2024, 9:00pm 14 21 25 32 35 36 37 01 29
Friday 19th April 2024, 9:00pm 08 09 11 17 19 28 40 02 37
Thursday 18th April 2024, 9:00pm 15 16 28 31 35 37 43 07 27
Wednesday 17th April 2024, 9:00pm 03 06 10 20 22 38 42 08 29
Tuesday 16th April 2024, 9:00pm 02 05 08 16 37 41 43 15 34
Monday 15th April 2024, 9:00pm 07 13 21 22 25 28 33 24 26
Sunday 14th April 2024, 9:00pm 02 04 06 09 29 40 41 26 44
Saturday 13th April 2024, 9:00pm 02 08 15 22 24 40 44 18 28
Friday 12th April 2024, 9:00pm 03 06 15 27 28 32 40 12 39

Set for Life Prizes

The Set for Life features 8 prize divisions. To win any prize in Set for Life, you have to match 4 numbers. Chances to hit the Set for Life jackpot are 1: 38,320,568. To see all the Set for Life odds, go to the REVIEW tab.

Divisions Match Payout per Winner
1 Prize 7 Numbers AU$4,800,000.00
2 Prize 6 Numbers + Supplementary AU$60,000.00
3 Prize 6 Numbers AU$854.95
4 Prize 5 Numbers + Supplementary AU$123.35
5 Prize 5 Numbers AU$38.35
6 Prize 4 Numbers + Supplementary AU$25.00
7 Prize 4 Numbers AU$12.95
8 Prize 3 Numbers + Supplementary AU$10.75

Set for Life Hot and Cold Numbers

Set for Life hot numbers are the lottery numbers that appear the most in drawings. Set for Life cold numbers are the numbers that appear infrequently. Some lotto players choose them specifically because of the frequency, believing that their reappearance in Set for Life results is only a matter of time, while others stay clear.

Choose the range of years for checking Hot and Cold numbers:

Set for Life Number Generator

The Set for Life generator provides FREE lucky numbers for Set for Life draws. All you need to do is to enter your name, your birth date, and the day of the draw you plan to participate in.

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Set for Life Review

The growth of casinos and gaming has been so tremendous, particularly in the 21st century. Lots of games have come up, allowing players to win massive amounts in Prizes. One of these games is called Set for Life. As opposed to other casino games, set for life is a game that gives you a fantastic chance to win $20,000 every month for 20 years. The draws for the game are held every day of the week. Each entry you purchase for Set for Life gives you seven days, seven draws, and lots of chances every day to win a Prize.

The beauty with Set for Life is it doesn’t give you just an opportunity to play your numbers in one draw, but rather a chance to play them across seven daily draws, which means a chance to win every single day of the week. During a draw, 10 numbers are picked at random from a set of 37. The first 8 numbers are the Winning Numbers, while the last 2 are known as Bonus Numbers. To win, the numbers you have must match the combination of Winning Numbers and Bonus Numbers.

How to Play Set for Life

Set for Life is an exciting game that allows you to start your entry on any day of the week and continuously play for up to ten weeks. The draw is held at 8.30 p.m. each night. Set for Life is a flexible game that you can play either online or through brick-and-mortar retail outlets. Players have the choice of picking their favorite numbers or ask for randomly generated numbers.

Marking a Coupon In-Store

As a lottery player, you could have a set of such special numbers to you. In this case, Set for Life allows you to mark a coupon right from your local outlet, which has up to 4 SETS. To create a SET, you have to mark your 8 favorite numbers in each of the panels. The minimum number of SETS you can play is 2, and every SET you mark will be played across 7 continuous daily draws. If you want to enhance your chances of winning, you can top up your entry.

A QuickSET

This is for players who want a quick and easy way to play where numbers are generated for them.Β  This is especially convenient for first-time players who are still learning the ropes or those in a hurry to pick their entries. You can play QuickSET entries either online or in-store. QuickSETS are available in several levels:

  • Standard QuickSET – This gives you 2 SETS to be played over 7 days. It costs $8.25.
  • Regular QuickSET – This costs $12.35 and gives you 3 SETS to play for 7 consecutive days.
  • Super QuickSET – This is a QuickSET that gives you 4 SETS and costs $16.50.
  • Mega QuickSET – With 5 SETS to be played within 7 consecutive days, the Mega QuickSET comes at the cost of $20.60.
  • Jumbo QuickSET – This QuickSET costs $41.20 and gives you 10 SETS to play within 7 days.
  • Giant QuickSET – With this QuickSET, the lottery player gets 15 SETS at a pricing of $61.80.
  • Mighty QuickSET – This is a high-end QuickSET that offers you 25 SETS for 7 days at the cost of $103.

Maxi QuickSET – This is the topmost QuickSET with 50 SETS for $206.

Topping Up Set for Life Entries

It is possible to top up your entries to gain a bigger entry. This is particularly the case if you have marked just a few SET panels and want to enhance your chances of winning. The topping up procedure is simple because all you need is to ask for a top-up. The remaining Set for Life game panels is generated at random for you to any desired QuickSET level. During a top-up, you need to note that every additional SET gives you a chance to play across 7 consecutive draws.

When to Play Set for Life

As alluded to earlier, Set for Life allows you to choose the day you wish to start your entry. When marking your coupon, select the circle representing the day of the week you want to start your entry. If you're going to push over your entry to the following week, you can also do that by simply letting the retailer know the date and the day you want to begin. Set for Life gives you an entire range up to 9 weeks in advance to start your entry.

For players heading for a holiday and who do not want to miss out on a draw, they can play a Multi-week entry. As a Set for Life player, you can play your entries for 2 to 10 weeks at a time.

The play it again option gives you a chance to play your non-winning or winning tickets another time. This is how it works; if you wish to play a certain entry or numbers you have played before, you can do that over and over again in subsequent entries.

The Odds of Winning Set for Life

The probability of a player winning in any lottery game is as important as the Prize itself. In Set for Life, your chance of winning purely depends on the number of SETS you purchase on your ticket. The following are the odds of winning at the respective Prize levels based on a single draw and a minimum of 2 SETS entries:

Prize Level Numbers to Match Odds Based on 1 Set Odds Based on 2 Sets
1st Prize 8 Winning Numbers 1 in 38,608,020 1 in 19,304,010
2nd Prize 7 Winning Numbers + 1 Bonus Number 1 in 2,413,001 1 in 1,206,501
3rd Prize 7 Winning Numbers 1 in 178,741 1 in 89,371
4th Prize 6 Winning Numbers + 1 or 2 Bonus Number/s 1 in 25,070 1 in 12,535
5th Prize 6 Winning Numbers 1 in 3,928 1 in 1,964
6th Prize 5 Winning Numbers + 1 or 2 Bonus Number/s 1 in 946 1 in 473
7th Prize 5 Winning Numbers 1 in 236 1 in 118
8th Prize 4 Winning Numbers + 1 or 2 Bonus Number/s 1 in 89 1 in 45

Set for Life is governed by rules on how it is to be conducted and how players ought to participate. This ensures fair play for all the lottery participants.

Winning Set for Life

The goal of every player in this game is to win a Prize. However, winning starts from buying the ticket because you are registering your interest in Set for Life in doing so. The next step is to know the Prize structure of Set for Life. Basically, this game has 8 Prize levels, which range from the 1st to the 8th Prize. The First Prize is $20,000 every month for 20 years. Apart from the 1st Prize, the rest (2 to 8) are all one-off Prizes. To win a Prize in Set for Life, you must match at least 4 Winning Numbers and either one or both Bonus Numbers in any given SET on your entries. The $20,000 per month Prize is usually allocated for up to 4 winners. If there are more than 4 winners for the top Prize in a single draw, the Prize pool is evenly shared among the winners and paid in monthly installments for the 20 years.


Prize Level Winning Combination
1st Prize 8 Winning Numbers
2nd Prize 7 Winning Numbers + 1 Bonus Number
3rd Prize 7 Winning Numbers
4th Prize 6 Winning Numbers + 1 or 2 Bonus Number/s
5th Prize 6 Winning Numbers
6th Prize 5 Winning Numbers + 1 or 2 Bonus Number/s
7th Prize 5 Winning Numbers
8th Prize 4 Winning Numbers + 1 or 2 Bonus Number/s


  • To win the second prize, you need 7 Winning Numbers and a bonus number.
  • The third prize requires the players to match 7 Winning Numbers
  • The fourth prize goes to the player who matches 6 Winning Numbers and one or two Bonus Numbers
  • Winning the fifth prize requires only 6 Winning Numbers
  • The sixth prize is won by the Set for Life player who matches 5 Winning Numbers and one or two Bonus Numbers.
  • The seventh prize goes to the player who exactly matches 5 Winning Numbers.

The eighth and final prize goes to the Set for Life player who is lucky enough to match 4 Winning Numbers and one or two Bonus Numbers.

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