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With a name like this one, Poker Lotto does sound a lot of fun. Since many people are interested in the opportunity, we’ve already written about it – check our Poker Lotto article for some additional details. The time has come, however, for us to take a much more in-depth look at what the game is.

OLG Poker Lotto comes from Canada, more precisely – Ontario.

If you imagine a Las Vegas-like experience with this game, you’re somewhat correct. The lottery is inspired by poker, and it carries through the card game theme. At the same time, it is a lottery just like all others.

There are several ways to play Poker Lotto, and because it differs from other draw-style lotteries, there will be some learning curve. We went through the essentials, we dug into the details, and based on our research, here’s everything you need to know about Ontario’s Poker Lotto.

How to Play Poker Lotto

Poker Lotto OLG is somewhat different from other draw-style lotteries out there. You don’t choose a set of numbers out of a fixed range of possibilities. Instead, you have cards being dealt with and determining what kind of prize you’ll be entitled to in the event of winning.

You may be worried about not being knowledgeable enough in the realm of poker. There’s no reason to be concerned. Poker Lotto is entirely independent of its namesake. You don’t need to be an experienced card player to have fun with this local Canadian lottery.

A drawing takes place every single evening. Five cards are drawn, and to win a prize, you will have to match at least two of the cards selected. In this sense, no Poker Lotto numbers are being selected.

Keep in mind that Poker Lotto also doesn’t allow you to select your combination of cards. For a chance to win, you will get a Quick Pick ticket with a card selection pre-printed on it.

You can win a prize by having a winning poker hand, or you can choose to participate in Poker Lotto All In for a chance to claim more significant rewards. A single ticket would cost three dollars (the standard Poker Lotto entry costs two dollars and activating the All In option will cost you an additional dollar).

Drawings are scheduled to take place every single day at 11 p.m. local Ontario time. You will have to wait and see whether you’ve won a jackpot after the drawing takes place. Poker Lotto, however, also has an instant component. Thus, you’ll find out if you’re winning a smaller prize at the terminal and just after you acquire your ticket.

Tickets can be bought right until 10:30 p.m. on the day of the drawing.

Poker Lotto Prizes and Payouts

As already mentioned, Poker Lotto has an instant win component and an All In jackpot award.

The instant win is possible in several scenarios. If you have a royal flush, you will claim an award of 5,000 dollars. A straight flush provides a prize of 500 dollars. Getting four of a kind will produce a prize of 175 dollars, a full house – 75 dollars, a flush – 50 dollars, a straight – 20 dollars, three of a kind – five dollars, two pair – two dollars and a pair of Jacks or better – a free play option.

The overall odds of winning a Poker Lotto instant prize are one in 4.8, and the chances of claiming the top award are one in 649,740. In this sense, Poker Lotto provides much better odds than some of the national lotteries out there.

Now, let’s move on to All In since this is the lottery option that results in much bigger prizes.

If you activate All In and you have a royal flush, you will win the instant prize and the accumulated jackpot for the drawing. Jackpots start at 10,000 dollars, and in the event of no winner, they will roll over towards the next daily drawing.

Throughout the lottery’s existence, there have been multiple players claiming more than 100,000 dollars in the form of a jackpot. In February 2018, a Mississauga man won a jackpot of 109,508 dollars. When the instant prize of 5,000 dollars was added, the guy went home with 114,508 dollars.

Whenever a player has a straight flush, they will win 10 percent of the prize pool or a minimum of 1,000 dollars (on top of the instant prize, once again). The four of a kind award is 175 dollars, the full house prize is 75 dollars, and the flush reward is 50 dollars.

Players who win an instant prize by matching the Poker Lotto winning numbers (in this instance – cards) can get the amount immediately, or they can wait for the drawing to see if they’ve gotten lucky in All In.

Prizes of under 1,000 dollars can be acquired at a retail agency, by mail, in select casinos or at the OLG prize claim center (a more thorough explanation of the claim procedures is provided at the OLG website).

Prizes in the 1,001 to the 10,000-dollar range can be claimed by mail, in select casinos, or by visiting the OLG headquarters. For a more substantial sum, players should either visit select casinos or go directly to the OLG center for the ticket validation process to be completed.

Small awards are paid out in the form of cash, while more considerable PLG Poker Lotto sums will be provided by check. Whenever the amount is more substantial, there will be some processing time, reaching up to six weeks for sums exceeding 100,000 dollars.

Poker Lotto Results

Poker Lotto OLG provides several opportunities for finding out if you’ve won anything.

The Poker Lotto numbers are made available after the daily drawing. You can visit any of the authorized retail agencies in Ontario to find out if you’ve won anything. The OLG website also provides information about the latest drawings, and there’s also a results archive.

Lottery Pros also works hard to publish information about drawings and results. We have the latest Poker Lotto numbers, as well as an archive you can use for reference purposes.

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