Poker Lotto: poker or lotto?

Poker Lotto

Those who are not familiar with the gambling industry frequently make the mistake of including both poker and lotto into the same category. They assume that since chance plays a role in determining the outcome of both, the differences are negligible and players could go either way with no effort. This is only an illusion, because the differences between the two games outshine the few similarities and those who are good at one game are not necessarily skilled in playing the other.

Luck plays different roles in poker and lotto

By choosing to play lottery games, players accept the fact that they have no control over the outcome of each draw and they can only buy the ticket and then hope for the best. This is what makes lotto so popular among people regardless of background, and explains why the winners are so diverse. Those who settle for this type of gambling are going to invest small amounts and are less likely to become the victims of addiction. On the other hand, they will need to be patient because there is a good chance to win only small amounts over long periods of time and never hit the jackpot or second tier prizes.

At the opposite end of the spectrum we have poker, which is a highly immersive game which requires players to stay focused and play their A-game. Experience is invaluable and the importance of having a bankroll couldn’t be overstated, because the amounts wagered are usually much higher than in lotto. There is also a higher risk of addiction, because the better you become in one game the more motivated you get to hone your skills. Defeats get frustrating and many players succumb to pressure and chase losses, which is a surefire recipe for catastrophic downswings.

The successful hybrid of poker lotto

Once the differences between the two games are fully understood and accepted, players can safely decide what path they should choose. There are upsides and shortcomings and those who can’t make a decision, need to know that there is one successful hybrid that goes by the name of poker lotto. Just as the name suggests, this is a combination between the standard lottery game and poker, although the main rules of the former apply.

Instead of numbers, those who buy tickets have playing cards displayed on them and the payouts depend on the strength of a hand they make. The lowest payouts are awarded to those who make a pair of jacks or better, while at the top of the latest stands the Royal flush. The odds of winning are better than one in five, which means that regular players will frequently scoop a prize even though not a sizable one.

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