Mega 6 Review

The Barbados Lottery operated by IGT, an NYCE-listed company, was established in 2005. Among the activities it supports, include sports cultural programs, and youth activities. The lottery offers a number of games one of which is Mega 6. As part of the responsible gaming guidelines, only people aged 18 and above can take part in any of the games offered by Barbados Lottery.

The Lottery also has a policy where employees of the lottery and their relatives are not allowed to participate in any of the games. This ensures fair play and integrity.

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How to Play Mega 6

Mega 6 is one of the seven games you can play on the Barbados Lottery. Playing the game is easy and not any much different from most lottery games. It is played exclusively offline where a player visits a retailer and fills in a playslip.

The play slips have five panels from A to E with each panel the equivalent of a single play. This allows players to play up to 5 games in a single playslip.

There is a total of 33 numbers from which you are supposed to select 6 lucky numbers. You can decide to play manually where you mark the lucky numbers yourself or through Quick Pick.

Manual Play

When playing manually, you are required to mark the boxes with your favorite numbers using an X sign. The regulations require that you use a black or blue pen, but never a red pen. You can also use a pencil to mark your numbers. In case you make a mistake when marking your numbers, you can void the entire panel by putting an X in the void checkbox at the bottom of the panel. This will disregard the panel and only consider the remaining ones.

Quick Pick

Playing via Quick Pick is much easier because all you need to do is to mark the Quick Pick box on the specific panel. This will inform the clerk at the retail outlet to consider the panel for the automated generation of numbers.

You can play a mixture of Quick Pick and manual picking on the same playslip or choose Quick Pick for the entire slip. None of the two methods of picking lucky numbers gives you an upper hand.

Advance Draws

You can play the same numbers you have picked in more than one draw. There is a multi-draw section on the playslip where you can check the number of draws you want to play. This will repeat the same set of numbers for all the draws.

The completed playslip is not evidence of you participating in Mega 6. To get the ticket which is the recognized document for participation, hand over the playslip to the clerk. Depending on the number of plays, you are to give an equivalent amount of money for the printing of the tickets. The cost per play or panel is $2. This means if you play all five panels, you will pay $10 for your ticket.

The Mega 6 Ticket

The ticket is printed by the retailer and contains a number of features as follows:

  • The name of the game being played which in this case is Mega 6
  • The date of ticket purchase and the date of the draw
  • The serial number of the ticket which is unique to your ticket
  • The numbers you have chosen and the mode of play. Numbers chosen via Quick Pick will have the QP notation on the side.
  • The cost per play and the total cost of the ticket

One thing you should know is that the ticket is a bearer document. This means anybody presenting it for payment gets paid even if they are not genuine owners. To prevent this, you are required to sign the ticket at the back to make it authentically yours. Also, do not fold the ticket as this may erase some of the numbers making it difficult both for you and the officials to verify if indeed you are a winner. Ensure to keep the ticket in an accessible, but safe area so that you can always check against the drawing results if you are a winner.

The Lottery shall be held responsible for any lost or stolen ticket. Any misprinted tickets or otherwise not properly registered on the Lottery Central Computer will not be considered for payment. Therefore, crosscheck your ticket before leaving the retail outlet.

There are more than 200 authorized retailers in Barbados, and their names are displayed on the official Barbados Lottery website which is updated continuously throughout the day.

Mega 6 Drawing

Draws for Mega 6 lottery are held on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday starting from 8 p.m. To be eligible for a particular draw, you have to buy your tickets in advance. In case you want to buy on the day of the draw, you should do so by latest 7.55 p.m. Any tickets you purchase after will be considered for the next draw.

Winning Mega 6 Lottery

During the draw, 6 numbers will be chosen from a pool of 1 to 33 numbers. For you to win, you have to match 3, 4, 5, or all 6 numbers. The prize structure Mega 6 uses is pari-mutuel. The prize amounts may differ from one drawing to another because of the number of dollars collected in ticket sales and the winning tickets recorded at each of the levels.

The jackpot prize begins at $375,000, and with each draw, there is a probability of it growing if no one wins it. All the draw results are displayed on the website and at all the authorized Barbados Lottery retail outlets. You can also call (246)434-2222.

Claiming Mega 6 Prizes

If you are a winner, the next stage is that of claiming a prize. Ensure your ticket is signed at the back in the space provided. You can claim your prize either from a lottery agent or from the lottery office depending on the won amounts.

If your prize is below $750, you can claim it from the lottery agent subject to them having a sufficient float. Any prize from $750 and above should be collected from the local lottery office upon producing a valid ID.

The window for you to claim your prizes is 90 days after the date of the draw, failure to which you lose the right to claim. All prizes are payable in local currency only. In case you play advanced draws, and one of the draws wins, you will be given an exchange ticket for the remaining draws. The ticket will have the same numbers as the original ticket.

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