Lucky Day Lotto Review

Lucky Day Lotto is a jackpot game consisting of two daily draws giving players bigger jackpots and better prices at only $1. This Illinois-only game unlike other lottery games has better odds of winning and any day can be your lucky day. This explains why Lucky Day Lotto is a favorite for most players. The instant prizes range up to $5,000 while the jackpot starts at $100,000. The timings for the drawings are 12.40 p.m. and 9.22 p.m. CST. The results for the drawings are made available on the daily drawings page as well as the official YouTube channel for Illinois lottery immediately after the drawing.

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Playing Lucky Day Lotto

The first step to being an eligible entrant into Lucky Day Lotto is to buy a ticket. For this, you need to be 18 years and over as the Illinois lottery does not allow minors to participate in its lottery games. When picking numbers, you have a pool ranging from 1 to 45 from which you pick 5 lucky numbers. In case you are an amateur or in a hurry to get your lucky number set, you can utilize the Quick Pick which is a computerized system for picking lucky lottery numbers. The system doesn’t guarantee you victory but gives you a good chance of winning since the numbers are randomly generated.

In addition to the 5 numbers you pick, you can add more fun and other ways to win by just putting in an additional $1 per play through the EZmatch. When you purchase EZmatch, you get a second set of numbers which will be selected and printed on your ticket. An EZmatch gives you a chance to win up to 5,000 by simply entering an additional play for $1. If you match any EZ number to any of your Lucky Day Lotto numbers, you win the instant prize shown. The tickets used by players playing both EZmatch and the main Lucky Day Lotto are different and printed separately from those playing the Lucky Day Lotto only.

If you don’t want to go through the process of picking other numbers during multiple draws, you can mark yes to play the same set of numbers in subsequent draws. The maximum number of draws for which you can play the same set of numbers is 25 consecutive midday, evening, or a mixture of both drawings. The request for multiple draws can be done at the retailing point where you buy the tickets. Every game costs $1 to play.

Subscribing to Lucky Day Lotto

As described above, Lucky Day Lotto is one of the simplest and most fun-filled games to play. The following easy-to-follow steps will set you on your winning way with Lucky Day Lotto.

Step 1 – Here, you pick the number of tickets you want to purchase for the draw.

Step 2 – Pick your winning Lucky Day Lotto numbers either by manually choosing one by one or using the Quick Pick system to make your selection.

Step 3 – Select the length of time you would want to be subscribed for. You can choose from one week through to 52 weeks. For beginners and amateurs, choosing a shorter period is advisable after which you can renew and lengthen.

Step 4 – Pertaining to your subscription, you can either manually renew or choose an automated renewal by simply checking the box. Leaving the box blank automatically registers you for manual renewal.

Step 5 – This is the Add to Cart stage where every ticket you have purchased is added to your shopping cart. When you pay, you will straight away be on your way to your lucky day.

The Odds of Winning Lucky Day Lotto

To win the jackpot prize, you should match all the 5 drawn numbers. The odds for this are 1:1,221,759. The second prize of $200 is for the player(s) who successfully match 4 out of the 5 drawn numbers. The odds of winning this are 1:6,109. The third prize of $15 goes to the lucky players who match 3 out of 5 numbers and the odds for these are 1:157. The fourth and final prize of $1 goes to the players who match two out of the five Lucky Day Lotto numbers. The odds for this are 1:12.

EZmatch on the other hand has 7 prize levels with the highest prize level standing at $5,000 at estimated odds of 1:260,000. The second prize level of $1,000 has estimated odds of 1:52,000 while the third prize amount of $100 has odds of 1:2,600. The $50 prize level has odds of 1:1,300 while the fifth, sixth, and seventh prize levels of $10, $5 and $2 have estimated odds of 1:217, 1:81, and 1:5 respectively.

In the event you subscribe for Lucky Day Lotto and you pass on the midway, your duly authorized representative will remain eligible for all the plays until of the end of the subscription period.

Match Odds
5 of 5 1 in 1,221,759
4 of 5 1 in 6,109
3 of 5 1 in 157
2 of 5 1 in 12
Overall Odds 1 in 11

Lucky Day Lotto Prize Breakdown

Normally, 5 EZmatch numbers together with their corresponding prize amounts are printed below your Lucky Day Lotto numbers on your ticket. If you match any EZmatch number to any of your Lucky Day Lotto numbers printed on the same ticket, you immediately win the prize shown. For instance, if your Lucky Day Lotto numbers are 11, 30, 25, 27, 13 and your EZmatch numbers with their corresponding prizes are 15-$10, 01-$50, 08-$30, 25-$500 and 30-$25, you will win $500 for matching 25 and $25 for matching30 giving you a total of $525. This is separate from the prize you may win put of your Lucky Day Lotto numbers. Therefore, this game gives you two levels of winning prizes.

To find out if you are an EZmatch winner, you should scan the barcode of your ticket at any Illinois lottery retailer. If you claim your EZmatch winnings, the retailer will issue you with an exchange ticket so that you can proceed with the Lucky Day Lotto drawings. The numbers on the re-issued ticket will be the same as the originally chosen numbers.

Match Prize
5 of 5 Jackpot
4 of 5 $200
3 of 5 $15
2 of 5 $1

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