Lucky 7’s Game Review

Scratch cards are arguably the simplest form of the game that can be very exciting and a source of entertainment. There are various types of scratch card games with different rules and different prizes. The prizes range from as little as a free ticket up to several tens of thousands of dollars. In terms of distinctive rules, it does not go very far. The main distinctions are the symbols you get to see, the number of fields you get to scratch, and the winning conditions.

Lucky 7’s is a wonderful example of what a scratch card game should look like. It only takes one ticket and you’re in for a ride as you will get hooked on it.

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What Is Lucky 7’s?

It’s a scratch card game that is quite common on the market. It can be found virtually everywhere. As far as the rules go it’s fairly simple. You just need to scratch off the appropriate fields and if you are fortunate enough you can be a winner.

Speaking of the winning condition, Lucky 7’s is by far the most modest game. It has only 9 fields. Other scratch card games can have more than 20. The more fields there are the more difficult it is to win a prize. Well with the Lucky 7’s the odds of winning a prize are 1 to 4.16, 1 in 4 tickets is a winning one. You can go and buy 4 tickets, chances are you are going to win a prize and the chances are pretty high.

In order to win you have to rub the fields and have 3 “7s” in any row, or column or even have them in a diagonal line. It doesn’t matter as long as there are 3 7s in line.

That’s not all. If you get 2 7s and a $$ symbol you are in for a great surprise. Not only that your ticket is a winning one, but the prize is doubled.

Now that you’ve found out the ticket is a winning one, rub off the field where it says PRIZE and you will find out how much you’ve won. It works rather differently than other scratch card games. But, that’s what it is all about, being unique and distinctive.

Get Your Lucky 7’s

The tickets are one of the most affordable on the market and with the high winning odds, they are one of the most attractive deals out there. All it takes to be a winner is to buy a Lucky 7’s ticket and rub it off. It’s that simple, no skill involved just fun and excitement.

The Odds of Winning Lucky 7’s


The overal odds of winning Lucky 7’s are 1 in 4.37. Check out all possible odds of winning in the table below:

Prize Value Chances of Winning
$1 1 in 8.33
$2 1 in 20.83
$4 1 in 100.00
$7 1 in 45.45
$14 1 in 250.00
$17 1 in 250.00
$34 1 in 500.00
$700 1 in 49,440.00
$2700 1 in 811,125.00

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