Fantasy 5 Review

Fantasy 5 is one of the draw games offered by the Michigan Lottery. Florida, California, Arizona, and Georgia state lotteries have Fantasy 5 in their portfolio as well. Sixty percent of the proceeds go to rewarding players while 28 percent go to school aid fund and the rest is distributed in commissions and operations.

How to Play Fantasy 5

Fantasy 5 is one of the simplest games to play and win. You can either play Fantasy 5 Michigan in-store or online. There is also the option of picking the Fantasy 5 winning numbers yourself or through an Easy Pick system.

Playing In-store

This is where you walk into a retail store, get a playslip and fill in the numbers. Retailers are spread in different places where you can easily access and play. Once you get to the retailer of Fantasy 5 in Michigan, let them know that you want to play Fantasy 5 and they will give you the playslip.

On the playslip, you will find panels with numbers of 1 to 39. Select 5 numbers by marking them. Every batch of 5 numbers constitutes a play. You can also opt for the Easy Pick where the machine at the terminal randomly generates the numbers for you.

If you want to use the same numbers in a second drawing, select Double Play. The Double Play draw takes place immediately after the regular Fantasy 5 drawing and gives you an opportunity to win additional prizes up to $10,000. Double Play will cost you an extra dollar per play.

The EZmatch is another chance for you to win up to $500 instantly. All you need to do is to match your EZmatch numbers with any of the Fantasy 5 numbers and win the amount indicated next to EZmatch number. The EZmatch also costs an additional dollar per ticket.

In case you want to participate in advance draws, you can choose up to 60 drawings with the numbers you have selected. In the wagers area, select the number of multiple draws you want to participate in. Once you have filled your playslip, you can now hand it over to the clerk at the retail outlet for your ticket to be printed. To increase your chances of winning, you can study Fantasy 5 history winning numbers and see the odds of winning using a certain set of numbers.

All you need to do now is to hold on to your ticket and watch the drawing results on TV for your chance to win during the Fantasy 5 draw time. The Fantasy 5 results can also be accessed via the mobile app or the lotteries website. There is Fantasy 5 Michigan, Fantasy 5 Florida, Fantasy 5 Georgia and all give you numerous chances of winning fabulous prizes.

Fantasy 5 How to Win When Playing Online

Just as you play in-store, playing online gives you the opportunity to either pick your numbers manually or use the Easy Pick option for random generation. You pick 5 white ball numbers from an array of 1 to 39 numbers. You also choose the number of draws you want to play and then review your shopping cart.

Once you are satisfied with the Fantasy 5 numbers as they are, you select checkout so that you can proceed to the payment window. However, if you want to add more tickets, the door is open for you to continue shopping.

Once the purchase is complete, you can view your tickets in the section indicated Upcoming Purchased Draws within the My Account tab. The results of Fantasy 5 are aired on TV and can be accessed through the website or mobile app.

Fantasy 5 Ticket

The ticket is the document that shows your participation in Fantasy 5. The cost per ticket is usually $1, but for each extra option that you add, you pay a dollar. Once the ticket has been generated, you should check its accuracy and other details so that you are sure it is for the upcoming draw.

There are several security features built into the ticket so that cases of forgery can be minimized if not eliminated. The following are some of the features to look at.

  • The Michigan Lottery logo that appears on the face of the ticket at the top
  • The Fantasy 5 logo that validates your participation in the game
  • The date of purchase and the date of the draw or draws that you are participating in
  • The numbers that you have selected and the mode of selection. Easy Pick numbers will appear with a separate notion besides them.
  • The amount per play and the total amount per draw will be displayed as well as the total for the ticket.
  • The ticket also has a serial Fantasy 5 number which is unique to every ticket.

Being a bearer document, the ticket can be presented for a prize by any person who picks it up. It is therefore important that you keep it safe. Also, you should not fold it because doing so can deface it and make it very difficult for the officials to identify it in case you win a prize.

Fantasy 5 Draw

The draw for Fantasy 5 is held daily at 7.29 p.m. For those purchasing their tickets in-store or online, ticket sales for the day’s draw are sold up to 7.08 p.m. and then the process is stopped to be resumed at 7.10 p.m. for ticket sales for the following day’s draw.

During the draw, a total of 5 numbers are drawn for the regular drawing and another 5 for the Double Play Drawing that happens after the regular drawing. The drawing machines are usually vetted before and cleared of any bias before being used.

The draw brings together Michigan Lottery officials, government officials, auditors, and members of the public. The draw is held live and broadcasted through live TV so that people can follow from wherever they are.

Fantasy 5 Prize Breakdown

The odds for regular Fantasy 5 drawing are the same as those for Double Play Drawing but different from those of Fantasy 5 with EZmatch.

Regular Drawing

  • Matching all 5 numbers drawn wins you the jackpot prize at odds of 1:575,757
  • Matching 4 out of the 5 numbers wins you $100 at odds of 1:3,387.
  • Matching 3 out of the 5 numbers wins you $10 in the prize at odds of 1:103.
  • Matching 2 out of the 5 numbers wins you $1 at odds of 1:10

The overall odds for the regular play is 1:9.

Double Play Drawing

  • In this draw, if you match all the 5 numbers, you get a prize of $110,000.
  • Matching 4 out of 5 numbers wins you $200.
  • Matching 3 out of the 5 numbers wins you $20.
  • Matching 2 out of the 5 numbers wins you $2.

The overall odds are the same as regular play at 1:9.


This has 11 prize categories starting from a top prize of $500 to the least prize of $2. The prizes and odds are as follows:

  • $500 at odds of 1:84,000
  • $250 at odds of 1:42,000
  • $100 at odds of 1:14,000
  • $50 at odds of 1:4,942
  • $20 at odds of 1:2,100
  • $15 at odds of 1:1,293
  • $10 at odds of 1:132
  • $5 at odds of 1:280
  • $4 at odds of 1:77
  • $3 at odds of 1:14
  • $2 at odds of 1:10

The overall odds of winning a prize in Fantasy 5 are 1:5.

Payments and Claiming of Prizes

If you win the Fantasy 5 in California jackpot, it is paid as one lump sum with no annuities. However, in the event two or more people are winners in the jackpot, it is shared equally among them. Even in the Double Play, the top prize is shared equally amongst the winners.

Online Purchases

Prizes of up to $600 are usually deposited directly into your lottery account from which you can withdraw at any time. The minimum amount you can withdraw is $10. For prizes greater than $600 but not exceeding $50,000, you will be required to submit an online claim so that your Fantasy 5 payout can be processed.

For prizes above $50,000, you will be required to submit an online claim as well as visit the lottery headquarters at 101 E. Hillsdale in Downtown Lansing to claim your prize.

Copies of your social security card and government-issued photo ID will be required to identify you and process your claim.

In-Store Purchases

Prizes of $600 and below can be claimed directly from lottery retailers. You should also bear in mind that the retailers are under no obligation to process your winnings as it is part of their customer service and not a requirement. Some of them may have restrictions of the cash they hold and so may not serve you.

For prizes greater than $600, you will be required to visit a Bank Claim Center, Regional Office, or a participating Secretary of State Branch. You will be required to identify yourself as well. Prizes up to and including $50,000 can be claimed from the Regional Office within office hours 8 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. Monday through Friday. For prizes above $50,000, they can be claimed from the lottery headquarters.

In Michigan, the Regional Offices are in Lansing, Livonia, Sterling Heights, Detroit, Grand Rapids, and Saginaw.

If you win either online or in-store, prizes of $1000 and above, the State Law requires that some amount is held to offset any outstanding debts this could even mean the entire amount.

The withholding tax is 24% in Federal Taxes and 4.25% for State Tax for any prizes greater than $5,000. For players who win the Michigan Lottery and are not residents of the United States, their winnings above $600 will be subjected to a 30% Federal Tax and 4.25% State Tax.

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