Double Daily Grand Review

St. Lucia National Lottery has lots of games on offer, including 1-off, Big 4, Super 6, Scratch, Power Play, Lucky 3, and Tic Tac Toe.  On the 17th of October 2005, a new game was added to the list of existing games and it was known as the Double Daily Grand. All the lottery games which had existed before this one was done in the evenings or at night. Double Daily Grand, therefore, became the first midday game to be played in the St. Lucian market.

Over time, the game has improved and today, players have an opportunity to win massive jackpots of up to EC $2000 on a daily basis. The cost per ticket is just EC $2 per ticket. Every ticket has rules printed on the back, which is important you read them so that you do not become a victim of ignorance.

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Double Daily Grand is played 6 times a week, which means Monday through Saturday. Public holidays are excluded. For transparency purposes, drawings are broadcasted live on Radio 100 Helen FM as well as HTS television at 1.30 p.m.

How to Play Double Daily Grand

There are 22 numbers from which you are supposed to choose only 4. As opposed to the other jackpot games, Double Daily Grand doesn’t have free ticket letters. You can either choose your numbers or allow the terminal to choose for you.

The random number generator creates a random set of numbers that do not necessarily guarantee you a win but simply spread the bet. Normally, players pick numbers that relate to important events or personal assets such as house numbers, birthdays, anniversaries, and the like. If you want to play past or current winning numbers, they are available on the website.

The Double Daily Grand is available throughout St. Lucia Island stretching from Vieux Fort to Gros-Islet. All the locations are accessible because convenience is highly prioritized in this game. Just in case you are wondering whether there is an agent near you, the agent locator on the website will help you identify retail locations which are closest to you. If you are on the move, there is no reason for you to be disadvantaged because there is an option of buying tickets now for later draws.

The money that you pay to get your ticket is partly used for the various prizes under this game and partly contributes to the profits of the St. Lucia National Lottery which are then used for financial assistance in promoting sports and youth development on the island. Among the activities sponsored by the National Lottery include the establishment and maintenance of youth and sports facilities, local sporting events, coaching, training, seminars, and workshops as well as community projects.

Once you get your ticket, you should immediately sign it on the back so as to authenticate it. Being a bearer document, an unsigned ticket can easily entitle the person who picks it the chance to claim any prize the ticket wins. When you sign it, only you can claim the prize against it. Also, you should remember that a playslip is not an entry into the Double Daily Grand draw. You should have the ticket properly printed with the right dates and numbers on it. Every ticket has a serial number which means it is unique.

The Odds of Winning Double Daily Grand

Once you have your ticket ready, all you need to do is to wait for the draw. Tickets bought after the closing time are automatically entered into the next draw.

If you match all the 4 numbers that are drawn, you win the jackpot which is EC $2,000. On the other hand, if you match 3 of the 4 winning numbers, you get EC $20. However, in the event there are no jackpot winners in the particular drawing, the second category prize doubles to EC $10.

If you match 2 of the 4 numbers, you receive EC $4. These are the only prize categories available.

Drawing Fairness

To ensure the Double Daily Grand drawing is fair, independent auditors are invited to supervise the event. These auditors implement a raft of procedures and also run a series of checks to ensure fairness and integrity of the game is upheld. There is no machine or instrument that can be used to determine the draw numbers in advance. The machines used for the drawing exercise have no memory retention and allow the balls to circulate evenly and freely. This means the numbers popping up are selected randomly.

Double Daily Grand Prize Breakdown

Since the draw is aired live on TV and broadcast on radio, you can follow up to know the winning numbers. However, if you miss the live drawing, you can always visit your retail agent to confirm whether your ticket has won. Also, checking on the official St. Lucia National Lottery website will give you the correct set of winning numbers for any of the draws, you have participated or have an interest in.

If you win prize amounts which are $999 and below, you can visit your retail agent and get paid. For prizes above this value, you should claim at the main lottery office located at the Gable Woods Mall, Sunny Acres, Castries. You should carry with you a valid picture ID. If you have questions you want addressed before you commence the claiming process, you can always call the St. Lucia National Lottery any time between 8 a.m. and 4.30 p.m.

Jackpots won under this game are not taxable. This means you retain all the money you have won in the game. All prizes must be claimed within a period of not more than 90 days following the draw date.

Responsible Play

The lottery games offered by St. Lucia National Lottery are intended for fun at the least cost possible. This is why they always insist that you play responsibly. Playing Double Daily Grand should be purely for entertainment and fun. As such, your expenditure should not exceed what you can afford to lose. It is important that you have an entertainment budget from which you can use to play. You can set a spending limit and once you reach it, you stop playing. On the other hand, you can also set a time limit so that you do not spend the entire day betting.

Match Prize
4 out of 4 Jackpot
3 out of 4 EC$20
2 out of 4 EC$4

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