California State Lottery Review

The Golden State Lottery is sometimes referred to as one of the oldest lotteries in the United States, and for almost two decades, it made plenty of millionaires. It was introduced in 1984 with the first lottery commissioners to be appointed the next year while the popular games of Lotto and Scratchers were added in 1986. Every week, thousands of people check out the California lottery results to see whether they've won in one of the numerous games offered by this comprehensive package.

Mega Millions and Powerball Draw Huge Crowds

CA Lottery introduced the Mega Millions back in 2004, and unlike other states who are a part of this lottery, in California, the jackpots have different amounts. California lottery results carry extra weight because, due to this original system, the second-tier prizes can occasionally grow out of proportions. Now and then, those who match all regular numbers without the Mega Ball win considerably more than what their counterparts from different states receive for the same performance.

California Powerball Lottery is a much recent addition as the first games were held one year ago in November, and it's been a huge success ever since. Among the similarities between Powerball CA and Golden State Mega Millions, the most important one is that second-tier prizes are boosted. The secondary jackpot is the result of unique implementations of rules, and the solution enjoys widespread support.

Daily Games Gain Traction with the CA Lottery

There are three types of games that fit nicely into this category, with Daily 3 being the easiest version, hence the most popular one. Those who want to play California daily three game choose three digits ranging from 0 to 9, which can be played as straights or a box, and the price of a ticket is the same, one dollar. CA Daily 3 can also be played in consecutive draws, with the advance play feature increasing the validity of a ticket for up to 14 successive draws. Daily 4 is quite similar, played by the same rules, and just as the name suggests, the draws take place daily.

When checking out California lottery results, many players make sure they don't miss out on the results of the Daily Derby, basically a mock horse racing game. Players get to choose the time of a virtual race and select the horses or the race time and then wait for the televised draw. The cost of a ticket is $2 per play, but those who purchase these tickets have the chance of winning much more if they correctly predict the winner of the derby, not to mention they get to watch the race live.

Fantasy 5 and SuperLotto Plus are the Icings on the Cake

The California State Lottery has recently introduced two new games and given their success, it is only safe to assume that both are here to stay. Fantasy 5 will set you back only one dollar to play, and the jackpot exceeds $50,000, with draws taking place every day. California lottery fantasy five demands players to match five lucky numbers out of a total of 39. The ticket can be played up to twelve draws, and there is even a second chance draw that can propel winners to the set of the "Make Me A Millionaire" show.

The other game goes by the name of SuperLotto Plus, and it is only available in this state, being an excellent addition to the CA Lottery. It has a long history of 17 years, and the jackpot starts at $7 million, while winners are presented with the option to receive the money as a lump payment or as an annuity. SuperLotto Plus winning numbers are highlighted on the official website, with five being extracted out of a play pool of 47 balls before the additional Mega Number is chosen.

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