You Only Need Permission from You to Be a Lottery Player

You Only Need Permission From You To Be A Lottery Player

Becoming a Lottery Player – Who You Should Ask

Do you have faith in yourself to become a lottery player? Do you have what it takes to deal with profits and losses? Do you have a passion for the game of lottery? If so, who should you ask? No one. You don’t need to ask anyone if you want to be a lottery player, the only person you need to seek permission from is yourself, honestly speaking.

A lot of people think that since they’re considered immature by their parents, or maybe they’re in a serious relationship with someone who has to be asked for every single thing, that they should seek their permission to be a lottery player. No need. You don’t need anyone’s permission all you have to make sure is that if you permit yourself to be a lottery player, you and you alone are responsible for your actions. You will be responsible for your state of mind, your profits, losses, stress and excitement. That’s something you just can’t run away from.

The Pros of Permitting Yourself to Be a Lottery Player

Permitting yourself to be a lottery player is like you’re working from home without a boss – like a freelancer. So what are the pros of permitting yourself to be a lottery player? You don’t have anyone to tell you how to play the lottery so no one can be your ‘boss’. You don’t have to explain yourself to anyone if you lose or win, it all goes in your pocket, so it depends on you if you want to share the news or not! You are not responsible for anyone’s loss or profit, and you are not going to be blamed for not picking certain numbers which were not your lucky numbers to start with. You can leave anytime to buy your lottery ticket while you enjoy your life on the other hand! But then every coin has two sides, right?

The Cons of Permitting Yourself to Be a Lottery Player

Now this one’s tough, to be honest, but let’s assume that you lost a sum of money by picking certain numbers, now you have no one to blame! If you lost too much of money, there’s no one to share the loss with, which means you’re responsible to replenish your bankroll yourself. You can’t request anyone to help you buy the lottery ticket while you complete a deadline at work! You have no one to share your lottery blues, especially if you want to try out new numbers. But honestly none of these cons matter. You can be your own boss and that’s important!

Permit Yourself to Be a Lottery Player

If you have it in you to be a lottery player, don’t push yourself away. If you absolutely love the game of lottery don’t let anyone or anything come between you. Give yourself some freedom, give yourself a chance to do what you want to do, give yourself some confidence and permit yourself to be a lottery player. You don’t need anyone to tell you that you can’t do it. It’s now or never! So close your eyes, take a nice deep breath and start playing the lottery like a boss!

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