Will You Share USA Powerball Jackpot with Your Family?

Will You Share USA Powerball Jackpot with Your Family?

It is the dream of all lottery players. But even people who are not playing the lottery also dream of winning the USA Powerball Jackpot. Good luck with that, if you don’t buy a Powerball ticket, you simply can win it.

Thanks to the widespread of the World Wide Web, it’s become easier to learn more about the stories of the lottery winners. You can browse the net and learn more about the fate of a given lottery winner.

I’m pretty sure that you’ve fantasized about winning the jackpot and what you’d do with all that money. The key question here is, would you share the USA Powerball Jackpot with your family?

You Just Won the Powerball Jackpot – Congratulations! You are Doomed

People are cannot even imagine the pressure that comes with such a big amount of money. Money is power, and with great power comes great responsibility, spoken by the mouth of Ben, Spiderman’s uncle. The lottery community has witnessed many unfortunate stories, how family and friends are lost, how winners despite winning millions, end up broke, just because they couldn’t deal with the situation.

It’s the Ying & Yang. A Balance must be maintained. Although it sounds easy, believe me, it’s not. I’ve  talked with psychologists on this topic. In summary, winning the jackpot is like putting a person who has never run a mile in their life to race with the leading marathon and sprint runners. It’s too much!

In a way, you just got the sources to solve all of your financial problems, if there are any, but you’re about to be struck by a plethora of social issues.

Regardless of the Size of the Jackpot – It’s Never Enough

This is so true. It doesn’t matter how much you win, it will never be enough. Even if you’ve won the record breaking Powerball jackpot of $1.5b, I’m pretty sure it will not be enough to meet the needs and the wants of all people that you consider close.

First and foremost, the people around you that are not playing the lottery think that you get the full advertised amount. However, you need to pay your taxes, and the lottery also deducts a hefty share if you decide to claim the prize all at once. Now go and explain this to them.

The biggest problem is, people come out of the woodwork, asking, even begging for money. Sure, they’ll congratulate you, but should you “fall for this”? I’m 100% positive they envy you, and they have every reason to do so. However, this does not mean they should get a share of the pie. You take the credit, you take the money. From here on, it’s up to you, which leads us to the next point.

There are Two Outcomes – You Can Be Selfish or You Can Be Without a Family

You can have it all. Even as a multimillionaire you can’t have it all. I guess, this is the reason why some of the wealthiest people in the world feel lonely, despite their hefty bank accounts.

In the end, there are two outcomes. You can prepare to be called greedy, selfish or you can suck it up and share your newly acquired fortune with your family and your closest friends. Even if you do decide to share, people around you are greedy. The prize you’ve won has its limits and I’m pretty sure everybody will want to squeeze a bit more out of the situation. If I ever won the USA Powerball jackpot, I’d go public, and I’d move to the other side of the world, at least for a couple of years, until the dust settles.

Another good option is to not share with anyone else, except your closest family, maybe treat your parents and your siblings with a share of the prize. After all, they raised and you’ve grown up with them. I think this is the most righteous, fair thing you can do. This looks good on paper, but once you try to put it into practice, the results are rather strange.

Many Have Tried to Balance Things Even

Kind hearted people have won lottery jackpots. Moreover, people with good intentions have won the USA Powerball jackpot as well. However, there seems to be some kind of a curse. Yes, the majority of Powerball lives comfortable and carefree lives, but that tiny share of that pool has been through a lot.

It all starts with the family members being greedy, asking for more. Friends start to approach you, asking for a loan, to start a business or whatnot. If you don’t give the money to them, they’ll call you names, get angry, gossip, etc. People who value their social life, the interactions, fall for this easily. They don’t want to lose the people who are part of their life. Nonetheless, people who will approach you asking for money are like addicts. Once they know they can get their fix from you, they’ll keep coming back.

Best Case Scenario – You Stay Anonymous

There’s a very good reason why the lottery operator gives the opportunity to stay anonymous. You will be allowed to pay the tax bill and all other expenses in the dark. Nobody will know it’s you who won the lottery. Simply move away for a year or two. There won’t be friends from high school knocking on your door because they’ve seen your face on TV next to some gigantic amount of money.

Personally, I’d also give a bit of money to my closest family so they don’t have to worry about any bills, pay out any mortgages. Basically, settle all debts and maybe give them a monthly allowance they can withdraw, so they don’t do anything crazy. Do not worry, eventually you’ll be able to fully enjoy your hard earned prize.

The people who should know, will find out. Most likely, you will be the one to tell them. I know, it’s hard to keep a secret such as that.

I recommend staying in the dark if you don’t know exactly what to do. This is a major event, and you must be prepared to tackle any problems that might come in your way.

Being Anonymous Gives You More Control of the Situation

This is the only reason why I recommend Powerball jackpot winners staying anonymous. You are in control of who learns of your colossal jackpot. You are in charge who gets a share of the money without hurting anyone’s feelings. Sounds about right?

You betcha. You see, the longer you wait to share your wealth with your family, the better the decision will be once you decide with whom you’re going to share it, and how much, of course. People who deserve a comfy, yet modest life, will be there for you, regardless if you’re one of the richest persons in your region or not. Time is the best filter there is. See how people treat you when you’re just an average person, and how they do when you tell them you have a 8 or 9 digit cash balance.

Final Verdict – Share Your USA Powerball Jackpot, But do It Wisely

It sounds the best decision. To be honest, I’m pretty sure all of the Powerball jackpot winners have handed out money to their families. Those who are not put on the “wall of destroyed jackpot winners” maybe have done so as well, but they’ve done it poorly.

Share it, but share it wisely! You want to make the world of your family better. You don’t want to corrupt them. After all, it’s highly likely that they haven’t done a thing to bring you closer to the jackpot. Don’t hold a grudge, open your wallet. It’s the best and easiest way to enter somebody’s heart, if they have one, that is.

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