Why Winning Small Prizes Doesn’t Make You a Lottery Winner?

Why Winning Small Prizes Doesn't Make You a Lottery Winner?

Do I even have to repeat the title? As it says, winning secondary prizes does not make you a winner. It’s as simple as that. Many of you would argue that if you win a prize you are a lottery winner, but I tend to disagree. I have a few arguments of my own to back this claim! I’m prepared!

Any lottery comes with several tiers of prizes. The more numbers you’ve guessed correctly, the bigger the prizes are. If you happen to be a beginner lottery player, it might be difficult for me to bring you closer to the matter concerning the title. Nevertheless, I have to give it a shot.

Small Prizes Are Not Life-Changing

I’m starting with the obvious. Winning $100 won’t change your life. It might change your point of view, but it certainly won’t be enough to buy the apartment you always wanted, the car you’re dreaming of, or the pay for the holiday you so desire. On the other hand, winning the jackpot of a few millions of dollars certainly can.

There are certain secondary prizes that can make a change, but not to an extent a jackpot can. What’s a life changing amount according to you? What amount of money can make a substantial change for the better in your life, or for worse? I have to point that out, after all, many lottery winners have experienced changes that made their lives worse. However, I have no doubts about your money management and investment skills. You will hire a professional accountant and a manager, right?

Secondary Lottery Prizes Are Meant to be Source of Lottery Funds

That’s right! I view secondary prizes as a source of money that should eventually get me to the first prize. I’m not playing the lottery for any consolation prizes. I got my eyes on the jackpot. Nonetheless, in order to get there, I need the money! Imagine a lottery without any other prizes besides the jackpot, besides the first prize. It’d be boring as hell! Sure, there still will be many people trying to win the one and only prize, the jackpot. It’ll also be one fast growing jackpot!

But, there’s a big but. None of these players would be in the game for a long time. I use this opportunity to say thank you to the people who came up with the idea of secondary prizes. If it weren’t for them, lottery players would have to spend much more money! A skilled lottery player covers all costs related to lottery with these dear small prizes.

Small Prizes Are Not the Ultimate Objective of Lottery Players

When I started playing the lottery, all I knew was that I had to match all numbers and win the jackpot. That was it. Nobody was talking about any small prizes. That’s because, the only, the ultimate objective of any lottery player is the first prize, the jackpot!

Any game has its rules, but any game also comes with some sort of an objective that needs to be accomplished. Have your eyes on the prize. Not any prize, but the first prize!

Sure, a smaller prize can make your day, but the jackpot can make your life! Whenever I win a small prize I say to myself, “You’re getting there old boy”. It’s not that I don’t like small prizes, I do, but I know that I have to win the first prize in order to say “You did it old boy”.

There’s No Fame and Fortune for Coming in Second

Sure, there comes a time when the news media don’t have anything else to cover, so they pay attention to secondary prizes, say $50,000 or $100,000. This kind of news looks ridiculous. People who are not in the lottery will be jealous, but not me. However, I do get jealous when I hear about a player who won the lottery who lives in my state.

If you want to be rich and famous, winning the lottery is a great way to become both! Your persistence pays off. At least in my experience and knowledge, persistence breeds results in the long run. The kicker being, you have to make great sacrifices. Small lottery prizes are a breath of fresh air, especially during a losing spree. I do not wish anyone a losing spree. Lottery as a game tends to punish lottery players who are not playing it properly.

To get back on point, I don’t remember the last time somebody became famous for being 2nd. We all know who the 1st person on the Moon is, but do you know who’s the 2nd? 90% of the people haven’t got the slightest clue. I’ll tell you, it was Bull Aldrin. And he hates being called the 2nd man on the Moon.

There’s Only One Top of the Hill

Like our dear 2nd man on the Moon, Mr. Aldrin, nobody likes being 2nd. Everybody remembers the 1st, mainly because that’s where the fame and fortune hide. Find them by playing the lottery as efficiently, as effectively as possible. Don’t feel discouraged if you’re winning secondary prizes constantly. That’s a good thing! An extra $50 here, another $20 there means extra money going into your budget. Bear in mind, do not spend all the rewards immediately. Stick to your regular spending, and invest only when necessary.

The bottom line is, there’s only one top of the hill. Only one player can become king of the hill. Well, yes, you can share the jackpot, that’s an option, but you’re still at the top of the hill, standing shoulder to shoulder to another jackpot winner. This is common, especially when dates like numbers are drawn from the drum.