What Are the Weirdest Lottery Games in the World?

Top 5 Weirdest Lottery Games in the World

In order to stand out from the competition, lottery operators are doing virtually everything they can just to make their product unique. Some operators reach out for rather weird ideas that, believe it or not actually work. Others just tweak the game rules a bit, for instance, expecting that they can use this to their advantage. I, personally, am against this kind of changes that are made for the sake of promotion and advertising.

If you want my attention, increase my odds of winning, increase the pool prize or simply make the lottery tickets more affordable.

Regardless of what I think, unfortunately, the market is taking a different approach that’s not in line with my preferences. Here we’re going to take a look at the 5 weirdest lottery games of the world. Note, I’d recommend trying out some of these just for the sake of entertainment, not profit. Being unique or weird, doesn’t make you useful. Imagine a twisted fork, can you eat with it? Ok, now imagine a bacon scented scratch card, can you profit? Sure you can. Can you win a lot? I highly doubt that.

Chocolate Scented Scratch Cards – A Sweet Lottery Win

Before I go any deeper, do not eat the ticket. I repeat, do not eat it. The Texas Lottery came up with the idea to release chocolate scented scratch-off lottery tickets just in time for Valentine’s day. To be honest, I’m fine with this idea, but only as long as it’s taking place before and during Valentine’s day. As you might expect, the Chocolate Scented Lottery Scratch-Off cards became an instant hit becoming one of the top 10 selling scratch-off cards during that period.

The cards cost $5 and the top prize is $100,000 which we must admit is reasonable. These cards are the perfect gift for your S/O if he or she is into a lottery. There’s nothing like saying “Here, I know you like chocolate, but I know you like playing the lottery as well, so I bought you chocolate scented scratch-off cards”. A real token of love and appreciation. One ticket gives you 20 chances to win $100,000. Imagine how your S/O would feel if he/she wins just in time for Valentine’s day. Now that’s a great way to celebrate love and devotion.

If You’re Not into Sweets and Candy Try the Bacon Scented Scratch-Off Cards

If you find chocolate scented scratch off cards not interesting, you should try the bacon scented scratch-off cards offered by the a relatively new Missouri Lottery. It’s called the Makin’ Bacon and they’re still available. One ticket costs only $5 and with it players have a chance to win up to 15 times. The top prize is set at generous $100,000.

Bear in mind, there’s another bacon scented lottery where players can win a bacon instead of money. It’s more of a promotion stunt for the Hoosier Lottery and a local NGO, which is representing hog farmers. So what’s the 1st prize? Believe it or not, it’s a 20 year supply of bacon. You can get as much as you want for 20 long years. I’m 100% you’re not going to become vegetarian, at least during this 20 year period.

A Modern, Unique and Free Lottery – Go Green

It’s not weird in terms of the game rules or how the tickets actually look, but how these operators are making money and still rewarding players without selling any tickets. This wasn’t possible a few decades ago, that’s before the introduction of the internet and the advent of online marketing and advertising. If you do a short research you’ll find out that there are lottery operators who are not charging their players yet still rewarding.

But, where does this money come from? Well, I already gave you a hint. It’s ads. Players can only access the lottery platform via smartphones and tablets, in other words only with mobile devices. This! This is what I like the most. I don’t care about bacon or chocolate, all I care is about making my lottery play efficient and effective as it can be. Then again, this article is about the top 5 weirdest lottery games in the world, not about the ones I like the most, right? It’s not bizarre, but it certainly is weird, a bit, for this time period at the very least.

Lotteries with 90 Numbers in the Drum – What In the World, WHY?

As if it’s not difficult enough to win the lottery with 60 numbers? So you had to put in an extra 30? Why would you create a lottery with 90 numbers? I doubt that there are any lottery winners that actually win playing this kind of lotteries. To me this is weird. What I find even weirder is the fact that there are people who take part in these lotteries. If you’re one of them, you better start playing a different lottery. It’s not fun playing if you don’t win.

Custom Made Scratch-Off Cards – You Set the Limits

You can organize your own lottery. The lottery can take many shapes and sizes, you are in charge of what the rules will be. People can order a custom set of scratch off cards, with their own design, own set of prizes. I’ve seen scratch off cards in pubs, night clubs where the prizes include cocktails, entry tickets, entrance to the VIP area for a limited time period, etc. Furthermore, in recent years I’ve seen that people are ordering scratch offs for special promotions, for instance, when a new shop is being opened or something of that sort. There are good ones, but these scratch-offs can be just plain stupid. What makes these weird? The people who design them and order them. They can be stupid, but they’re always fun!

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