Weird Lottery Prizes That Will Flabbergast You! Here’s What you Get When You Win!

Weird lottery prizes

Normally when an avid lottery lover wins a lottery he expects to bring home a gigantic amount of cash and maybe a bottle of expensive wine to celebrate his victory with his family and friends. While this holds true for most lottery players there are some who, upon winning a lottery, happily pack their bags and learn to drive, leaving behind the life they lived before winning the lottery. Wait, what was that? Yes, you heard that right! Introducing; rather unveiling weird lottery prizes that will flabbergast you! Here’s what you get when you win!

The Big One – Move-in to your Grand Home or Trade for Cash

So why is it called ‘the big one’? Because it is! What else would you call a 7,689 square foot mansion that is fully furnished, professionally decorated and landscaped by none other than Jack A. Celli? This year’s big one on Princess Margaret Home Lottery is originally worth $3.85 million and also comes with a 2014 Audi Q5 valued at approximately $50,000! The lucky winner gets to keep either an exquisite mansion along with a car or take the cash home instead!

Super Exotic and Luxurious Cars

Forget about the mansion if you already own a gigantic house designed by a professional architect (sarcasm!) how about exotic and luxurious cars? Talk about weirdness, these cars aren’t the ordinary ones you find jam-packed on the roads, some are worth over $145,000! If you don’t know how to drive and don’t have the patience to learn, why not take the cash instead? Yep, that’s the deal – take the lottery prize or take the cash.

Deluxe VIP Trips

Have you always wanted to travel, but could never afford it? How about winning a deluxe trip for two to one of the most fascinating places on earth? Confused much? When you win a lottery, you and your partner get to travel to exotic destinations where you can enjoy a number of activities provided completely free of cost. Yep, you read that right! From sightseeing to sports, VIP cruises, theatre shows, sexy beaches and much, much more! If you decide not to travel for any reason, you can take home a cash prize worth a trip for one. Well, something’s better than nothing. But if you really, really want to impress or make someone feel special, a trip might work the magic, don’t you think?

Electronic Gadgets and Sports Equipment

Imagine you won a lottery and you go to collect your prize; when you reach there they hand over a 90-inch LED television worth over $11,000 to you. How cool is that? Or is it? Lottery winners have reportedly won cool electronic gadgets starting from televisions to home theatres, speakers, headphones, laptops, desktops, cameras, camcorders, food processors, iPods and much more. Those who don’t take home electronic gadgets receive mountain bikes or various gift cards as their lottery prize! Now that’s the spirit, but you know the deal right?

Furniture, Home Appliances and Jewellery

As weird as it sounds, bedroom furniture, dining table sets, vacuum cleaners, coffee makers, portable outdoor heaters, Lawnmowers, camping packages, solar charging panels, jewelry and much more are also part of our list! Imagine coming home with a nice toaster?! Can’t get any weirder than that, can it?

Homes, Helicopter Rides, Vehicles, Vacations, Gadgets and Cash Prizes – For Real?

Why else would I be featuring them as weird lottery prizes that will flabbergast you?! They are real, but whether they’re worth it or not, only a lottery winner can tell. Of course you might love the idea of having your own home or car or have the ability to travel to exotic destinations, people who don’t win the goodies often end up saying they’re not worth it. Not sure how they would have reacted if they were winners though! All in all, they may be weird, but these lottery prizes are definitely worth the shot mainly because the proceeds from them are used for a good cause – helping those in need. It’s a win-win situation in my opinion!

What’s the Deal?

The deal is simple – take the lottery prize or take the cash. Depending on what you win, you can either take home the lottery prize or if you prefer cash over asset, you can take home the equivalent amount of cash as your lottery prize. That, in my opinion, is weirdly convenient! If you like what you see, take it home and if you don’t, take the cash instead!

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