UK National Lottery winner rebuilds her life

UK National Lottery winner

It is said that money doesn’t bring happiness and there are plenty of examples of people whose lives changed for the worse after winning a huge amount. Although generally most of the UK National Lottery winners made the most of their good fortune and enjoy the best thing in life, there are several noteworthy examples of people who failed. Callie Rogers is one of them and her story was in the news for a long time after winning the equivalent of almost $3 million one decade ago.

A small fortune gone to waste

Callie Rogers has been just 16 years old when she won the UK National Lottery so it comes as no surprise that she was completely overwhelmed by her luck. Initially, she told the media that she plans on acting as a responsible adult, but eventually succumbed to temptation. She spent her money on all the wrong things including drugs and her fortune melted away in just a matter of years. The difference between the initial plans and what actually happened is staggering, with the teenager being unable to convert the lottery fortune into a reliable source of income for the rest of her life.

She spent her money in a matter of years and by 2011 she was already broke, with two kids and a declining health. Not only her body failed her but also her mind as Callie Rogers attempted suicide four times, unable to cope with the tremendous pressure. A sad chapter of her childhood was also made public at this time, with Rogers discloses an instance of sexual abuse. The trauma caused by this dramatic event in conjunction with her inability to properly administer a huge amount of money led to her downfall.

Picking up the pieces

A decade after winning the UK National Lottery, Callie Rogers appears to finally be on the right track despite the fact that she is not even remotely rich. She struggles to keep up with a relatively low income and looks after her three kids, while dating someone new. Everything she does is with the purpose of picking up the pieces and building a better life for herself, but only time will tell how successful she will be in this attempt.

She has a coherent plan and plans on becoming a registered nurse, convinced that she would’ve been happier without the UK National Lottery prize. Her children are too young to remember the time when money was not of the essence so they don’t miss it and are very happy with their current life. Her example serves as a cautionary tale for other lottery players not to commit the same mistakes and use the newfound fortune to improve their lives without indulging into a decadent lifestyle.

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