Top 5 Lottery Mistakes That Cost You Money! If You’re Doing Any of These, Stop Right Now!

Top 5 Lottery Mistakes

Lottery Mistakes – Why People Make Them

Alright, although people do make mistakes, it’s not like they do it on purpose. Lottery players who make lottery mistakes also don’t make them by choice, it just happens, most of the times, without any knowledge. So why do people make lottery mistakes? Well, it’s simple, because they get “carried away”, but as soon as they gain their sanity, the reality, once again, turns into a dream. If you have won the lottery and you’re about to bring your fortune home, you need to understand that lottery mistakes take less than a second to happen, but it can spoil your entire happiness of winning the lottery. Don’t believe me? Here, take a look at my list of the top 5 lottery mistakes that can cost you money, lots of money:

Lottery Mistake #1 – Finding True Love a Minute after Winning the Lottery

Please people, WAKE the heck UP! Some lottery winners might think that their luck extended so much that the moment they won the jackpot, they found true love. This isn’t true, and that’s not true love, at all. If you’re a man, your true love is probably a hot woman in her 20s’ claiming she has always loved you from the moment she saw you (which is a minute ago) and after that you’re going to be paying her bills, lots and lots of bills. Don’t make this lottery mistake.

Lottery Mistake #2 – Trusting New People to Be Your Best Friend

Yes the guy who spoke to you like you were his whole world is not your best friend and probably never will be. This is a dangerous lottery mistake that you can make, trusting new people and making them your best friend. Some people have gone to the extent that they even gave away their winning lottery ticket to these so called best friends and never got a penny out of it. It’s your money talking, not your personality. Deal with it.

Lottery Mistake #3 – My Luck Has Just Started And Won’t Stop!

This is a stupid lottery mistake really. I know of some people who won a few thousands and immediately hit the poker felt because they felt they were very lucky on that day. They lost everything they won and even lost another $200 from their own personal pockets to pay for the poker chips. Can you see this happening to you? If you have just won the lottery, claim your winnings and go home. Order a pizza and some wine and celebrate at home, and when you snap back to reality, do something wise with your fortune and stop believing in luck streaks.

Lottery Mistake #4 – Buy a House for Yourself, Not For Your Country

How many times have you heard that lottery winners have bought acres and acres worth of a house for their family of four? This is a lottery mistake you must avoid. You don’t need a GINORMOUS house, you need a decent house, enough for your family, not enough for a whole frickin’ village. Most of the time lottery players who make this lottery mistake are found repenting and selling off their property to have a decent lunch.

Lottery Mistake #5 – Spending like there’s No Tomorrow

The moment some lottery winners take home their big fat check, the next moment their wives or girlfriends are booked for boob implants, beauty therapy and what not. They guys go ahead and buy crazy stuff like a coffee table aquarium, shark jet, puppy lights and what not. Years later they regret this. Do they really need this? No. why do they go ahead and do it then? Well, like I said earlier, they get carried away and try to get everything they’ve always wanted. Whether they need it or not is not their problem anymore – they have the money and money can buy it. But this is a very dangerous lottery mistake and you, as a sane lottery player, should avoid it. I’m not saying you shouldn’t buy things, but limit your spending, don’t get stuff you’re not even going to use in your life.

With that, I leave you now in search for my latest article topic! I really hope that this piece was able to alert you of the silly lottery mistakes some players make; you should avoid them because you want your fortune to grow for your generations, right? Be proud of being a lottery player, but be more proud if you avoid these stupid lottery mistakes!

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