Top 4 Lottery Pranks 2016 – The Best and Most Devious of Them All

Top 4 Lottery Pranks 2016

Every once in a while I like to fool around. Pull some pranks on my friends, despite some of them ending with a bitter grin, I still haven’t lost a friend because of this. However, some of the most memorable pranks I’ve pulled were on my friends I met in the local lottery club. 2016 was an exciting year, both in terms of returns and other activities related to the lottery. I consider pranking as a bonding process, as long as there’re are no injuries and nobody’s feelings are hurt. Or in other words, nobody takes the pranks seriously. After all, we could all have some fun, even at times of poor lottery results.

Here are the top pranks I can point out. I pranked some of my friends with the below listed pranks. Some ended ok, others not so much. Regardless, here are the top lottery pranks for the year 2016! Unofficially!

Fake Winning Lottery Ticket – Pulled This One on My Friend, Worked Like a Charm

This one is a classic, I know, but I couldn’t resist the temptation of pulling it on one of my best friends who’s into lottery as well. So I talked to some people and I checked if they can make a fake winning lottery ticket, an exact, identical replica of his favorite scratch cards. It was a struggle I must admit, but it was totally worth it. It took a couple of days to sort out all the details. So I got the ticket, I bought a bunch of other legit scratch cards. I started scratching off the legit ones. You guessed it, I was on a losing spree. I told my friend “here, I think the guy who works in the shop gave me an extra card, you should have it”. Scratch cards are OK, but nothing beats FREE lottery scratch cards! He was delighted and appreciated very much. For a moment, I felt bad for him, but I was sure he won’t take it personally.

Once he scratched of all fields, he started jumping, screaming of joy. I went with the flow, congratulated him, and told him he never had to worry about financial matters again.

To be honest, he looked crushed once I told him that it’s a fake ticket. Although he didn’t admit, it was apparent. I like the fact that he really liked it and he admired the effort I’ve put in the whole prank.  He promised he will pull the same prank on a friend of his.

Lost & Found Lottery Ticket – Simple & Easy to Pull

You can do this in two ways. The first involves attaching an older lottery ticket to a transparent string or cord of some kind. I used a fishing cord. Yes, I love fishing besides being a passionate lottery player. I attached it with a bit of glue from the back side so it’s not visible. The victim, my S/O. I knew the exact time she was coming from work. Now, she knows I’m into the lottery and she knew exactly the lotteries I played, so I had to buy a lottery ticket other than the ones I’m already into. She fell for it!

I was hiding behind a mailbox. There was snow, which made the whole prank much easier to pull. Plus, it was windy! As she approached the ticket she noticed it. This was the breaking point. If she had failed to spot it, the prank would’ve failed.

At the moment she noticed it, she carefully tried to get it off the snow, at which moment I pulled it, getting it out of her reach. The clever girl she is, she suspected that something was not right, so I had to give her a shot on her next attempt. She got the ticket in her hands, turned it over to see what’s on the other side and all she could read was “You’re an idiot! Got you!” I started laughing out loud. She heard me and it was easy to realize that she’s angry at me. I admit it, I am a clown, but I know she loves. We spent a night without talking at all. Not all pranks can end well.

This One is For Tech Savvy Lottery Players – You Need a Computer and A Lottery Ticket

Now I haven’t pulled this one off, but I know it works, at least for a brief moment. All you need is a lottery ticket, regardless of the outcome, meaning it doesn’t matter if it’s a winning or a losing lottery ticket. The difficult part is finding the draw when your numbers were winning ones. Plus, you have to adjust the screen size to cover the date when the draw took place.

You need to choose your victim carefully. The person should have no idea how the lottery works. As far as your victim should know, he/she should be able to know that the numbers on the ticket should match the winning numbers.

It Takes a Group Effort – The Best of the Best Lottery Pranks

I love this one! However, you will need the help of your closest friends. The best victim would be a passionate lottery player who hasn’t won a considerable lottery prize in a long time. The longer the drought period, the better the prank will be. It’s pretty straightforward. Organize a group of people, say 5-10 people plus your victim. Get yourself a fake winning lottery ticket, explain your friends the whole idea of the prank and get to work. Check the lottery results, start screaming in joy that you’ve won millions of dollars. Get your friends to join you in the celebration, congratulating you, enjoy in the expression of your friend who hasn’t won in a long time. PRICELESS.

In all honesty, there are a lot of lottery pranks, but these are the ones I find best.

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