Top 3 Reasons You Should Start Playing The Lottery Before Your 20s!

You Should Start Playing The Lottery Before Your 20s

Alright, I know you must be thinking playing the lottery is always a good idea, right? But not, not really because sometimes, especially if you’re old, you hardly have the time to enjoy your winnings! So I have a lot of lottery playing friends, those who you’d constantly find playing the lottery, no matter what time of the day or what occasion. What I’ve realized is that those who are young have so much fun when they win, but those who are old, they’d just buy you a round of beer and that’s it! Yeah, I know the oldies hate me for writing this, but truly, it’s not your fault – your body won’t support if you were to abruptly shake a leg the moment you win! I still love you though! 🙂 Here are the top 3 reasons why it’s always a good idea to start playing the lottery in your 20s.

# 1 – You’re Young and Can Really Celebrate

Imagine, just imagine that you’re old and you’ve just won the lottery, what next? You have family and probably kids to celebrate it with, right? But imagine if you’re in your 20s’ the first this you’re probably do is dance until you’re out of breath, drink like there’s no tomorrow, scream your lungs out and party all night, (all of which old people can’t do!) and still be ready for work, hopefully, the next morning!

#2 – You Don’t Have To Worry About Working Again Anymore!

If you’re old, you’ve probably already worked a regular job for most of your life, but if you’re playing the lottery in your 20s’ well guess what! You don’t have to worry about a regular job if you know exactly how to invest your money to make it help and benefit you. If you’re old, it doesn’t even matter anymore, maybe you can use the money to pay off mortgages or something, but for a youngster, life has just begun!

#3 – You Can Still Work If Nothing Pans Out Well

There are two ways of looking at this: suppose you won the lottery, but didn’t use it well, and say in 2 years you’re back to square one, that’s okay, you still have enough energy to work again, but imagine if you’re old? If you’re old and you’re broke, there’s nothing you can do, but depend on others to help you financially and that, to me, is a pretty depressing thing to think about. Another way of looking at it is that you’re playing the lottery, but you haven’t won anything yet. You can still continue working without worrying, but this is not the case for old people. If they have no funds, they have to depend on someone to help them financially so that they can continue playing the lottery. See what I’m saying?

Why it’s A Good Idea to Start Playing the Lottery Early

Of course the saying goes, “it’s never too late,” but I think when it comes to the lottery the right saying is, “The earlier, the better!” If you’re young and love playing the lottery, don’t lose hope because you still have a long way to go and it’s possible that on your way you might pick up a jackpot or two to celebrate your life about!

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