To Find Out How Stupid You Are, You Should Win the Lottery

To Find Out How Stupid You Are, You Should Win the Lottery

Every single lottery player is on a good way to become the next lottery winner. Some more, others less. Regardless, that life changing amount of money is there on the horizon, you just need to go the distance and hopefully scoop it away. But, winning the lottery is a bliss to the same extent it’s a curse. People dream about it, wish for it for ages. Once they are in a situation to cash in millions of dollars, they simply lose it. The stupidity comes to the surface. You have no idea how stupid people can be once you give them piles of cash.

Over the past few decades lottery players have done some outrageous, plainly stupid things. Believe it or not, these people have made history. I know a lot of them, but for the sake of brevity, I’m going to keep them to a minimum. Learn from their mistakes!

Losing It All Due to Backstabbing People

When you buy a lottery ticket it doesn’t have your name on it. Giving your ticket to some of your friends or even family members doesn’t seem ludicrous. But, handing over a winning lottery ticket with millions to be cashed in is a crazy thing to do. I know that all of you are aware that once you know you’re the winner you should sign the ticket. This safeguards you are the winner of the ticket since the ticket has your name on it.

Now, I can’t blame Etta May for doing exactly this since she gave the ticket to her son Ronnie. He cashed in the jackpot, went on a spending spree. Ronnie was spending the money as if it was his own. It’s sad that a son would do such a thing to his own mother. Then again, i can’t trust anyone. Etta did a stupid thing. She was aware of the fact that she should sign the ticket, yet she didn’t. A rather similar story is the one involving Erck Cervantes and Jose Antonio Cua-Toc. Antonio was an illegal immigrant and in order to claim the jackpot he had to find someone to do it for him. Fortunately, Antonio got his cut after taxes and attorney fees following a court trial.

Being Too Goo Can Be Bad – Philanthropy Among Lottery Winners

I’m not saying you shouldn’t be generous if you win the lottery, but you should be careful to what extent you’re showing it. When somebody wins the lottery, especially when there are several hundreds of million dollars involved I immediately get the idea “if only this person gave me a million dollars”. It turns out, people like this do give out money. Take for instance Janite Lee. She was stupid enough to waste $18m. Some of these millions were spent on gambling, but a bigger chunk was given out as philanthropic acts. If you win the lottery you’re not the government. You’re not Bill Gates, who has more than $60b and has a continuous inflow of money. This was your chance of living a comfortable life without worrying about your paycheck, yet these people blew it all. If I win the lottery, I’m going to be very careful about money management.

Overspending Lottery Winnings On Stupid Things – No Comment

And by stupid I mean literally stupid. Winning millions of dollars calls for a celebration. You should call your friends, family members even a couple of people who’d like to meet you, regardless of their motives. And you should stop here. However, not every lottery winner is like you and me. Michal Caroll got carried away. He went on a buying spree, buying houses, cars, jewelry, spending money on parties that lasted a couple of days each. He won $15m, that’s a lot of cash, but if you’re spending it like a big baller the bank account will say $0 at some point in time.

Gambling Is an Epidemy among Lottery Winners

This intrigues me a lot. The lottery is designed as a form of entertainment where one or a few lucky players become richer than they’d ever imagined. You can’t compare it to lottery.  I have a hunch that these people think they are so fortunate that if they’ve won the lottery they can beat the roulette wheel or the dealer in a game of blackjack. It just doesn’t work that way. Evelyn Adam from New Jersey is the embodiment of this type of lottery winners.  She won $5.4m. The interesting part about her story is that she won this amount of money on two occasions. Evelyn Adams spent it all on gambling in Atlantic City. She ended up living alone in an RV trailer. Evelyn, how could you be so irrational? Some call it irrational, others call it stupid. Evelyn Adams is one of those players that don’t deserve to win the lottery.

The Stupidest Thing Imaginable – Gold Plated Manhood

Now I know that all of us have those wild ideas that we are never going to do. I, for instance, would want to buy an island. Our friend, Justin Reiter did the most stupidest thing I couldn’t think of. Yes, I admit. My imagination is not that big. After winning millions of dollars from the Canadian lottery Justin decided to play with this health, well-being and other things that are very important. He wanted to imitate one of James Bond villains who covered his victims testicles in gold. Reiter thought this would be a safe procedure. However, all he did was killing himself. Blood poisoning stopped his heart beating.  This is by far the stupidest and most appalling thing one lottery could’ve done. He would’ve been fine if he didn’t win the lottery.