This One Habit Will Make You a Successful Lottery Player

This One Habit Will Make You a Successful Lottery Player

Every once in a while, a member of the lottery community, a lottery player or a random person, makes an attempt to debunk one of the most popular mysteries, is there something special about lottery winners? Are they doing anything special that puts them way ahead of others? What is it?!

Well, I did my homework and I think I’m onto something. It’s not like I’ve never mentioned it before, it’s just that I didn’t view it from this perspective. Sure, I still am playing the lottery like I used, but at least, I’m not obsessing with it. Instead, I can confidently argue that there is, in fact, something successful lottery players do that makes them stand out from the general pool of players.

Do you want to become a successful lottery player? Why am I asking stupid questions?

The Devil Is in the Details – Great Lottery Players Think Alike

First and foremost, much like the saying “great minds think alike”, it’s the same with lottery players. They do think alike, yet there’s also another saying, the devil is in the details. In spite of so many details, they’re on the same frequency. These are the people you can find in lottery syndicates, these are the presidents of lottery clubs and these are the players that stay anonymous. You won’t hear about them on the news, these are the people that don’t go down the street to buy lottery tickets, other people do it for them.

This is the reason why it’s easy to generalize SUCCESSFUL lottery players. They know what they need to do, and they do it well. Well, they sure do it better than me. People who have a lot on their plate, don’t despair, you’ll get there, eventually.

Your Habits Define You as a Person, But They Also Define Your Approach to the Lottery

As Batman said it, “It doesn’t matter who you are, it’s what you do that defines you”. What’s the last thing you did that defined you in a manner you’d like to be identified with? I’m not here to judge you. I’ve grown complacent as well. It’s just a phase, at least I hope it is.

There are lottery players who buy lottery tickets only during the holiday season, there are other lottery players that subscribe to one lottery, get lottery tickets for the entire year and do not bat an eye from that point on. If they win, great, if they do not, great again! I call these indifferent lottery players.

However, successful lottery players have their eyes on the prize every day. Moreover, experienced lottery players rarely brag about their results. They mind their own business. Personally, I’m OK with people who like to chat about the lottery, but I hate obnoxious lottery players who like to show off their egos.

Successful Lottery Players aka Lottery Winners Do the Opposite of What’s Expected

I don’t know if it can be considered a habit, but it sure is what makes them special. According to a long list of lottery winners, over the past 10 years, I’ve come to a conclusion that successful lottery players do the opposite of what the majority of lottery players do. For example, they don’t play birthday numbers, they buy more than usual lottery tickets and they also have a tendency to adapt more often than usual.

And you thought it was easy to become a lottery winner?

In addition, besides doing the unexpected, the unorthodox, they never lose hope! Being adamant about the quality of your lottery numbers sure requires a lot of self confidence.

In Other Words, Lottery Winners Think Out of the Box

In simple words, they’ve turned an approach into a habit of their own. To reiterate, they do not do this self-aware, it becomes “a way of playing the lottery”. Nevertheless, it still takes dedication, persistence and hundreds of lottery draws to get where you want to. If you, for instance, do what other lottery players do, you will have to share the prize, because, there will be a lot of lottery winners.

When a successful lottery player does it, they have the prize for themselves. Oh, by the way, if you think you’re unique, you’re not. Nobody is. Most likely, there’s a player just like you, wandering, browsing the next for the next big “out of the box” thing.

Players Prone to Changes Have Better Returns

Continuous improvement is a must. By the time a player masters one thing, another fellow lottery player is already breathing in its neck. It’s why they keep on moving forward, exploring, coming up with new ways. Once again, they don’t find this outlandish, or odd, it’s just how they do things.

So, to make things clear, not only do successful lottery players do the unexpected,  they do it frequently. I’m pretty sure this didn’t become the case accidentally. I’m quite sure some of the self-proclaimed lottery experts concluded it’s better to change more often than to be a stoic, and never make any change. In mathematical terms, it’s easy to prove that changes reduce uncertainty. In addition, you also follow Einsteins advice, the one about madness.

What Should You Do? Can You Cultivate This?

I believe that you can’t force something like this, in other words, not everyone can be like this when it comes to the lottery. For starters, I get anxious when I test a new strategy, a new approach. First and foremost, I question the strategy, the approach, then I question my actions. After all, it costs real money buying lottery tickets. What happens if I don’t win? On the other hand, even if I get better returns, how can I know that this was the reason why I won?

People who are inclined to explore new ideas, new methods, they do this without knowing it, ergo, they don’t go through all of the aforementioned.

So what should you do?

Forget everything you know about the lottery. In a way, you’ll get the “beginner’s luck” syndrome. You know, when a new player starts playing the lottery and they win, but they don’t why and how they did it. Well, this will start to happen more often to you.

I recommend outlining 3+ new ideas, and trying them out, one by one. You’ll get a sense of what it actually feels like to be this successful lottery player who’s prone to change, who’s doing the unexpected, the illogical, the out of the box thing.

Don’t Hate the Player, Hate the Game

Or even better, improve and enjoy the game. Everybody has bad days. Never lose hope, because that leads to quitting, and if you quit, you can win. I know I just stated the obvious, but I want you to think a few steps ahead. However, don’t stress about your new ideas, or, don’t get obsessed with analyzing the matter. Go with the flow! If you win, nobody has to know how you did it, and why it worked for you, but not for them. Sure, people will ask you, and you will be the center of attention, but you don’t necessarily have to tell them the truth. “I have no idea what I did right and how I got here”. Sounds, strange.