The Truth about the Most Potent Form of Gambling – Video Lottery

Video lottery

What makes video lotteries popular among avid lottery players is that there is the speed of play; in just a few seconds. What makes it even better is that lottery players think they are actually challenging the machine. For them, the video lottery machine is just like another human being and they think that there must be a tough system in place; in fact, it is just a micro-chip that is randomly operating inside. When it comes to video lottery machines, there’s literally no strategy in place; in simple terms, you can beat it by playing more, not by playing well.

If you see a lottery player playing a video lottery, you will note that they are almost hypnotized, all in a trance-like state competing against a lifeless machine. The other reason why lottery players love playing the video lottery is because they are escape gamblers i.e., video lotteries help them block out all negative things in their life. In simple terms, they don’t leave until they have lost everything and are eventually forced to leave. Also, when it comes to video lotteries, avid gamblers forget that they are playing for real money.

Unknown Facts about Video Lotteries

  • If you’ve been playing the video lottery machine for several hours and you think it should pay out, think again. No one can predict when a win occurs and when you talk about video lottery terminals, you must know that the outcomes of all games are 100% random. You can do nothing to increase your chances.
  • Have you been pressing the video lottery machine buttons in a certain order or shaking the machine a little to increase your chances of winning? Well, you might have realized that nothing can influence your outcomes of winning a game. You can’t beat the machine to increase your payout!
  • Even if you’ve been playing the lotto regularly for many, many years, you can’t predict your outcome of a game. Remember, the house always wins so it is likely that you will lose more than you win.
  • Sometimes you might be only one number away from a mega win, but you must know that tickets that are close to winning are the same as tickets that are far from winning – they’re both losing tickets! No matter how frequently you play, you will never be a favorite for the video lottery machine!

Keep Your Video Lottery Gambling Fun and Entertaining

If you treat video lottery gambling as entertainment and not a way to make money, you won’t burn out easily. Set a budget for yourself and stick to it – once you’ve spent your budgeted amount, stop, relax and take a break. Don’t ever chase loses when playing the video lottery game, you can’t predict losses and wins so if you lose, take a chill pill and laugh over it. Never borrow money from others or use money intended for other purposes to play video lottery. Finally, if you absolutely can’t live without playing video lottery, try incorporating other fun activities in your life to balance your gambling activities.

Odds of Winning the Video Lottery

On different platforms, avid lottery players will be provided with a wide variety of video lottery products, each with their own pay table. As with any game, the odds of winning will vary from games, but over time, all games are designed to reimburse the player a certain percentage of their gambled dollars. Although the maximum on any single game is $500, the top prize is determined by the amount of dollars gambled.

When Video Lottery Takes Over Your World

All lottery players say they play responsibly, but amongst them is a small percentage of people who take gambling very seriously – to the point that it starts damaging their lives, their families and their workplace. To play the video lottery, a person needs three things; lots of time, money and energy. Now if these resources are spent at the expense of other obligations, it becomes a problem. To know if a person has a gambling problem, here are some signs to look out for:

  • Has no clear budget as to how much to spend on gambling,
  • Constantly defends and argues about gambling with friends and family,
  • Cannot take loses well and can’t wait to play again,
  • Feels guilty about gambling while they’re gambling,
  • Asks to lend money to play video lottery or decides to sell assets to be able to play,
  • Thinks of illegal ways of obtaining money so as to gamble,
  • Constantly calls in sick at work to be able to gamble.

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