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True stories of lottery winners

There is one ironical thing when it comes to the way society treats people who have won the lottery. Contrary to popular belief that once declared a winner people will get to hold you in higher esteem, the opposite actually happens. Interestingly enough, before you play lottery online, it helps to know what to expect in case you happen to fall under that category of people whose lives take a turn for the worst after winning the lottery. A number of lottery winners have gone through such experiences and this article will tell of the true stories of lotto winners who were looked down upon after being declared winners.

In September 2005 in West Virginia, one very lucky man by the name of Steve Granger played the lottery as usual and was fortunate enough to be declared winner of a whopping $900,000. Just like many lottery players would do, he got down to paying his taxes and after all that he put away some chunk of it for his and his wife’s retirement. By any standards, he was wise and did not go wasting the money on liquor and drugs but was prudent enough in his spending. Basically, he was an honorable lotto winner. The people who knew about how he got to play the lottery online and win were aware of his story and some of them stood in awe of him because they considered him ‘lucky’.

Just like there is always two sides to the coin, lucky Mr. Granger had a share of people who viewed him negatively. These lotto snobs were bent on looking down on him and at one point he got to hear of someone speaking in an ugly tone saying ‘there go the lottery people’. He had not shown any reason to be treated with contempt, yet he got a dose of it. This is just but one case of the many that exist out there and it clearly points out that winning the lottery is never the absolute road to fame. Sometimes, it leads to a position of being segregated by certain people.

There are other bad ways in which people respond to lottery winners. Some lotto winners are mocked that they are too old to run their lives if they win the lottery. Other people are branded stingy because they decline to waste money on people who insist on getting it for free. Everyone who wants to play the lottery online and expects to win should be prepared for the possibility of such experiences.

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