The interesting lives of lotto winners and those around them

Lotto Winners

Lotto winners’ lives

Lottery winners and the things they do after can be a warm cup of soup for any gathering. Talking about how they are handling their new found fame can be really entertaining. The conversation is usually laced with envy, jealousy and some genuine good feelings for the winners.

Of course everyone wonders if they won EuroMillions play online or bought their tickets at a lottery store. Winners of the EuroMillions lottery have caused a stir recently with many stories coming out about what they said and what they are doing. Lotto mega winner Matt Topham who won 45 million in February this year is said to be planning a splash wedding.

But that’s not all. Initially after winning the lottery Matt and his fiancé invited his 19 year old sister (Samantha) to their wedding and to put the icing on the cake they invited her boyfriend Liam as well. She was over the moon and really looking forward to it.

However Matt recently sent her a text and told her they were struggling with the guest numbers so she could not bring her boyfriend. This new piece of news has really affected her. Of course everyone is wondering what the real reason is since it definitely cannot be the money and even if he is being prudent with his expenditure why cut her sister’s boyfriend out?

It is rumored that Matt will be arriving at the wedding in a helicopter. Now all Samantha can do is hope for the best. Maybe she should try EuroMillions play online, maybe winning is in the genes.

As for recent EuroMillions jackpot winner Adrian Bayford, word from his friend Paul has it that he actually wished to win the EuroMillions jackpot that very night. Apparently he had never said that before and to his friend Paul this was a good omen.

His friend Paul used to go to Adrian’s shop every Friday evening for a chat and that Friday was no different. They spoke about a couple of things then about the Euromillions and that is when Adrian said he wished he could win it. His friend Paul said he is very happy for him as he is truly a good person and deserves the win.

Whichever way you chose to play your lottery, winning is a totally different ball game. There is so much to think about before claiming your prize. The hardest thing to deal with is the sudden influx of family and friends who all want a piece of the money.

You might end up spending all your money on other people’s needs if you are not careful. So next time you decide to try the EuroMillions play online or buy your tickets so you can hold it personally, just know winning comes with its pros and cons.

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