The Downside of Being Rich

The downside of being rich

Almost all of us want to earn money without having to work hard for it. Winning the lottery is one way to do precisely that. Through the lottery, one gets the golden opportunity of becoming rich overnight.

But is being rich a great thing? Well, for starters being rich is better than being poor. It is quite hard believing that being rich has its disadvantages. However, it is worthwhile mentioning that being rich comes with some downside.

  • You become the official talk of the town by making millions overnight. Although it might initially seem like a great thing, with time, you will realize the harmful effects of this.
  • People you never knew will line up for money, especially charities. They will always call you, message you, and email you for money. This will be a constant irritant even if you say no to them.
  • You may gain a lot of new “friends” with money, but it is also sure to make you lose some old friends. Jealousy, guilt, backstabbing all come in a packaged deal with the money.
  • Also the friends you gain with money will never be your real friends. They will be with you for your money only & if god forbid, you lose that money someday, you will also lose those friends.
  • Quick money can also make you complacent. You will seriously think about quitting your old job, and many do that. If you left your job you would have plenty of time in hand and life will become so much easier. This could be a curse in disguise. Complacency is never a virtue. So be careful.

But as we have said earlier, it is better to be rich and complacent that to be poor and working your ass off for a meager amount of money. So don’t wait any longer.

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