The 8 Worst Habits You Should Remain for Lottery

The 8 Worst Habits You Should Remain for Lottery

Have you been in a situation when other people judge you because of some bad habit you just can’t stop? What’s bad in the eyes of others is not necessarily bad in the eyes of a lottery player. Below you can find the worst 8 habits you should keep no matter what, at least in the lottery domain. Surprisingly, but these actually are true. I’m a victim of at least 3 of the below listed habits.

Perfectionists Achieve Great Results, Great Profits

Being a perfectionist can be a burden for many people.

In the end, all that matters are the lottery results. How you got there is a thing of the past. Perfectionists are among the best lottery players I know of. Sure, dealing with them can be a real struggle. Try organizing a picnic with a perfectionist. “What if it starts raining? We should take more food. I don’t like that location, we should go elsewhere”.

They make a big deal out of anything. Unsurprisingly, perfectionists are the least adventurous people you will ever come across.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is an Advantage for Lottery Players

OCD is no joke. The anxiety attacks can be so severe people can faint. However, OCD can be a great advantage to lottery players. You know, you simply cannot forget to buy your lottery tickets. If you do so, you will punish yourself for many days.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder also affects how the player approaches the lottery. For example, they are the people who like to have the best selection of number combinations. Speaking of OCD, in the past, I’ve lost a few WINNING lottery tickets. This is virtually impossible to happen to a person with OCD. Everything has to be in place, neatly organized. Boy, sometimes I wish I had OCD.

Is Paying Too Much Attention to Details a Bad Habit?

Yes, it is! No, I didn’t wash the dishes yet, I will wash them after I have my coffee. This is the most common fight I have with my S/O. What I’m trying to say is the dishes will be washed, just not at this very moment. The devil is in the details, paying attention to the devil is a big no no.

On the other hand, lottery players who pay a great deal of attention to details are usually the ones with more frequent “A-ha!” moments. By this I mean they are the ones that get the coolest ideas, mainly because they’ve spent hours thinking if they should buy a lottery ticket with their birthday dates. And no, you shouldn’t play those numbers.

Overspending – It Can Lead to Better Results, but NOT Necessarily

Money management is a crucial aspect that has to be carefully planned out. For example, I like to spoil myself with an extra set of lottery tickets during the holiday season, but that’s it! Overspenders are passionate lottery players, busting the bank buying a ton of lottery tickets. Yes, more lottery tickets increase the odds of winning, but at a detrimental cost. Breaking the budget once and failing to win can cause serious problems to any player who likes to raise the stakes.

In case you identify with this particular paragraph, you better re-evaluate your budget and how much you spend on the lottery.

Procrastinating – Unintentionally You Stick to Your Existing Strategy

Only, and I repeat, only if you already have a strategy, a good set of numbers that brings profits, procrastinating is a good thing. Why, one might ask. Well, humans are programmed to develop, change, and explore new ideas, topics and places. However, if you’re a skilled lottery player, you are well aware of the fact that you shouldn’t change your numbers that frequently.

And who does it best? Procrastinators, of course! I guess, I will do that research of the lottery you mentioned the other day, but I will do it tomorrow. And tomorrow never comes. Yeah, I’m a Top Class Procrastinator. I’m not whining, I’m not bragging, I’m just saying.

Hoarding – That Lottery Ticket from the 90s That Still Lurks in Your Drawer

Nowadays, technology allows for a more convenient, more organized way of playing the lottery. A few couple of decades ago, before computers became present in every household, it was a real struggle to keep track of your performance.

Some lottery players still prefer to keep every single ticket. Over time, these tickets can become a problem. Hoarders are notorious, and it’s one of the worst habits I know of. Yes, I can confidently say overspending is not THE worst one, hoarding is. If you don’t know what hoarding is, you’re one lucky fella.

Being a Yes Person – It can Lead to Some Seriously Bad Situations

Sure, saying yes to anything can be the starting point of a wonderful, unforgettable adventure. However, it can also be the entrance of a hole without any exit. In the past, it was easy to for me to make a bold move, usually when something stupid was at hand. Nowadays, I try to rethink my decision over and over again, before I finally decide what to do.

The main problem with being a yes person is that it can affect any aspect of the lottery, your strategy, your money management and your daily routine. Being an all-inclusive “bad habit” it can also increase your returns. How? For starters, you can stumble upon a new lottery which you just might love playing.

Copying – Have You No Shame?

We’ve all done it. Unless you’ve been this know it all student, you must’ve cheated in exams, which is the equivalent of copying. Many lottery players improve their overall returns by copying other players’ lottery numbers. Copying is great for new players, because it serves as an example how a good number selection looks like.

Not to mention the fact that the learning curve is also affected favorably. Copying is good, if you’re a lottery player.