Sweet lottery offers made to UK lottery players

UK lottery players

Scammed UK lottery players

Most consumers always fall in the trap of many scammers. Statistics have been done showing that most of these people who engage in these scams are people in contact with past winners. The people acquired the correct procedure for claiming the procedure to the awarding the prize. They come with the past winners who had won, and they had earned the prize.

UK lottery discovered that about £6 billion has been lost to these frauds in the past two years. THE Which! Is a consumer organization that has tried to come up with new strategies on how to protect the UK lottery players? The new guidelines will help players on how they are going to protect themselves from the scammers.

According to the UK lottery strategy, among 10 people one individual will fall for this trap of being scammed. The players are conned through telephone or emails. They will always get in contact with the people through because they are easily enticed when they discover that it is the lottery company calling.

“The scammers request the individual that their computers or bank account have been breached. This creates” said the director. This makes the individual panic and start seeking assistance from the callers. This lures one to giving the bank details to the conn people.

Lottery winner who has won previously won the award are always their best target. This is because having won the money; it is if often banked to your account. The media publicize one as the lucky jackpot winner through the broadcasting channels thus becoming the perfect bait.

The con people tend to find your where abut including the contacts. Later on one might be contacted claiming to be an authority from the bank claiming that there has been a security breach. Most UK lottery winners take this without thinking it could be a scam.

Individual should not be agitated and start giving the bank details to these so called authorities. The new guidelines have been well researched and show the various ways that one can escape from such scum.

“One should consider reporting the matter to the officials on this matter. This enables them to consider these people.” The organization considers consumer protection as their first priority. One should check more than on the contact before you are convinced by the conn people.

“Your personal bank details are valuable, so if in question, double-check exactly who you are working with before providing anything away.”

Which? Has collected guidelines of seven ways to identify a scam:

Consumers will steer if they are approached instantly, if the deal seems too good to be real, if they are requested for economical information or an advance fee and if they are kept with stress to reply.

Additional symptoms are hazy data – such as a get in touch with cope with which is a two box number – and e-mails which contain lexical faults or punctuation faults and customers should also steer if they are requested to keep the issue private.

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